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AMP Podcast Seminar #12: Fat Loss Training.

Welcome to the Awesome Musclesâ„¢ Podcast Series, where you learn about the best training and nutrition scientific breakthroughs, and approaches, directly from your favorite fitness expert, Daniel Gastelu.

Fat Loss Training Podcast

Welcome to Seminar # 12 in the Awesome Muscles™ Podcast Seminar Series.

In this week's show, Dan Gastelu continues his focus on weight loss using the Dynamic Nutrition for Maximum Performance nutrition approach.

This seminar begins Dan's review of training for fat loss, along with additional nutrition topics. Dan treats the topics of Omega-6 fatty acid over-consumption and a possible prostate cancer and breast cancer link, the French Paradox, the longevity (disease preventing) power of positive thinking, attitude & bodybuilding, and posing practice.

Also covered are: breathing correctly for maximum oxygen consumption, performance, fat loss and relaxation, how to determine the goals of training, respiratory quotient (RQ) as a measure of energy substrate (carbs, fats, amino acids) utilization, L-carnitine lowers RQ (i.e., makes your body use more fatty acid for energy), and exercise and energy substrate utilization.

This episode finishes up with discussion on acclimation, training intensity, duration, and frequency as it relates to muscle fiber development, maintenance, and energy substrate utilization.

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Explosive Growth Blend Awesome Muscles Protein Pudding

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