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Female Transformation Of The Week - Kamilyn Brown Shed 25 Pounds And Gained Her Self-Confidence Back!

Kamilyn's physique caused her to become insecure and timid with her life. Once she realized that it was time to make a change, she hit the gym hard and learned about nutrition. Read on to learn how she shed 25 pounds and 10% body fat!

Before Before:
140 lbs
After After:
115 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Kamilyn Brown

Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs
Body Fat: 20%

Age: 29
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lbs
Body Fat: 10%

Why I Got Started

My name is Kamilyn Brown, I am 29 years old and a mother of a 2-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl. I am sharing my transformation because I am so excited about how it changed my life and I want it to motivate others just like past transformations have motivated me.

Two years ago, June 2007, I logged on to and found a few young mothers that were once saggy and flabby like I was and they transformed themselves and it motivated me to get out of my sad, sorry, flabby self. Before my transformation I felt insecure and timid about life and my abilities as a person and a new mother. I was not happy with who I was.

I Am Sharing My Transformation Because I Am So Excited About How It Changed My Life.
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I Am Sharing My Transformation Because I Am
So Excited About How It Changed My Life.

How I Did It

I started out on my own without a trainer besides my husband. He went with me a few times in the beginning of my training to get me started at the gym. I had no idea what to do. I remember the first time I sat down on the leg press and I couldn't even push it up with weight on it!

I could hardly do the chest press with help (just the bar, mind you!). Pull ups ... just forget about it. I could hang like a limp fish and that's about it. I was a complete wimp! I didn't realize how wimpy my mind was.

I didn't know how to push myself, dig deep, or exert myself in any sort of form. I didn't know how to restrict my eating. I was used to eating pretty much whatever I wanted. My husband and I would down a quart of ice cream a week, we'd sit on the couch after the kids were down and have a bowl or two to relax together.

My husband showed me a couple transformations on and I was amazed. I didn't really believe it was possible for me to change, but when I finally agreed to take a "before picture" I was shocked to see what had happened to my body.

I was disgusted at what I saw and suddenly I was on my way to a new me. It was hard to change my habits. It was hard to sacrifice time, energy and effort and not see a whole lot of results right away.

Gradually I did start to notice little benefits such as I could carry my kids easier, or carry more than a gallon of milk at a time from the car to my kitchen. I realized I could push myself a little harder.

I Realized I Could Push Myself A Little Harder.
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I Realized I Could Push Myself A Little Harder.

I remember when I first started to push myself I had to imagine a horse biting at the bit to get out of the stall. That little image made me push harder working out.

Every month or so I'd hit some sort of wall, discouragement, guests from out of town that would want to go eat out, an injury from working out improperly or too much, boredom, you name it I had it.

But somehow after sticking up pictures of ladies that had motivated me around me and keeping a written journal of my goals, and not to mention a super supportive husband, I made it passed each and every road block.


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Suggestions For Others

  • There will always be excuses and road blocks in your way. You owe it to yourself to become a motivated happy, healthy person. You will not notice a lot of results quickly so be sure to take progress pictures. You will be surprised at how much progress you really have made.
  • The process isn't too hard, it's just the consistency. Make it your new habit and stop thinking about how hard it is. Use your brain power to help you move forward and stop dwelling on your challenges. Just go do it. Once you are finished with your work out you will feel you have accomplished something great and you will eat better because you have a reason to.
  • Keep friends around you who will help you and keep you on track. Tell people your goal so you have some accountability.
  • Plan ahead! Make your meals ahead of time so you don't want to snack on unhealthy choices. Keep unhealthy choices out of the house.

Keep Friends Around You Who Will Help You And Keep You On Track.
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Keep Friends Around You Who Will
Help You And Keep You On Track.

  • One of the hardest things as a mom is to plan several different meals for all the needs of the family. I would try to make meals healthy for everyone but add the extras for everyone else. Then it's not so big of a job or spending your entire life in the kitchen.
  • My trainer always said, "The results come 20% from the gym and 80% from the kitchen".