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2007 Canadian Nationals Figure Competitor Fawnia Dietrich Takes The Stage!

I am six days out from the Canadian Fitness and Figure Nationals. Physically I feel that I am already dialed in. Here is my review and what I personally went through pre, during, & post competition. It was an amazing show! Read on.

June 24th, 2007

I am six days out from the Canadian Fitness and Figure Nationals. Physically I feel that I am already dialed in. My entire body is lean, toned with my bronzed skin nicely showcasing my muscularity.

It's been since July 2006 when I last did any amount of typical cardio, such as using the treadmill, stair master, or bike. At that time I also took time off from weight training, visiting the gym only about once a month to train legs.

My motivation for training less was to lighten my body, which would make my job as a pole dancing instructor easier. Pole dancing has been my workout for both my resistance training and cardio. Each day I teach between 2 - 6 hours; with one or two days off a week. My weight for most of 2006 has been between 110 and 115.

In April this year I began weight training again and eating more regularly as I prepared for the Canadian Nationals. I am very pleased with how my body has changed in just three months. My weight lately has been closer to 120.

-> Getting Prepared:

    About three weeks ago before the Nationals, I met with pro figure star Elaine Goodlad. I was excited to finally be meeting with her to learn how I could fine tune my walking and posing. As I walked out in my two-piece, I heard...

    "You are ready to go. All you need to do is lose your water, and that's it." She told me that if one has their diet down right and don't let their body gain too much weight in the off season there is no need to do hours of cardio a day. I was pleased to hear this, because this was my first year where I relied solely on my diet and teaching dance for my contest prep.

    Elaine was very patient and explained how to walk and turn with absolute perfection. Her grace and poise put me in a trance; then it was my turn. I was to practice at least a few times a week, but contrary to plan, that didn't happen. I enjoyed my 45 minutes with Elaine, and another 10 minutes on my own before flying to Edmonton, AB, Canada for my show.


    During the final weeks, my home was an entertainment center for friends who visited Sin City. My first guest was a talented dancer from Connecticut as she went through her pole dance instructor certification training. The other two guests were friends; one from high school whom I have not seen for 12 years and the other was a friend also from Victoria, BC who was enjoying Vegas during your vacation from teaching snorkeling on the Florida cruise lines.

    The Nationals were on my mind every day and I made sure to always get my meals in, drink plenty of water and nap often as I entertained around the clock.

-> Training:

    12 weeks out, I trained one body part a day, spending about 30 minutes in the gym, five days a week. I kept my workouts very basic, careful not to injure myself as I re-introduced weight training back into my routine. I placed emphasis on training my lower body, shoulders and triceps.

    At work I taught two to six hours of pole dancing a day, five days a week consisting of moves requiring strength from my back and biceps (from pulling my body up) and my calves (walking on the balls of my feet). In my routines I also taught a variety of floor moves that would challenge my chest, glutes and abs.

    The level of cardio I was getting from my classes was usually low impact, and in my opinion in the perfect fat burning zone. Often I would be challenged by a higher caliber group or student, performing moves that required me to go upside down in a variety of ways, and transition smoothly into other advanced moves or poses on the pole and floor. For me this was my interval training. Not one week was the same as the last; my body responded well to the constant change, and I enjoyed my contest prep as I looked forward to each class.

-> Eating:

    Making life simple I enjoy eating clean and have not lost my abs since my fifth placing at the Emerald Cup in 2006.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Fawnia At The 2006 Emerald Cup.

    For the 12 to four weeks out my diet consisted of: the following meals, spaced about three hours apart.
    Water: about 4 liters a day.

    Meal 1:

    • 1/2 Oatmeal (whole oats) and one tablespoon of roasted almond butter
    • 2 eggs (added additional egg whites)
    • salsa

    Meal 2:

    • 1/2 cup brown rice, or sweet potato, or yams
    • 1 baked chicken breast (fresh) or fish (sometimes canned)
    • 1/2 - 1 cup of streamed broccoli, or green beans or spinach
    • Udo's Oil or Flax Oil and balsamic dressing

    Meal 3:

    • 1/2 cup brown rice, or sweet potato, or yams
    • 1 baked chicken breast (fresh) or fish (sometimes canned)
    • 1/2 - 1 cup of streamed broccoli, or green beans or spinach
    • Udo's Oil or Flax Oil and balsamic dressing

    Meal 4:

    • 1/2 cup brown rice, or sweet potato, or yams
    • 1 baked chicken breast (fresh) or fish (sometimes canned)
    • 1/2 - 1 cup of streamed broccoli, or green beans or spinach
    • Udo's Oil or Flax Oil and balsamic dressing

    Meal 5:

    • 1 cup of streamed broccoli, or green beans or spinach (massive salad)
    • 1 baked chicken breast (fresh) or fish (sometimes canned)
    • Udo's Oil or Flax Oil and balsamic dressing


    Often if I had classes back to back I would plan ahead with a BSN chocolate shake mixed with water in a shaker cup.

