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An Interview With Elaine Goodlad!

Learn about Elaine Goodlad's competition history, training secrets, future acting plans, and her struggles with Bulimia in this in-depth interview.

Fawnia Mondey: How tall are you?

Elaine Goodlad: I'm 5 feet 7 inches.

FM: How much do you weigh?

EG: Between shows 140lbs.

FM:What were you doing before you began lifting weights?

EG: I was always athletically inclined. I used to be involved in track and play a little volleyball as well.

FM: When and why did you start taking weight training seriously?

EG: I had allowed my body to get out of control weight-wise and began with an eating disorder to try to get a handle on my weight gain and depression. I decided that bulimia was not the way, and I needed to take a healthier approach, so off to the gym I went. It probably took about 6 years of "going through the motions" before taking it more seriously and start noticing the changes in my body.

FM: When did you turn pro?

EG: I turned pro after winning the overall at the 2002 Emerald Cup competition in Bellvue, Washington.

FM: Do you have a trainer or someone that keeps you going?

EG: My husband, Terry has been my trainer and coach for the last 15 years. Or do you train yourself?

FM: How long after you started weight training did you compete in your first contest?

EG: Too long... I've only been competing for 1 year.

FM: What sort of contests do you enter and why?

EG: I've competed in the 2002 Emerald Cup. Then I turned pro and was invited to the Arnold Classic Figure International 2003. I then decided to do all the pro figure shows throughout the year to get myself out there and gain exposure.

FM: Please list your COMPETITION HISTORY, and placings.

FM: Are there weight classes or do they go by height.

EG: In the NPC it goes by height class. In the pro's there are no weight or height classes.

FM: I hear that you have not trained arms in a long time.

EG: I haven't trained my arms for years seriously.

FM: What parts do you focus most in the gym?

EG:My main focus with my body now is glutes, hams and shoulders.

FM: Tell me about the times of day you train, and how often.

EG: I train in the mornings around 10:00AM with weights and a cardio. I sometimes do another cardio late afternoon or evening if I'm told by my trainer.

FM: What other careers (if any) have you thought of pursuing, and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

EG: I've been a cosmetologist for 18 years and have in the past few years really been focusing on make-up, which I really enjoy and can continue as a career as long as I like. In ten years I can still see myself being an inspiration to other women of all ages on many different issues, through magazines, books, seminars, etc.

FM: What TV, Mag, Radio appearances have you done?

EG: Local TV Fitness segments in Canada.

FM: Do you have plans for acting?

EG: I've done a movie "The Surplus Male" with a bunch of other fitness, bodybuilding athletes.

FM: Have you taken classes? No

FM: Are you happy with where you are today? Is there any choices you would have made differently?

EG: The only thing I would change in my life is ridding myself of needless fear and gaining the confidence in myself much earlier on in my life to do what I am enjoying today.

FM: What competitions do you have left this year?

EG: Atlantic States Championships in New York Aug.9th, Jan Tana Aug.15th, the Olympia Oct.24th, and the GNC Invitational in November ... quite a full year.

FM: You must be excited to have a possible chance to be in the first Olympia Figure show.

EG: I consider it an honor to be one of the first pro figure athletes to be given this opportunity.

FM: If you are excepted to compete, will you change your training/diet in any way?

EG: My trainer/husband is constantly changing and improving my physique through the training and diet, to suit the upcoming shows. Mostly, I've had to tone down the muscle a bit and actually lose some size to come in smaller and softer than what I'm used to.

FM: What advice do you tell those who are interested in contests.

EG: Compete if you have the desire in your heart, and don't let fear stop you if that is the only obstacle. Don't let fear run/ruin your life.

FM: What are your hobbies?

EG: Drawing, pottery, Harley riding, reading.

FM: Favorite TREAT foods?

EG: Krispy Kremes, Pizza, Cheeseburgers, Cheetos, Chocolate.... What isn't?

FM: Favorite Diet/Clean foods for when you are preparing for a show?

EG: Atlantic Salmon, hot cereal.

FM: Are you extremely strict the whole 12 weeks, or diet longer/shorter?

EG: 8-12 weeks is about right, depending on how far I get out of shape.

FM: What is your body fat % competing, and when you are not competing?

EG: I never get my body fat tested. We just go by how I look.

FM: What did you drink/take before going on stage to appear more vascular, or do you even bother?

EG: I eat cookies and or chocolate before going on stage to carb up quickly.

FM: I know you don't drink, and I admire you so much. Please tell me how you stay away from drinking, or help others change their un-healthylifestyles.

EG: I've never cared much for alcohol and would never waste calories on drinking. I'm just not interested in it, and definitely can't judge anyone who may have a taste for alcohol. My advice for anyone though would be to do anything in moderation :o)

FM: How do you like being a resident of Vegas, compared to cute little Kelowna, BC. Canada?

EG: We're loving Vegas, climate-wise and the sunny skies all year round.

FM: Would you mind commenting on the topic of bulimia?

EG: Bulimia and other eating disorders don't always have much to do with food, but underlying issues that need to be addressed. For me, this illness was a form of immediate gratification, yet the guilt after binging would cause me to want to purge to punish myself. Unfortunately, food was my best friend through tough times. It becomes a vicious cycle when you hate yourself and use food to make you feel better, then worse. Get help and find out what the underlying issues are and start taking steps to liking yourself for who you are. If there's something you don't like about yourself, change it. You have the power.

FM: Why you want to start educating people.

EG: It's nice to help people get through issues that you once had problems with. You may save someone from going through the painful process the hard way, or you may shed some light for someone that helps them change their course of action in difficult times.

FM: How long have you been bulimic.

EG: Since 1983. I may not act on it any longer or for quite some years now, but the illness is something you may always struggle with; you just get better at talking to yourself about it. It's like an alcoholic that no longer drinks. They still must avoid certain issues or places.

FM: How has it affected your life.

EG: In the long run it's made me stronger as I've overcome something serious and moved on with my life and fixed the issues that brought it on in the first place.

FM: Where can people seek help if they or someone they know is bulimic? There are specific counselors for such illnesses.

EG: Here are some helpful sites that I have found online:

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