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Fit For The Job: 2013 12-Week Employee Transformation Stories

Get inspired to change your life by following the inspirational journey of four employees who committed to get fit in 2013.

Every year, hosts an employee transformation contest in conjunction with the $100k Transformation Challenge we offer our users. We hold this 12-week challenge to inspire positive change, encourage growth, and empower employees to build their best selves. We've learned that, as we pursue our company goal to change lives, we inexorably change our own lives. We've learned that anyone can change, and that change is good.

The four people featured in the two videos below are employees. They are different ages, sizes, and genders. They have different struggles, hobbies, hurdles, and passions. The have different goals and motivations. They're very different, but they have one thing in common: They committed to a 12-week transformation in 2013, and they found the same confidence, energy, and raw joy that come with personal growth.

These are their stories. Follow in their fitness footsteps and change your own life.

2013 Employee Transformation Episode One
Watch The Video - 21:59

Episode Two
Watch The Video - 13:34

Denise Ruhoff

Denise Ruhoff

Product owner
41 years old
Program: Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer
Goal: Gain confidence in the gym, lose weight
Result: Dipped below 150 pounds; put entire family on the fitness path

"I am legit now."
Sean Boone

Sean Boone

UX-UI Designer
Program: Various
Goal: Gain weight, strength, confidence, Oly experience
Result: Gained 10 pounds of lean muscle

"I want to see this skinny frame feel heavy."
Amy Brown

Amy Brown

Inventory, AP accounting manager
32 years old
Program: Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer
Goal: Perform 20 reverse crunches
Result: Lost inches, pounds, did those crunches

"With every transformation story told ...
you start to believe."
Peter Thornton

Peter Thornton

Senior VP E-Commerce
Former athlete
Program: Kris Gethin's Hardcore Trainer
Goal: Lose weight, drop body fat
Result: Dec. 272 pounds - March 218 pounds

"This has significantly altered the rest of my life.
I'm an animal."