    At night if I wanted to snack I would have a teaspoon of roasted almond butter, and drink herbal teas. If I was very hungry I would have an omelet with salsa, and on rare occasions, a bowl of oatmeal.

Thursday June, 28th

Flying to Edmonton, AB Canada from Las Vegas, NV meant getting up early, at 6:30. I was prepared for my trip with a small carry on suitcase packed with my competition suites, shoes, pro-tan and dark face make-up. In that same suitcase I managed to pack three meals, and extra Canadian rice, which boasts 10 grams of protein per serving and added Udo's oil.

This I would eat over the next few days. Unfortunately my first flight was delayed but on the bright side, it didn't interfere with my catching my second flight from Seattle to Edmonton. I arrived beyond rested. Sleeping on planes or any moving vehicle for that matter is not often by choice. The motion rocked me to sleep; on both flights I am not sure that I remember them even taking off.

My close friend, Jodi Michaels (Pro Canadian Heavy Weight Bodybuilding Champion) met me at the airport just an hour later as she flew in from Victoria, BC. Together we taxied to our hotel and set out on a mission to find chicken. We decide to scout out a close by Boston Pizza. There we both had salads with two chicken breasts. We ate one breast there and took the other "home" for later. I brought my protein packed rice with me and sprinkled it on my salad along with oil and vinegar.

Next stop was Save on Foods grocery store. Jodi and I stocked up on chicken, fresh spinach, peanut butter (they didn't carry almond butter which I prefer), Splenda, chocolate covered coffee beans, and dehydrated banana chips, amongst a few other items for Jodi such as tuna, soy milk, strawberries, and chocolate macaroons.

Our hotel room was stocked with a fridge and microwave making contest cooking a breeze, and cost affective. We unpacked, ate again, and got down to business with my color. Jodi has years of experience under her belt when it comes to contest body painting, and has done my tan three shows before.

Jodi is more then great company. She takes over where I leave off and is without a dought a perfectionist when it comes to applying a competition tan. We finished our night with one coat of Protan color, and prepared the bed with black sheets and pillow cases. My water consumption today was decreased slightly, down to about two - three liters. I also began taking dandelion root which is a natural diuretic. Sleep came easy.

Friday June, 29th

-> 8:30 am:

    Breakfast is served. I prepared myself a bowl of hearty oatmeal with 6 oz of chicken and two tablespoons of peanut butter, and a sprinkle of Splenda. I love crunchy natural peanut butter and by the time this weekend is over, the 500 gram jar will be almost gone.

-> 10:30 am:

    My first full day in Edmonton began with a photo shoot with photographer and friend, JP Erickson. Flexing away we both noticed that I was sporting an unusually freaky pair of calves and right forearm. They were in a state he's yet to see on me. (Thank you pole dancing!)

    My website will have all the video and stills taken during the Nationals and at this muscle pumping shoot. Today as I lower my water intake down to 1.5 liters I decide to ingest some of those fluids in the form of coffee. With the coffee I took a couple five minute breaks, from shooting for a few bites of chicken and rice.

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    Nap time was quickly in order upon returning to our room, and I enjoyed a 30 minute rest. Jodi returned from her exploration walk with lovely dollar store finds. Real cutlery (no more plastic), green and blue metal plates and pretty bowls and glasses in the same Easter spring colors. She even decorated the fridge with useful magnets. "There is no sense in roughing it," says Jodi. She so sweet, and caring; I absolutely love her attention to detail.

-> 2:00 pm:

    I meet with Sandra Wickham and received my Team BC tracksuit. It's black with white trim, and PVL nutrition has their logo on the front left of the jacket. Also at this time I had my posing suits and shoes approved for the big event. All were given the green light except for my clear shoes. They had a higher then permitted platform at the front, and were not to be worn on stage.

