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Fit Employee Spotlight: ‘Rad’ Ryan Widdison

Before he joined our staff, Widdison knew what muscle could mean, but his role at furthered his definition of athleticism.

Name: Ryan Widdison
Age: 23
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 lbs
Job Title: Order Analyst
BodySpace: RADRYAN

We weren't joking when we bragged about being the fittest company on earth. Employees like 'Rad' Ryan Widdison back up our brash statement.

But, we can't take all the credit, because Ryan was on the trail to the jacked life before he joined the company.

This child of the 90's lived an active life of snowboarding and motorcycle riding, but the weight room is a much more controlled arena of activity.

Ryan gave us his lifting regimen and a meal plan. If you can stick to his guns, you can shape your body and re-shape your new life as an active person.

We congratulate Ryan and welcome him to the select club of employees under the fit spotlight for June 2012!

What is your position at How long have you worked here?

What's up, everybody? I'm Rad Ryan, and I was raised on Ninja Turtles, Super Heroes and 1980s action flicks. I wasn't a fan of the gym or organized sports during high school, but that changed when I graduated. I snowboard as much as possible during the winter, and I love to camp and ride dirt bikes during the summer.

All year I stick to the gym, and make sure I eat right. I love working for and am stoked to be immersed in pure 'awesome' every day I go to work.

I recently moved into my new position: Order Analyst. Before that, I started as a customer service representative. It was always fun to chat with customers and help them out with their goals. I have been with the company since October 2011 and have loved every day of it!

What was your workout/fitness/nutrition level before working at

At the age of 18, I stumbled onto for the first time. I was never in the best shape and always sported the 'skinny fat' look. I used the site to boost my knowledge of physical fitness, and then became a NASM certified personal trainer.

For 5 years now it's been eat, sleep, train, and I am so grateful to work for such a great company that encourages every employee to excel. I competed in my first competition the NPC Northwest Night of Champions, where I took 2nd place in the light heavy class.

I drained my bank account getting ready for the show, so I was stoked to start working at the following Monday.

What does your workout routine consist of now?

My workout routine right now is designed to bring my legs up and add thickness to my side poses. I was disappointed with 2nd place, but that's more fuel for the fire.

I'm currently bulking, but will be cutting in a couple months for my next contest. I am trying to hit 215 pounds before I cut down for my next contest.

Last show I stood on stage 186 pounds with sub-5% body fat. I will give it a year. I'm hoping I'll be in the 190-pound range, with improved symmetry.

Lifting schedule?

I work graveyard shifts, from 7 p.m.-to-5 a.m., so I make it to the gym at oddball hours. Lifting anywhere from 1-to-4 a.m. is great. There is a special sort of Zen you hit when the gym is empty.

During the day it's packed, people are talkative, and I can get easily distracted. I try to keep all my workouts to approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. I feel catabolic lifting for longer than that. I eat plenty because I throw high volume into all of my lifts.

I also try to keep Arnold's quote in my head during the workout:

"Experiencing this pain in my muscles and aching and going on is my challenge. The last 3-or-4 reps is what makes the muscles grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens."

Day 1: Hamstrings/Calves
Day 2: Delts/Traps
Day 3: Back/Triceps
Day 4: Chest/Delt/Biceps
Day 4: Quads
Day 5: Heavy Back Attack
Day 6: Arms/Abs
Day 7: Active Rest Day

What does your diet consist of now?

Right now, my diet is pretty easy to follow. I try to make foods I like in a healthier version.

Meal 2
Meal 3
Meal 5: Pre Workout
Meal 6: Post Workout
Meal 7
What supplements helped you reach your goals?

I am a diehard Animal/Universal fan: Animal Pak, Animal Flex, Uni-liver, BCAA Pro, and powdered Glutamine. I love getting the easy amino acid boost with Dymatize Liquid Amino.

Other products include: Karbolyn, ISO-100, and Assault.

What is it like working at Does it create a helpful fitness environment?

I couldn't work for a better company. I LOVE it! We constantly have weight loss challenges, and everyone wants to see you perform well.

It isn't out of the norm for someone to weigh food out in the break room, and we have the pleasure of meeting many big-name athletes in the supplement industry.

I recently started prep for my next show and everybody is very supportive.

How does the environment influence your health, fitness and appearance goals? helped get me started back in the day. I honestly have no idea where I would be if I hadn't found the site. Now everything I do is related to the fitness industry, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

What are your co-workers like?

My co-workers are some of the nicest people you will meet. We have a few competitors her, but everyone competes in different leagues and classes, so we don't have to worry about going up against each other.

It's an animated office, and we know how to have a good time while taking care of business.

Did someone from inspire you to reach your goals?

At the moment Steve Cook is one of my role models. I would like to attain a similar physique as him, and he's one of the nicest dudes I've talked to. He sets a great example for all his 'Swoldiers.'

Ryan DeLuca is also one of my heroes. I'd say he would come in 2nd after my father. He was a local guy with a great idea that exploded throughout the world. I remember approaching Ryan for the first time at the winter party last year. I introduced myself (I was so nervous) and he invited me out to lunch, which was absolutely mind blowing.

At that lunch we spoke about one thing - how to make customers happier. He is extremely passionate about making sure all of our customers have a 'WOW' experience. For any business venture I enter, I will try to think like Ryan DeLuca, because obviously his mindset works.

Have you inspired others with your new look and attitude?

I've had a few people tell me I was their inspiration to start training and eat better. When I hear I've inspired someone, it takes me to another level. It makes me want to diet better, train harder, and educate those who want help.

What is your favorite feature on

BodySpace is awesome with all the new updated tracking tools. I also love the low prices. Of course, the Misc is always entertaining.

How does help motivate/support you?

I am surrounded by the sport I love. keeps motivation high, and if I ever need help with anything I have knowledgeable co-workers to help.

Does practicing a bodybuilding lifestyle improve the productivity of If so, how?

I come into work, plug into my iPod and work for 2 hours. At that 2-hour mark I take my 15-minute break, snag a meal and get back to work.

I wouldn't be able to focus on my diet at any other company. This is the best job for anyone who would like to participate in any fitness-related events.

What are your future goals? Do you think working for will help you reach them?

Working for already helped me accomplish a few goals. I would like to eventually work toward an IFBB pro card, but that's years out at this point.

I plan to stay here as long as I can. I hope once I finish school I will be able to apply my degree to another position in the company. Someday I would love to be down in Venice, California, hangin' and bangin' at the Mecca.

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