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What's Your Favorite Celebrity Workout Regimen? Why?

What's your favorite celebrity workout regimen? Whether it's Dorian Yates style or actors getting ready for the blockbuster '300', the celebrities don't waste any time. Learn more and see if it is for you.

TOPIC: What's Your Favorite Celebrity Workout?

The Question:

Whether it's Schwarzenegger's intense routines or Sylvester Stallone's 12-workouts-per-week regimen to prep for Rambo, celebrities have brought their training routines to public eye.

What's your favorite celebrity workout regimen? Why?

What is this workout designed to do?

Is it possible for the average person to follow a celebrity's transformation regimen, or is it too much?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

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What's Your Favorite Celebrity Workout Regimen? Why?

I love the Spartan workout from the movie 300. The actors in that movie were put through absolute h#ll with workouts designed to absolutely rip the fat off of them.

Most people can't even build a body like that in a year and each of these guys did it in a matter of months. From what I have seen, the workout routines that they actually performed included a lot of intense exercises that involved all or most of the body.

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Gerard Butler in "300." Most People Can't
Build A Body Like That In A Year.
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The main principle behind the program was to completely deplete the body of glycogen early on and then push it until absolute failure. The other key factor was that the program was designed to confuse the h#ll out of the body.

The workouts reminded me of the circuits they used to make us do in high school football. We'd only do the circuit for 10-15 minutes, but that 10-15 minutes would leave everyone exhausted and ready to start throwing up.


The 300 Workout.

In honor of Mark Twight (the inventor of the 300) I proudly present my own humble effort. - Auriconxl

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Essentially, the main concept behind a workout like this is to push the body to its absolute limit in a short period of time and then continue on beyond that point. The net effect of all this is that a person's heart rate skyrockets and then is maintained at that high level.

300 Workout - Lean & Mean In Months With Spartan Warrior Training
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By maintaining a high heart rate for an extended period of time through intense physical exercise, a person's body will burn astronomical amounts of calories in a very short period of time. The other benefit is that even after the workout, that person's BMR (basal metabolic rate) will be substantially higher.

Basal Metabolic Rate is calculated by the Harris-Benedict equation, which was created in 1919.
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The key to a solid weight loss workout routine is simply:

    More Intensity = More Calories Burned

The more intense a workout is, the more calories a person will burn. What I liked about the Spartan workout is that it was all about quality and not quantity. Everything was designed to be intense, demanding and effective. If these guys hadn't had trainers screaming at them to keep going, I doubt they would have put themselves through that kind of a workout.

Personal Trainers Do Make A Difference.
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If you wanted to create a routine like the one used to train the actors in the movie, then you would have to do several things:

  1. Pick about 8-10 of the hardest exercises that will allow for a high volume of repetitions. Find exercises that involve all or most of the body.
  2. Design an intense program that will last approximately 15 minutes (do not go over 20 minutes or you will risk burning muscle mass). Use the workouts that you outlined in the first step.
  3. Don't take any breaks during the 15 minutes. Everything must be back-to-back with no rest.
  4. Go all out even when you begin to feel sick. Having someone to yell at you to keep going may be the only way to keep yourself motivated.

The Spartan workout has to be one of the most intense workouts ever designed. It's like boot camp on steroids. Then again, there is also a reason why everyone wants to look like a Spartan, but few ever do.