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Why Married Life Brings Weight Gain And How Bodybuilding Can Change That!

There are certain times in our life, when we have tendency to gain more unwanted weight. One of these times would be when we get married... Here are some ideas about what happened and tips to start looking better!

Article Summary:
  • When we are single we try to look our best to attract others.
  • Working out with your spouse is a great way to spend time together.
  • Your spouse may show concern suddenly try to get back in shape.

  • Why Married Life Brings Weight Gain And How Bodybuilding Can Change That!

    There are certain times in our life, when we have a tendency to gain more unwanted weight. One of these times would be when we get married or when we live together with our life partner.

    When we were looking to find a partner, we tried to look our best; we wanted to show how attractive, sexy and beautiful we are. Why do we do that for person who we even don't know yet? Why do we care about his/her opinion? Because, as human beings we need affirmation.

    When Looking For A Partner, We Try To Look Our Best; We Want To Show How Attractive, Sexy And Beautiful We Are.
    + Click To Enlarge.
    When Looking For A Partner, We Try To Look Our Best;
    We Want To Show How Attractive, Sexy And Beautiful We Are.

    In fact, many of us are in the best shape of our lives on our wedding day. For that special day we make an extra special effort to lose weight and tighten up, so we look great in our wedding dress or our wedding suit.

    Once the big day is over, we start a marriage routine which causes weight gain and has a negative impact on our health and appearance.

    The Reasons For Weight Gain

      Let me give you some of the reasons why marriage can lead to weight gain.

      We are no longer trying to attract a partner. As I said already, many unmarried people are trying to stay in shape to attract a partner. Once they get a partner or spouse, they do not feel the need to look their best. This leads to a reduction in physical activity and indulging in comfort foods.

      Husbands start growing their bellies. Wife gets pregnant and during their pregnancy become too inactive. They eat a lot more than they actually need to. After a year of not exercising some women experience huge changes in their body shape, as well as weight gain, loss of energy and strength.

      To get back in shape and continue training, you have to be mentally strong and not let frustration or disappointments stop you. If you do not like how you look after pregnancy, then the only way to change it is to exercise. Saying this, you will need extra support from your spouse. Ask your husband to watch your baby while you are in the gym or take your baby with you. Most of the fitness centers offer child care facilities at affordable fees. These services are so great because you can all go together to the gym.

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      Sometimes our partner will encourage us to put on weight so we appear less attractive to other men/women. In some cases partners can accuse each other if one of them spends time away from home exercising.

      In an unhappy marriage, people will turn to food as a substitute for unfulfilled needs in a marriage. Parenthood brings so much joy, but at the same time reduction of physical activity. This is the time in life where support between partners come to expression.

      Once we are aware of all these reasons, which makes us gain weight in marriage, then we have a better chance of making a plan for change.

    Plan For Change

      Now, let's make a plan for change. Yes, it takes some effort, but it will make you feel so good, and it will make you look good attractive again as you once were, long ago.

      The plan is to join the gym. Make the time for exercise, join a health club together and enjoy the beginning of a new lifestyle. Make a commitment to exercise three times per week for 45 minutes. Bodybuilding, weight training exercise and aerobic activities will help you burn extra calories.

      Bodybuilding offers a great variety of exercises that you and your partner can thoroughly enjoy together without ever getting bored. From time-to-time, you can change your exercise program by yourself or by consulting professional trainers at the gym.

      Bodybuilding gives you the opportunity to exercise together as training partners. This is a great way of motivating each other. This is especially good because if one partner wants to stay home and does not feel the need to exercise, then the other partner can influence him/her to go.

    You Can Exercise Together As Training Partners.
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    You Can Exercise Together
    As Training Partners.

    Be Supportive

      Being supportive is one of the greatest characteristics one person can posess, and having a supportive partner makes everything easier.

      So when your partner goes to the gym and works out to stay healthy and lose weight, support him/her all the way and as much as you can.

      If you do not have a supportive partner, you must sit down and talk about what you want to accomplish with exercising. Explain to your spouse what going to the gym means to you and how important their support is to you in achieving your goal.

    If You Do Not Have A Supportive Partner, You Must Sit Down And Talk With Them.
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    If You Do Not Have A Supportive Partner,
    You Must Sit Down And Talk With Them.

      Tell them straight and open like this:

      • I choose bodybuilding and weight training because I need to take care of my health and I know that this will have a great influence on my health, physical and mental well being.
      • I choose bodybuilding because I want to look attractive, sexy, strong and in great shape just for you.
      • Weight training exercise and aerobic exercise can help me lose my weight. I need to lose this extra 15 pounds.
      • I need this exercise because it makes me feel good and weight training makes me feel my body and each muscle like no other sport.
      • Bodybuilding is an art for me; with the great choices of exercises that this sport offers, I am able to shape my body the way I want.
      • Bodybuilding helps me stay calm and decreases the stress of everyday life.
      • Bodybuilding provides my inner peace and increases positive energy within me. As soon as I start my workout routine, I can feel the flow of positive energy goes through my entire body.
      • Bodybuilding gives me better body image, my confidence raises with every workout I do.
      • Weight training exercises make me watch what I eat.
      • Bodybuilding teaches me a great deal of discipline when it comes to exercise and right nutrition.
      • Bodybuilding makes me mentally stronger and puts me in a state of mind with the motto - "I can do anything". Isn't this wonderful and so powerful, that this sport can influence the other areas of my life.
      • Bodybuilding exercises help me restore my energy and give me more physical and mental strength. I need this balance between mental and physical strength to be able to keep up with daily routines (job, house, children, etc).
      • Bodybuilding gives me more balanced and fulfilled life. It means to me a healthy and positive lifestyle.
      • Bodybuilding for me has a meaning of exercise, taking care of myself. It's not about a job, house, or something else. These daily routines are so hard and tiring and they do not do much for my body, mind and soul. I need to take care of myself first, and then I will take care of everything else. If I am healthy and strong in my body, I will be able to do more at work, at home or anywhere else.

      Opening yourself up to your partner about your own needs to improve your health status and physical appearance is crucial for encouraging partners to be supportive.

      At the same time you can encourage your partner to exercise with you. Bodybuilding can easily bring an abundance of love back into your marriage life. Weight training will shape your body and make it so attractive that your partner will find you irresistible.

    Do You Workout With Your Spouse/Partner?

    Yes We Love It.
    We Tried It But It Didn't Work.
    Haven't Tried But Have Thought About It.

      I know that this is what we all want. So, heads up - do not let married life destroy your health and body. Exercises are so essential that you must find a way to do it.

      Look and feel you're best all the time for yourself. And when you do it for you, your partner will accept you the same way.


    Bodybuilding, weight training and body shaping is for everyone. It is for everyone who wants to look beautiful, fit, attractive and in shape. A fitness lifestyle and weight training is for anyone who wants to improve their health, their body, mind and soul.

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