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Making Time For You

When the average American watches an average of 171 minutes of television a day, how can they find the time to workout? Learn how to make time for you!

When the average American watches an average of 171 minutes of television a day, how can they find the time to workout? It's obvious that many people have their priorities not where they should be. Where does that much television get you?

For Me, In About A Month, I Would Get:

  • Slower metabolism
  • Craving for sweets
  • Depression
  • Sore back
  • Five pounds of unwanted weight

It seems that every other person that asks for advice has the same issue with time, yet they can always make it to their comfy couch to watch their favorite reality show. Get real people, if you want to feel alive and real!

I don't want to take your life but rather, let compromise. How about, doing 30-45 min of weights and cardio at some point before 3 p.m. and you can have time with your favorite program. With just 30-45 min of activity per day, you will be steps closer to reaching your health-related goals. Say for example you have children to get ready for school, then work, and don't get home until 6 p.m. at which time you are making dinner, and prepping for the next days work.

If you have two 30-minute breaks at work, use one of them for a workout, especially if the gym is just a few blocks away, or even better, in the same building!

Try This:

5 min cardio and 20 min weights, then 5 min cardio to clear your mind.

If you have two hours in your day when you enjoy watching TV, spend 45-60 minutes on YOU, and your health. Chances are, you may feel so energized from your workout that you choose to get something you have been putting off for a while completed.

Active people make things happen in their lives. Making the time for YOU will keep you around longer to enjoy your grandchildren with you being in a much more healthy state, then if you spent the next 15 years watching 2.5 hours of television each night. We know that with television comes snacking, and no the high protein, slow burning carb kinds of snack.

Mothers are often the ones that give new meaning to the word multi-task. It's like they all have a bit of Libra in them, pleasing everyone else before themselves.

Life is about balance and if you truly care about your family, children, friends, etc? start making a change in your life and take care of you. This will ensure that the people you care about most won't be waiting on you hand and foot when you are in poor physical health.

Try These Solid Suggestions


Train At Home

For you it may be about convenience of a home gym. Purchase a workout tape, a jump rope, a set of dumbbells and/or a miniature trampoline to help get your heart pumping.


Become A Morning Person

Studies show that people who exercise regularly in the morning are more likely to stick to their exercise regimes.

Energize yourself for the day, and you're much less likely to have things come up: a late meeting, your child's after-school activities, etc. at 6 a.m. than at 6 p.m. Always train before 3 p.m. if you know that your motivation is down at night.


Make Time

Pencil it in; you are going to run from 10-10:30 a.m. Every Tuesday and Thursday and stick to your plan. This appointment should be treated with respect just as you would any important meeting. This is YOUR time.


60-Min Running Hour

Change your lunch hour into your fitness hour. Go outside for a run or enjoy a 30 min circuit workout at the gym. Running vs. walking: over the same distance, you'll burn an equal number of calories.


Shorter But More Often

If you have days where there are two or three 15 minute periods of free time, then get outside and enjoy a power walk. People who run three times a day for 15-minute durations will get practically the same physical benefits as those who run for once for 45 minutes.


Intensity Vs. Duration

Do you normally train for 40 min, but have just 20 min today? Then increase increase the intensity of your usual pace, or do interval training.

Example: If you normally walk for 40 min, try jogging for 2 min every 5 minutes of your walk. This change in your workout will actually increase your endurance and muscle strength while saving time.


Think about what I said, about taking care of everyone else before you. It goes further then your loved ones having to wait on you when you are sick or not physically capable. You and I are together setting example to our children.

Spend just 30-minutes per day going for a walk to the park. One on one time will expand their minds and when paired with something as simple as enjoying natures fresh air, you will be encouraging children to want more out of life. Build ambition through fitness and a love for life.