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The Fastrock Training Program: Should You Purchase It?

I see many people everyday working hard but not performing properly. I talk to so many people that don't know how to break the training plateau ... The Fastrock Training Program can help. Learn more right here!

What if I told you that all of the fitness and bodybuilding questions you have could be answered in one place? What if I told you that all you have to do is listen to some ideas that you have never heard of before to see awesome results whether you want to be the biggest bodybuilder on the planet, or you are a woman with kids and just want to be in the best shape of your life?

Would these ideas be worth knowing if they could realistically save you 5-10 YEARS OF TRIAL AND ERROR trying to find the right combination of exercise and diet to be as big and strong as possible or as lean and toned as you desire? Fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts are sometimes going through their workouts with blinders on.

They just continue on with their workouts the same way, even if they are not seeing changes. They just keep telling themselves that it takes time to get into great shape. They tell themselves that they just have to work harder. They tell themselves that they are just not genetically able to get into great shape and live a happier life.

I see so many people everyday working hard but not performing the exercises properly. I talk to so many people that don't know how to break the training plateau they are stuck at. I talk to so many people who don't know how to put the complete program together correctly.

Fastrock Training Program

This is why I came out with the Fastrock Training Program. I know that I can change your life if you let me. Regardless of whom you are and what your goals are, I wanted to have one program that could help everyone, and show you how to adjust it to your goals.

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I Wanted One Program To Help Everyone.

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Bill Quick. I am a personal trainer and have been involved in fitness and bodybuilding for over 30 years. I am also the 2005 Masters Illinois State Overall Bodybuilding Champion. I am not physically gifted in any way and it has been a long road for me to accumulate the knowledge that I have now.

I believe that's why I have the answers for anyone who either wants to get bigger and more muscular or leaner and more toned. I have trained hundreds of men and women and was always amazed and how little people new about getting into the best shape of their lives.

Even though we live in a time where there is so much information about fitness, most of it is either conflicting or too complicated to follow. That's why I came out with the Fastrock Training Program. It is a system that has been developed over the 30 years that I have been involved in fitness and bodybuilding.

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The Fastrock Training Program Isn't Complicated.

I wanted to have one program that people could turn to for all of their questions in their quest to be as big and muscular as possible or to get as lean and toned as possible. Imagine you wanted to be trained by me personally but you couldn't afford to. Well this program is the same one we use and everyone sees awesome, life changing results, both men and women, regardless of their experience in fitness.

Now for those of you out there who want to get bigger, you are going to look at my pictures and you might say that I'm not that big like a pro bodybuilder. This is true and as we know, few are genetically gifted like the pros. But I can tell you this. If I had the knowledge that I have now back when I was younger, I know that I would have been a lot bigger and better.

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Knowledge Is Power.

You see, I wasted so many years doing things wrong, I wasted time and didn't have anyone to turn to. You guys do! Don't waste anymore time! Don't stop learning! When you stop learning, you stop improving. Just the exercise execution alone will be different than anything you have done before!

How to break plateaus in your training will save you months at a time! The diet section is also invaluable that shows you how to get lean while gaining muscle and strength, depending on your goal. This program has so many little things that all add up to more progress. So many of you guys are so focused on supplements that will help your results.

You will spend mega dollars on the latest supplements without results, thinking that the supplements don't help your training, when the real problem is your training program is incorrect, or your exercises are not performed correctly. Just ask Michael Barnes who went from 3rd in his class to 2005 Indiana State Overall Bodybuilding Champion!

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Don't Stop Learning.


    For all the women out there who are intimidated by weights and resistance training machines, this is also the program for you. It is designed efficiently so you get the most out of the time you invest to get into shape. For those of you who want a diet to help you lose body fat, the Fastrock Training Program has it!

    For those of you that want to learn the most efficient and safest way to perform about 90 different exercises, we will show you how! The Fastrock Program also has an aerobic exercise section to help you melt away existing body fat and keep the muscle tone you have attained. If you want to learn how to put all the elements together, to become smaller, leaner, firmer and more toned, we will help you make it happen!

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We Will Show You How.


    Now the Fastrock Program has been phenomenal for the teens! Every teen that has followed my program has gained at least 15-20 pounds of muscle in 3-5 months and has then excelled in their sport! Also, every teen has learned the safest and most efficient way to workout and that promotes a long healthy workout career without injuries!

What You Get

So this is what you get with our program. You will receive a book with all of my training secrets on program design, how to break plateaus, items that directly affect your results that are rarely talked about, the aerobic program and the diet for both men and women.

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Everything You'll Ever Need.

You will also receive another book that is small enough to carry with you and has all of the exercise specific workouts designed for you depending on your goals, the time you have to devote to exercise, if you are a beginner or advanced, and if you are a man or woman.

In addition you will receive a DVD or VHS tape with all of the exercises in the program demonstrated for you in proper form. We have about 90 exercises in this program for plenty of variety so you will keep progressing.

There is always something new to do! Lastly, we have also included a motivational CD to listen to before you workout. We know that motivation is a key factor in your success. This CD will motivate you to reach inside yourself and give life your best everyday!

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Your Best Everyday.

Now there are other workout books and materials on the market today, but there is not another PROGRAM available today that is so complete, for life long results that have been proven again and again. Remember that this is not a 10 minute workout. This is education that you will have for the rest of your life!

High Intensity Interval Training! Fast Rock Fitness Pack!
An entire fitness package complete with training DVD, motivation workout music CD, Weekly Workout Guide and a Diet and Training Booklet.
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