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Jayne Trcka Interview - Bodybuilder, Wrestler, And Actress!

Weightlifting was at first a hobbie, much like how it is for you and I, however other gym members and trainers saw something special in Jayne. And it wasn't just the gym members that noticed the incredible power this women had.

For Jayne Trcka, it was 1986 when the 'domino effect' began. Weight lifting was at first a hobbie, much like how it is for you and I, however other gym members and trainers saw something special in Jayne. And it wasn't just the gym members that noticed the incredible power this women had.

"Bodybuilding wasn't an instant decision. It just kind of followed a progression of stages. Competing in my first competition and placing first and also getting coverage including the back cover in 'Woman's Physique World'. That lead to my second show. Placing well and loving competition and performing kept me going."

Having always been a heavy weight, standing 5'7" Jayne, weighs 175-180 lbs. in the offseason, and competes at 165 lbs.

Take a good look at what Jayne has accomplished with her physique and mind.

Competition History

    2000 Nationals - 5th
    2000 USA - 9th (tied)
    1999 BorderStates -Guest Poser
    1999 USA-7th
    1998 USA-6th
    1998 Jr. Nationals-1st
    1998 S. Diego Championship- Guest poser
    1997 CA State Champs.-1st
    1997 Orange Cty. Muscle Classic-Overall
    1997 Jr. USA-2nd
    1996 Jr. Nationals-6th
    1996 USA-11th
    1995 CA State Champs.-3rd
    1995 Orange Cty. Muscle Classic-3rd
    1994 Palm Spgs. Classic-2nd
    1994 Jr. USA-6th
    1993 Palm Spgs. Classic-4th
    1993 S. Diego Champs.-2nd
    1993 Jr. USA
    1992 Portland Gold's Classic-Guest Poser
    1992 S. Diego Champs.-2nd
    1991 BorderStates-Overall
    1990 Tourn. of Champs.-3rd
    1989 Palm Spgs.Classic-2nd
    1989 S. Diego Champs.-2nd
    1988 North Cty Classic-1st & Best Poser Award

If you have never seen Jayne compete live, you may have caught a glimpse of this champion on 'ESPN' or Muscle Sport'. Turn your channel up a few notches, and you may catch her part in "Scary Movie". Pursuing a career in acting, Jayne has since done a TV pilot, several commercials, and has recently been cast in her second movie which she has recently "wrapped". This thriller/horror movie titled "The Black Magic" should be released Dec, 2001.

Getting Started

Before Jayne started going to auditions, she had appeared in numerous muscle/fitness magazines. 'Flex', 'Muscle Mag International', 'Woman's Physique World', 'Ironman', and 'Fighting Females'(*).

Jayne recommends, to those of you female athletes, "if being a champion bodybuilder is your dream, then go for it and pursue it. Don't let anyone talk you out of it. Though female bodybuilding has definitely decreased in popularity since the fitness came around a few years back."

You may be sitting there reading this, and asking yourself, but is Jayne happy? "I am actually very happy with where I am at - at the present. Sometimes I am amazed at where I am at and how it turned out after taking certain paths. Though I feel I have taken the correct paths, with just some minor stumbling stones along the way... which of course were challenging and made me a stronger person today."

Her phone is ringing non stop, yet being a top National level bodybuilder, doesn't mean she needs a manager. "Though sometimes it would be nice to have a personal assistant to help me out when business gets over whelming - like when a lot of things happen at one time." Are there any assistants out there? You can contact Jayne by the email address below if you think you have what it takes!

Wrestling Men

When you think you have seen it all, you come across the popular fetish of lifting. "I do wrestle men and lift men." Having her strongest body part being her legs, just watch your head and neck! Wrestling Jayne, is sure to be a treat for any man who can appreciate feeling feminine weight, power, and control crushing their body.

Jayne with Fawnia Mondey

As a mother with a 21-year-old son who's in the US Navy, Jayne practices gymnastics, dancing, and martial arts. While outdoors, Jayne is often biking, playing tennis, and roller blading. Investing and traveling is also on her list of what she enjoys.

Even if Jayne doesn't make it to Mexico during her time off, she still loves Mexican food. Unlike most women, Jayne doesn't crave much for desserts, yet she appreciates great cookies. "When I am dieting, I eat chicken and fresh vegetables. I am very strict the entire 12 weeks before a show. You have to be."

With many female bodybuilders making the switch to competing in fitness, Jayne is staying loyal to her love for bodybuilding, even despite her background in dance and gymnastics. "I hope it was the right choice for Kim Chizevsky and that she does well with it."

On behalf of the Women Strength and Power staff, I wish you good luck Jayne. We will all be keeping our eyes out for your movie, "The Black Magic", this December!

"I want to take the time to thank you for interviewing me." - Jayne Trcka

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