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Firing Up Motivation: Spark New Ideas To Renew Your Transformation!

Does your significant other ask you why you have to go to the gym several nights a week? Don't worry, you aren't alone. Use the following tools to fire up your desire to transform. Start here and feel the confidence build!

Article Summary:
  • People push you to ignore your diet may want to justify their actions.
  • A training partner can help you with more than just your workouts.
  • Can't find like minded people in your area? Try joining a BodyGroup.
  • Are you feeling alone in your quest to transform both your body and your life? Do your friends and family sabotage your efforts because they just don't understand?

    Does your significant other ask you why you have to go to the gym several nights a week? Don't worry, you aren't alone. In fact, there are a plethora of people who are trying to achieve the same goals you are.

    Sure, you might not find these people within your circle of friends or within a local radius. But, you can still connect with them, stay motivated, transform your body and transform your life in the process.

    Unsupportive Spouse To Gym Time.
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    Unsupportive Spouse To Gym Time.
    Here lately my wife hasn't been real supportive of my gym time. I do have to admit though, I'm going twice a day now so I am spending a significant amount of time in there.
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    Putting A Stake In Your Efforts

    At some point you can expect to be out in public and get stares and inquires along the lines of:

    • So do you lift weights?
    • What do you do to get a body like that? I just don't have the genetics.
    • You must really eat a strict diet?

    But worse than the onlookers are the people you know. You sit down to a meal with them; order a grilled chicken salad with no buttery croutons and oil & vinegar on the side and the comments start rolling in:

    • You should really live a little. I'm worried that you don't enjoy your food.
    • Come on, just try some French fries. This place makes the best fries and you can definitely afford to eat them.
    • Now that you are so ripped and your body fat is so low you should treat yourself. One fried meal isn't going to hurt you.

    Come On, Just Try Some.
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    Come On, Just Try Some.

    Initially these comments may infuriate you. But, once you realize where your friends and family are coming from, you'll be more likely to shrug off the negativity.

    Unfortunately, many of these people don't understand how you became so committed to a healthy lifestyle. And, oftentimes they are jealous because they have no willpower or ability to stick with a diet or exercise program. And, they want company.

    They don't feel good about themselves and they'd certainly feel better if you dug into that plate of fries with them. "Well if my bodybuilder friend can eat fries, I can too!"

    Gluttony Gone Wild!
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    Gluttony Gone Wild!
    While some of you might have read our guide 'Cheaters Always Prosper,' in this article we will make a case against planned gorges.
    Marc Lobliner

    You don't necessarily have to kick these friends/family to the curb but you do have a few choices:

    • You can ask them not to make those comments and to support you.
    • You can ask them why they care about what you are eating? You are not concerned about their food intake (this stops many people in their tracks).
    • Instead of eating with these friends, do something active - play Frisbee in the park, walk your dogs, go for a hike.

    Sticking With It

      The buddy system works. When you don't feel like working out, your workout buddies encourage you to hit the gym with them. When you are tired and find wings and chips appetizing, your buddy may order something healthy - a subtle reminder that you should stick with it too. But, we aren't around our workout buddies all the time - those that think the way we do and get that endorphin rush from a hard workout.

      During times like these, you can find a ton of inspiration online.'s BodyGroup function is a fantastic option for those people feeling alone in their quest. BodyGroups are a great way to meet like minded people and track your progress.

    Welcome To BodyGroups!
    BodyGroups are a great online support system. Want to achieve success, reach a goal, stay motivated, and have other fitness enthusiasts keep you accountable? Then BodyGroups is the best tool for you!
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      You can create your own BodyGroup or join one that has already been started. Best of all, your online buddies will keep you motivated, accountable and inspire you in your quest for a better body and better life. If you don't know where to start, check out The 2009 Transformation Group.

      This particular BodyGroup incorporates the 2009 Transformation SuperFeature - a complete workout and nutrition guide that will get you ripped in 12 weeks. This BodyGroup will help you through this 12-week transformation period and help you navigate the articles, podcasts and videos you need to get there.


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      BodyBlogs are another great tool that will help you meet your goals. BodyBlogs are just that - blogs (or online diaries) that help you stay accountable. You can share your workouts, nutrition and supplementation plan and discuss with others what you think works best, what doesn't work and why.

      Shy about getting started? Then check out the most popular BodyBlogs on the BodyBlog main page. These will inspire you and help you connect with others.

      If you are looking for another fantastic and inspirational option, check out's forums. The forums are a fantastic option for asking questions, reading what other people have to say about specific supplements, nutrition plans, exercises etc. Just reading the forums will spark new ideas in your head and get you pumped up for training each day.'s SuperSite is yet another awesome resource for nutrition articles, videos, podcasts etc. If you aren't quite sure if your exercise technique is right, go to the SuperSite, look it up and you'll find out how to perfect it.

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    Let's face it, the news on TV can sometimes drain you, the bailout plans for banks may make you wonder what makes those executives (who can't seem to run a successful company) worth their salary, and your co-workers love for Girl Scout cookies can leave perplexed.

    It's days like this that may make you feel very alone in your quest for a better body and better life. Sure, you'll always have those days where you feel far removed from the people in your immediate circle. However, a hefty dose of inspiration is just a few clicks away! Check out the various BodyGroups, BodyBlogs, the forums and the SuperSite. All of these great tools will fire you up and renew your desire to transform your life.

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