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Fit Employee Spotlight - Roy Ching Soto!

Congratulations Roy Ching for being selected as's Fit Employee of the Month. Find out how Roy stays active and in great shape all year long!

Vital Stats

Roy Ching Name: Roy Ching Soto
Age: 31
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 152 lbs
BodySpace: roychiso

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your position at How long have you worked here?

I work as a QA Engineer for the content side and I have been working in the Costa Rican office for for the past 7 months.

What was your workout/fitness/nutrition level before working at

I've always been into sports: running, swimming, cycling … However, working with has had a great effect in my fitness level.

The company's approach to fitness has had a very positive impact in my training and results. I'm more motivated about my health and nutrition, including supplement intake!

What does your workout routine consist of now?

I am very consistent with my exercising. For some time I focused on cycling, then cycling and running, and for the last year I have been doing cardio everyday and lifting weights 2 days a week.

Lifting Schedule:

Day 1: Swim/Legs/Core




Working Sets:

Day 2: Track/Upper Body/Core


  • Track


    60 min

Working Sets:

Day 3: Cardio
Day 4: Cardio
Day 5: Cardio
Day 6: Cardio
Day 7: Cardio

What does your diet consist of now?

I use to eat 6 times per day, combining a lot of carbs with supplements like glutamine and protein for muscle recovery.

Meal 1:

Morning Snack:

Meal 2:

Meal 3: Post Workout

Meal 4:

After Dinner Snack:

What supplements have helped you reach your goals?

Post Weight Training:
Pre Run/Bike/Swim:
During Run/Bike:
Post Run/Bike/Swim:


What is it like working at Does it create a helpful fitness environment?

I must emphasize on how positive it has been for me to work with The company has a great impact on my passion for fitness.

It has a highly motivated environment and keeps you informed of healthy habits and trends by means of useful articles and helpful customer service people who are always willing to give their advice.

Roy knifes through the water with his cut physique.

How does the environment influence your health, fitness and appearance goals?

It's great to work with people who are into sports and so passionate about it. The environment is encouraging; we discuss health related issues, compete, and motivate each other. The environment triggers one's desire to work hard and train hard.

What are your co-workers like?

I am very excited to work in a place where everybody is always in a good mood and willing to help.

Did someone from inspire you to reach your goals?

All the amateurs, fitness, over40, teen of the week, and employee transformation histories have been inspirational.

Have you inspired others with your new look and attitude?

I try every day to encourage people to practice any sports as part as their life and stay active.

Burning rubber to burn fat. It makes perfect sense, right?

What is your favorite feature on the website?

I love the lift weight training programs with their respective video and the articles of people sharing their workouts and fitness successes with each other.

How does help to motivate/support you?

Besides the encouraging environment, the company pays for my gym membership and also sponsors my participation in races like "Tamarindo Beach Marathon" and "Revolution3" Triathlon series.

Does practicing the bodybuilding lifestyle improve the productivity of If so, how?

A good balance between doing exercise and work helps to increase energy and productivity.

Employees who use the products have a better knowledge of what they work for, relate better, and care most for the success of the company.

What are your future goals? Do you think working for will help you reach them?

Revolution3 Triathlon series is going to have one stage in Costa Rica next year, so this is my immediate goal.

Leading the pack - it's the way.
Leading the pack - it's the way.
Leading the pack - it's the way.

Bodybuilding is sponsoring me in this race which makes me both grateful and committed to it and to my job. Love the incentives to exercise!

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