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A Talk With Jamie Koeppe.

At 22 years of age this 5'5, 130 pound brunette, is self employed, working as a web designer and actress. Learn how she got started, what she is up to next and what got her started!

Note: Jamie's responses' are in teal.

At 22 years of age this 5'5, 130 pound brunette, is self employed, working as a web designer and actress, and has considered being a brain surgeon or math professor. Meet Jamie Koeppe.

She is not your average fitness competitor. Jamie is a complete computer geek, and is surfing the web all the time. "I like having the knowledge of computers." Soon Jamie will have merchandise for you and I to order from her site, so you'll want to check her site, which features three great slide shows, and get on her mailing list. Lets back track a bit, and find out what we're getting!

Being competitive from a young age, Jamie tells us how she stepped into fitness. At the age of 15 Jamie remembers asking for a gym membership for her birthday, however it was at the age of 13 when her drive for improving began. "I was tired of always being picked last in sports because I was the slow girl. I could outlast anyone but I was slow."

When the membership was granted, Jamie was determined to make use of it. "That's when I really got serious! I found I could put muscle on very easily. I loved aerobics, rollerblading, weightlifting, running, basically anything that had to do with fitness or athletics. I was the gym girl! If I had a spare block before or after lunch, I was at the gym. I managed my time wisely!"

Jamie trains harder then most people, and thinks nothing of it. "Weekly, I do about 2-3 aerobics classes, run 20K and weight train 5 time a week. To me it doesn't seem like much because it's just an everyday thing."

Diet was not a major issue, when she began working out, however she did stop eating pasta and bread, which she found easy to do. "I don't eat that kind of food often and I'm not a dairy eater either. I like chicken, tuna, eggs, veggies, fruit and oatmeal." As a naturally clean eater she uses fresh salsa as her dressing and loves to snack on dried fruit, nuts and popcorn. Her favorite meal is simply an egg white omelet with tons of fresh home made salsa. "If I crave anything, it's coffee, black licorice or teriyaki beef jerky."

Jamie's not one to crave desserts, (why can't I be that way) however she does enjoy Mocha Kaluha Pie (Ice cream pie) drizzled in chocolate sauce with an Oreo cookie crust, with almond slivers garnished on top. For someone who enjoys eating clean, she sure knows what her sweet tooth craves when it's active!

In June 1999, Jamie was lifting heavy and gaining muscle mass rapidly. Weighing 144lbs she felt too large for her frame and stopped weight training for 6 months. Jamie used kickboxing to bring her weight down to her current weight of 130 pounds.

Competition has been a marketing tool for Jamie. To date, she has competed in three swimwear contests, and last April, Jamie was a contestant in the Fitness Model Search division of the WNSO Fitness Competition. (Diverse Naturals) Getting ready for walking onto stage, here were Jamie's thoughts

Before the show. "I am somewhat nervous because I've never done a show like this before. I'm a bit excited yet also relaxed about it too." Was competing in a fitness what she had expected? "Not what I thought at all. I was bummed, embarrassed and depressed, for about an hour. Then I felt myself again. I let the competitiveness come out. I was very happy for the people who won, they all looked great and did an awesome job. I now know what I have to for the next time I do a show."

After her first competition on April 14th, 2001, Jamie was feeling less then confident about fitness and considered entering bodybuilding. "I felt like I totally embarrassed my self. I had no idea how to do quarter turns, pose or stand properly. I thought I could lean out, and build muscle. Then about 3 hours later, I changed my mind. Who was I kidding."

With her first time in a fitness contest being less then positive, will we see her on stage again?, "Every time I compete I always say I'm never going to do it again. But of course I am going to do it again, on September 22nd in Vancouver!" Jamie will have more information posted on her site and in her newsletter. You'll want to register by visiting Jamie at

If Jamie wasn't designing our websites and entertaining us on stage, we may have met her in a hospital, university, or at a visit to the dentist. Jamie, being more then naturally stunning, has thought of pursuing a career as a brain surgeon, dental Hygienist, Esthetician, University Biology or Math Professor, and Fitness Trainer.

Having graced the pages of 'Country Living' (cover) and 'Corporate Living', Jamie knows exactly how to work the camera. Check out her resume to see her work. As a Molson representative during a Hockey game, Jamie has worked on radio giving audiences front row seats hypnotizing them with the sound of her voice.

Besides surfing the internet, Jamie also loves all outdoor activities, including playing with her puppy Stanley, enjoying 'time out' for coffee and reading magazines. "I'm a huge magazine fan, I have boxes saved. Someday I know they'll be valuable!"

Unlike most women you won't be spotting Jamie at the mall shopping. "I'm not a huge shopper because I'm frugal, NOT CHEAP! I get buyers remorse. I love to buy things for my mom right now because she just moved into her dream house. I don't feel guilty for that but when it comes to buying a shirt or shoes for myself, I am totally remorseful!"

At such a young age, Jamie is finally content with where she at. "Of course every day gets better and better. I'm 22, I run a business at home and I get to act, model and play! I love it!"

However there are times when we look back at our lives and wonder if we could have made smarter choices. "Sometimes I wish I had started acting lessons sooner. I would have liked to have started at 14 but then I don't think I'd be who I am today; it may have interfered with university. So, no, I know I've made all the right decisions. Someone told me once that we 'think' too much and instead we should 'know'. I don't think that I made all the right decisions, I know I have." Jamie views both acting and fitness just like she views brushing her teeth: "it doesn't run my life it's just a part of it."

So if you are reading this, and thinking to yourself, 'I could compete in fitness, and do acting,' take a moment and talk to Jamie.

"I hope you have gone to college first and have an 'at home business' you're running in her spare time because fitness takes up a lot of your day. No really though, you need to be:

  • intelligent
  • strong minded
  • focused
  • and have a career you can fall back on.
Not that you won't make it, but you will need some intelligence. I say have fun, do your best and believe strongly in yourself! Also, don't listen to what anyone says, just go with what feels best, don't let someone else's words stop you!"

In the short time that Jamie and I have known each other, I have found her to be a really true and honest person. Oh, and she likes to tell jokes, so email Jamie, and ask for a laugh. Maybe a Joke Section would be a welcome addition to her site.

Even with her comforting, down to earth appearance, " I like to do things that are outrageous, to shock people because they wouldn't expect it from me." Our last words from Jamie: "Hugs not drugs!" just a little back-in-the-day kind of thing."

You Can Contact Jamie At:

Attn: Jaime Koeppe
384 - 1755 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC.
V6G 3B7 Canada