    In Canada for the morning show, we are to wear a black two piece with black shoes. The heel of the shoe can be 2 - 4" in height but the front must not be more then 1/8" high, which is pretty much nothing. I had my black heels picked out perfectly but found myself on a quest with my sidekick Jodi, to find clear competition shoes, the day before the show. We had three hours.

    Jodi knew where the closest mall was from her earlier scouting, so that's where we looked first. We quickly learned that clear is not in fashion, except for at Holt Renfrew. As dehydration started to set in, I bought a pair of clear heels and took a photo of another pair to show as an example when we got back to registration. The bill was $271... on sale.

    The weather on our walk back to the hotel felt unusually muggy. The six block journey was one I didn't want to take again. I laid my shoes on the table, and showed the photo of the other pair which I had taken with my camera. "These are not ok because of the wedge heel" Debbie said as she pointed to the shoes I had purchased. And when seeing the photo of the other pair on the camera she said "but those are ok because they have more of a stiletto heel."

    So it turned out that the other pair I didn't buy would be acceptable to the show. "You can wear your black pair for all three rounds." I made sure that if I choose to wear black heels for all three rounds that my score would not be marked down. Moments later Jodi and I braved the outdoors and returned the clear heels.

+ Click To Enlarge.
The Clear Heals.

-> 4:45 pm:

    We returned to the hotel in time for another meal of chicken, rice and peanut butter, and a quick shower with no scrubbing before a second later of Proton.

-> 6:00 pm:

    Registration meeting was in full swing as all the competitors gathered in one room with their supporters, partners, and photographers. Every seat was filled, so Jodi and I stood at the back of the room, soon to be greeted by the very beautiful Debbie Leung. She and her husband David helped with keeping the show run smoothly, and a very smooth it was.

    The meeting began only 10 minutes late as we listened to a few opening remarks, and moved right into and the measuring of heights for figure and fitness and the approval of suits and shoes. My height being 5'3 1/2" fell into the top half of medium, which stops at about 5'4".

    It appeared that there were 18 women in Figure - Medium meaning there would be an elimination round where only the top 15 would compete for the night show. Altogether there were four height classes for Figure this Nationals, with them being short, medium, medium tall and tall.

    Jodi and I were thankful to have already had my suits and shoes approved, speeding up the process and I walked out with being competitor #33. Just before leaving the room, I caught a glimpse of two magazines on the table.

    Status Fitness has printed their second issue, which I had yet to see. Inside those pages was an article which I had written on pro bodybuilder Francis Benfatto. "The box of magazines we were expecting has not arrived, but David Ford (staff photographer for the magazine) is standing just outside the door. You can talk to him about getting a copy," the staff at the registration table informed me.

    David Ford greeted me with a hug, and photographer Larry Niven had a copy with him to show me. Smiling ear to ear I was pleased to see my hard wok on paper, promoting the bodybuilding inspiration. After a quick interview with tall figure competitor Jenni Brisco for and, Jodi and I were back in the room, for another balanced pre-contest meal and three more coats of protan for a total of five coats. I practiced a few turned and laid down for my final sleep before my big day.

Saturday June, 30th
Contest Day At The Canadian Fitness & Figure Nationals!

-> 7:41 am:

    "Good Morning Sunshine!" I hear Jodi say as I open my eyes to see her standing above me with a camera. "Smile"... Snap. We took a few photos, and I energetically jumped out of bed. "My alarm didn't go off!" I said. "Neither did mine." Jodi replied. We had slept in about 45 minutes, but were in good shape for still arriving close to the 9:00am "call time."

    Doing my "morning body check" in the mirror I was pleased with how I was changing as each hour pressed on, and I continued my water restriction. Today I would sip on water, consuming only tablespoons which was to wash down my vitamins. Contest morning calls for sugar so after a healthy meal of oatmeal, chicken, and peanut butter I finally dug into my long awaited chocolate covered coffee beans and banana chips.

    On contest day the competitors enjoy filling their tummies with sugar from a variety of sources, such as chocolate, dehydrated fruits, jam, or jelly candies. Some athletes also consume alcohol such as wine or Grand Marnier, for their sugar content, within the hour before stepping on stage, all in their quest to become more vascular.

    The "art of competition" as I have learned is very much about knowing exactly how your body reacts to certain foods, and how long it takes for your body to react. It's "beauty by biology" baby, and I am feeling on top of my game, as I apply my very dark face make-up and Jodi slaps on my lashes.

