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Maria Kang's Fitness Cure Podcast: A Cure For The Common Couch Potato.

The Fitness Cure Podcast features's favorite fitness expert, Maria Kang. Listen in as she interviews friends and industry leaders and they discuss what it takes to be successful not only in fitness but also in life!

About The Show

Welcome to Maria Kang's Fitness Cure Podcast! Each month, celebrity and fitness expert Maria Kang interviews friends and industry leaders about what it takes to be fit and successful, not only in the industry but also in life in general.

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Maria Kang Maria Kang Maria Kang
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Your Lovely Podcast Hostess, Maria Kang.

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Maria Kang's Fitness Cure for the Common Couch Potato and No B.S. Guide to Getting in Shape!


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About Maria Kang

Maria Kang is 25 years of age and has successfully competed in both beauty and fitness competitions since the age of 16. Her extensive fitness background expands a period of over six years as a personal trainer, group exercise director and instructor, membership sales counselor, fitness manager, freelance writer, and now project coordinator for 24 Hour Fitness Corporation. Visit Maria's website ( for some ass-kicking motivation and thought-provoking articles.

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