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Podcast Interview With Larry Bedell Of Nitro Fitness.

This week, Tom Perkins and Dave DePew find out a new and exciting idea for men's fitness from Larry Bedell, co-founder of Nitro Fitness.

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Interview with Larry Bedell, Co-Founder of Nitro Fitness For Men
Main Topic: Find out what this hot new fitness franchise is all about!

January 26, 2007; 44:57 minutes; 10.2 MB  audio

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About This Episode

What Is Nitro Fitness? Is It Like 'Curves' For Men?

    Nitro Fitness is on the leading edge of a hot new trend in exercise. Larry has involved with the health club industry for over 20 years owning and operating exercise facilities.

    He and his partner recognized an opportunity for explosive growth in an untapped market: meeting the exercise needs of men over 30 years old.

Larry Bedell
Larry Bedell.

    Nitro Fitness offers maximum results in minimum time because they personalize a core-training program for each member using professional-grade circuit training equipment.

    Their staff helps track their progress, making first-time exercisers and experienced exercisers alike, stay motivated and feel comfortable.

-> Here Are A Few Of The Questions Larry Answered:

    What is NITRO FITNESS?

    Is it like a Curves for men?

    What is your background, your partners background?

    How did you and your partner come up with the concept?

    Does the workout work, does it get results for men?

    What happens when the members body adapts to the workout?

    How do you determine what program/level/intensity to start a new member on?

    Do men really want to workout where they cannot see beautiful women sweating and breathing heavy?

    Who is your typical member?