-> 8:45 am:

    We decide to take the subway style transportation to the Edmonton University where our day takes place. The cost was only $2.50 each, and even with such a great price, if Jodi had not been with me I would have chosen taxi.

    Walking up the subway stairs, I found myself feeling slightly faint as though my blood sugar levels were getting low. Out came the chocolate covered coffee beans and almonds; I felt a little better. Upon reaching ground level, we were not clear on which direction to walk. "The girl in the subway said to turn right." Jodi remembered.

    I personally was not impressed with the directions we had, but then again I was very thirsty, light headed and eager to get to the venue. Thinking clearly was up to Jodi at this point. She asked the one person in site and yes, the Student Union Building was just one block to our right.

-> 9:15 am:

    "Thank you so much Jodi for all your help." We hugged. "Good Luck, I will be cheering for you." Jodi wished me, and up the flight of stairs I went, navigating my way via signs to the competitor's area. Mirrors were no where to be seen, and the athletes were scatted along the edges of a very large room which looked like it was used for dances or performances.

    The familiar faces I found were fitness competitors Jen Jewel, Sherry Boudreau, and Alison Either. Within the hour I also saw figure competitors Macey Boudreau, and Maria Morrone.

Macey Boudreau
+ Click To Enlarge.
Macey Boudreau.

    Fortunately, in our prepping area was an Edmonton local who thought ahead and brought a mirror for us to share. Plugging in the hair flat iron and breaking out my dream tan I quickly got to work with needed assistance from Sherry Boudreau. "Does anyone have any gloves?" she asked.

Sherry Boudreau
+ Click To Enlarge.
Sherry Boudreau At The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

    Alison Either quickly offered a pair out of her bag, which Sharon used; starting with my back she patted on the thick sparkly black tar. Already dressed in my black two piece suit, I scanned the room and saw many other beautifully painted bodies, already adorned in their suits, and prepping their perfect up-dos. My focus had to stayed clear; get my dream tan on, straighten my hair and match my face color to my bodies new darker shade of brown.

-> 10:30 am:

    The show finally got underway with Pre-judging, starting with Figure - Masters (over 35) and Fitness - Two Piece. It wasn't until 11:20 when Figure - Medium were called onto stage. My class was made of 12 women, meaning we would all make the night show.

    Some of the girls learned during registration that they fell into the Medium-Tall class, making this the largest class of the day, and enduring eliminations.

-> 11:20 am:

    We all lined up in numeral order. I kept my heels off as long as possible and used the bands to pump up. Back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps were my obsession those 10 minutes.

The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

    Patiently we waited, only to then realize that Figure-Short was just now stepping onto stage! Putting the bands down, I took a deep breath and finally started to get excited.

The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

    I love the nervous energy being on stage brings. I thought about how I was going to walk, pose and turn, and went over what Elaine had taught me. Flow; that was exactly what I was about to do.

The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

    The time has come; where I was present and be judged on my efforts these past 12 week. My clean eating, timed meals, weight training and pole dancing for cardio. Walking out together towards a cheering crowd we lined up and hit out best first impression, the front relaxed.

    "Thank you ladies, please all step to the back of the stage." Announced Debbie. We were called out in groups of five, for our quarter turns. Then a moment I was waiting for, the "first call out." Will I hear my number? "Number 33, yes!" There were four women already called out, and I moved in directly to the middle, and made a space for myself like I was parting the seas.

The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

    "Perfect, this is exactly where I should be." I said to myself. "Quarter turn to the right." Debbie directed. I flowed, from on front relaxed to my side, and flowed perfect from my side to back. Spreading my lats and angling my body as I knew it looked best, I felt confident.

    "Quarter turn to the right." I flowed to my other side and smiled keeping my chin up high and flowed back to center again. The judges moved a few of the girls around doing their comparisons, and my number was not mentioned again. I stayed in the center during first call out.

    "Thank you ladies, you may return to the back." Second and third call outs took placed before we walked back to the competitors' area. While eating some chicken and rice, I called my husband and let him know how the contest was going so far, and I texted Jamie Eason, thanking her for the suits letting her know that today was my big contest day.

-> 12:30 pm:

    Intermission was in effect and I met my cousin Eric for the first time, since we were five. His father and my father are half brothers, and over the years with my parents separating, I lost touch with my Dad's side of the family.

