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An Interview With April Hunter!

Find out who April Hunter is, where she came from and how I came into contact her. Find out all about the internets hottest red head, April Hunter.

I have just returned from my Las Vegas shoot (Mr. Olympia and Ms. Fitness Olympia) at The Mandalay Bay with one very special lady. Possessing the power of confidence and knowledge, she is the stunning redhead we all know as Miss April Hunter.

My Day With April

Going back to that day, I remember our brief shoot very well. It was certainly one of my strangest shoots, as we almost had to finish it off at the police station! We were lucky to get off the beach without the assistance of the local police force, although I am sure they were more than willing to help us.

After rushing back to my hotel room, we chatted about the fitness industry, fans and April’s future. I could already say that meeting April was a day to write about.

I was quick to learn that my photo buddy was very adventurous, as this was not her first time dealing with police during a shoot.

Fawnia & April.

"Tylene Buck and I were doing a topless shoot hitchhiking, and the cops drove by. They must have called their friends; within minutes there were six state cars and three locals driving past, but one turned out to be a female cop. She wasn’t too pleased," laughs April.

Being topless is just part of the job for April, as you can now see her in Playboy. She completed the shoot last Christmas so now is the time to go check it out as it’s hitting magazine stands as you read this. Six "Hunter" layouts in all.

So where does a young hopeful 19-year-old girl who thinks she has a good body start if she wanted to be a successful fitness model like April? April was quick to reply that it was not something she would advise.

"If you are going to get into it, do it to the best of your ability. It’s still a business, so treat it like a business and go all the way with marketing."

We agreed that doing the website, calendars and posters is a major part of it, but most importantly, you have to believe in your product. Do not sell yourself short. "The fans will tell you you’re worth something. They’ll come and spend ten dollars on your picture."

You know what I learned about April that day? Just how genuine she is towards her fans and friends. "Answer all your emails. I get to know my fans and I think of most of them more as friends. I know about their family; they know about mine."

April does not take her life for granted. With beauty and gusto, she’s giving her career one hundred percent. As she says, "We are a dime a dozen and we will be replaced by the next hardbodied 19 year old like that!"

So when we are replaced, (please may that day never happen) what is waiting for April?

"I’ll be in Hollywood doing kick-ass films or raising children," she says laughing. Well I certainly would not be surprised. Those few hours with Miss Hunter were awesome and I cannot wait for our fans to see us on the beach of Mandalay Bay, security and all!

April Hunter Bio

I grew up off a military base in a small town in Alabama. I lived with my dad and stepmother. We moved around a lot: I got used to meeting lots of people (now, if I stay in one place too long, I get the urge to go somewhere else). I moved to Philadelphia in my senior year at high school to live with my mom. Severe culture shock. I really don't think two places in the same country could have been more different. I like to think now that I got the best of both worlds: that I can think fast and still remember my manners! But it was really hard on me.

People talk in a flirtatious manner in the south, and the boys knew that it was only charm; it didn't mean anything if you didn't want it to. They knew when to back off. You just can't talk like that in the north east, boys will camp out at your house and stalk you to the grocery store if you do, then tell you that it's your fault because you led them on! It happened to me a lot that year!

I went to college for a while, taking this and that. I didn't really want to be there. I was pretty broke and still indecisive as to what I wanted to do. Nothing could seem to hold my attention for long. My parents couldn't afford to pay for school any longer. I'd always had a fascination with anything to do with s-e-x. Luckily, I was raised to know that it was natural to be nude and that sex and masturbation were perfectly normal (mum is European).

At that time (I was almost 19), I got fired from the "McJob" I was working day and night (at a 'chain' restaurant) and was desperate to make my rent and overdue car payments.

Visions of repo men danced in my head. My roomates' friend came over with a paper and one ad grabbed me: "Dancers make Dollar$." He said: "You don't want to do that." I said "Why not? It's no big deal, I'm not naked or anything (yet!)... just topless. But, do you think my boobs are too small?" Guess not.