    Thanks to the internet Eric contacted me via email about five years ago. Turns out that I gave him some dating advice and today he is still with Nikki, and possibly getting married. Jodi and I joined them for a bite to eat in the food court. Ok, well I just ate my chocolate covered coffee beans, and enjoyed watching them eat and drink. Water was on my mind but I held on and stayed dry.

-> 1:45 pm:

    The One Piece round went much faster, as we followed the fitness routines. The same format followed and again I was in the first call outs. This time, wearing Jamie's beautiful dark purple suit, I stood on the far left facing the judges.

The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

    They moved a few of us competitors around, including me, changing places with Maria Morrone on the far right, and then one in, towards the center. I was content with this and proudly did my quarter turns. Maybe being in the center all the times doesn't mean first place.

The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

    Later Jodi said to me, "I was in center many times and didn't place first, but I think you got top three and maybe even first." After the morning show, people congratulated me on my physique and being in the first call outs and standing where I did. Let's hope the judges agree with my fans.

The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

-> 3:30 pm:

    Break time, and joining Jodi and I were Eric, Nikki, and my Dad and his girlfriend Kati. I see my Dad about every five to 10 years so today was certainly exciting. Rain drops began to fall, as we found a nicer than needed restaurant, and I ordered Salmon.

    "Please don't add any salt, or anything that makes it taste good. I want it as plain as possible." We took photos, admired the restaurants decor, and soon became annoyed that we had been waiting 40 minutes for our food. Just when I thought I was at the height of my frustration, a pianist began to play, closely behind me.

    I was starving and not afraid to show it. "I can't believe the food is taking this long." I snapped, wishing that we had just dropped into any of the other five "blue collar' places we saw along the way. After just one song the pianist has stopped. "If that guy continued to play I would throw my water glass at him.

    I have to be back at the venue at 5:00pm and it's already 4:30... " I continued to complain. Part of my discomfort was that I was completely dehydrated and if you don't know what that feels like, that state alone is very suffocating.

-> 4:40 pm:

    At last our food arrived and to my "delight" my salmon and potatoes were drenched in butter and seasoned with an incredible level of salt. The moment I began to eat however I felt better and just after 5:00pm we all left with full bellies and smiles, and the sun had burned through the clouds.

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-> 5:15 pm:

    I cleaned up my make-up and darkened my face to match my ever darkening body. A few competitors were ready to go in their suits, while others didn't arrive until after the night show began. There were few competitors in attendance at this show because of the eliminations in the morning.

    I carefully stepped into my red two-piece and perfected my final application of dream time, with a little assistance from figure competitor Emma Callaghan, who was a tremendous help in the dressing area.

-> 6:00 pm:

    The night show started perfectly on time and we cruised through each height class. With my Dad and his partner Kati watching me compete for the first time, I was ready to take a top three placing. All 12 Medium-Figure competitors were called on stage.

    Wearing Jamie's flattering red two piece, I glittered and shown brightly, again making the first call outs. The top five were announced and we filed off stage. I made the top five.

The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

    I visited with my family during intermission, and once again returned to the now very quiet dressing area, to relax. Sipping on a little water, I thought about the many years that I have been competing, stemming back to 1999, and what may lie ahead.

-> 8:30 pm:

    The top five were asked to wait backstage, for the top three to be called out. I was confident that I would be one of those deserving three. My lucky number 33 was mentioned first. I was standing there on stage, as one of the top three at the Canadian Nationals. This was amazing, after placing 9th a the 2004 Canadian Nationals.

    The time was now, to award top three.

    1. Fawnia Dietrich
    2. Lisa Lattery
    3. Deanne Brown

The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

    I had a chance to thank my father and family for attending, Jodi Michaels, and who I have proudly worked with for many years.

    For the first time since my bodybuilding show in 1999, I was up for the overall. Three out of the four of us were from BC! Certainly a proud year.

    • Figure Short: Natalie Patterson from Alberta.
    • Figure Medium: Fawnia Dietrich from BC
    • Figure Medium-Tall: Macey Boudreau from BC
    • Figure Tall: Jeni Briscoe* from BC

    * Deservingly Jeni Briscoe won her pro card.


I had a wonderful time competing at the Canadian Fitness & Figure Nationals and will be returning next year, to give it my all, for my pro card.

In the mean time, you can see me at the USA's working with, and perhaps competing!

The 2007 Canadian Nationals The 2007 Canadian Nationals
+ Click To Enlarge.
The 2007 Canadian Nationals.

Thank you for your support.