I auditioned and was terrified. I'd gulped two strong vodka and cranberries while watching the other girls. We were all 18 years old, but they seemed so confident. I danced barefoot (heels were out of the question) to "Separate Ways" by Journey. When it came time for me to take my top off, I knew I had to do it. So, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and ripped it off. No one said anything for a split second (I think they thought that I wouldn't do it), and then I heard it, applause! A lot of it. I was hooked.

And that southern manner of speaking (mixed with a bit of northern directness) only helped me make it faster as one of their regular dancers. Later, I ended up going to a bigger club where I met and saw lots of top feature acts. I asked a million questions, and saw how the crowd really livened up for these sexy ladies, and I decided that this was what I wanted to try.

When I was little, I loved to go into my grandma's closet and play 'dress-up'. I'd emerge triumphant with the newest treasure I'd found in there. Then I'd dress, complete with lipstick, high heels, jewels and a sequinned cocktail dress. I thought I looked great. Mum didn't. I also used to go on "sleep-overs". My best friend and I used to steal into her dad's room and grab as many dirty magazines as we could carry (he wouldn't miss them - he had stacks and stacks!). We'd hide in her walk-in closet and eagerly devour pages of beautiful women posing for us. These girls were better than regular models... they had full breasts and bodies, and were way sexier. I thought then that "when I grow up, I want to look like that."

Unfortunately, this was not to be so. I was very tall and lanky, utterly lacking in those prized curves. It didn't help that my dad was a boob man. He was always explaining the importance of big breasts in the role of being a woman to anyone who would listen and grabbing at mum's as she passed by with the laundry. Boys would tease me to the point of tears: "You're a carpenters dream!"; "Flat as a board!"; "Don't have a baby, it'll starve!"

I don't think that any woman can truly appreciate boobs unless she didn't get them until she was 20, when she could finally afford them! When I decided to go bigger I called my dad and told him that for this job, I could probably earn a little more if I went to a double D or bigger. He replied: "April, I have always felt that a woman can never be too tall, or have breasts too large." When I did it, he sent me a big bouquet of flowers and balloons that said "Get Well." Wasn't that sweet?

After a fairly brief stint of featuring, I wanted to move on to more. I love nude modeling, dressing up, playing a character and entertaining live crowds, but wasn't really happy with the dancing thing. Hated the club politics, agent games, dirty clubs (literally and figuratively) and always feeling like I was never quite good enough. I am not kidding. In that business, I was made to feel like my breasts weren't big enough, I wasn't worth anything because I wasn't blonde, I was too hard and muscular, blah, blah, blah.

So, I decided to take myself to a biz that appreciated that look: fitness modeling. From there it led to all sorts of cool stuff, and most recently, a job with the WCW. The hardest part of this is the constant travel. A different city every day. Sometimes we're not even there for 24 hours. Workouts are hard to get, and so is sleep. Often it's a toss of the coin as to which I'm going to get that day. The best part is working with such cool, interesting people and seeing and learning the wrestling business and more about promotions. The perks ain't bad, either. I got the chance to go to a brown bear farm and play with the baby cubs.

I get to meet cool stars, and a few uncool stars too. And I get some really great and unusual gifts. One man sent me a huge poster of a mermaid picture that I loved. Another painted me and gave me the portrait.

I like meeting people and I love my job. I know I'm lucky to have the opportunity to do this! Right now the job situation generally is tough for people my age. I'll also freely admit to liking the money and seeing myself on TV. But sometimes I get overwhelmed because I do work so hard and sacrifice so much. Normal relationships and friendships, holidays and weekends. Sundays are travel days, so I work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Often, the days are long because you're living it. I get home and it's just a bunch of catching up before I get ready to do it again. Hell, this year I had my Christmas decorations up until February because I didn't have time to take them down! Pathetic, huh? I also wish I could see more of the towns I'm in.

What keeps me going is when a bunch of people are waiting for me after a show, asking me to sign something or telling me they saw and like my site, and looking at me like I'm a comic book superhero come to life. Children ask me to sign their pictures-the clothed ones, of course. (Mom is happy I'm doing something where I keep most of them on now!) And that is what makes it all worth it.


So keep your eyes on the pages of MuscleMag as April and I push our image straight to the publishers. We want to entertain you with our shoot that caused quite a stir. Until then, enjoy the hottest (and most fun) redhead on the web at her site at

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