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Facebook Fans Answer: What Do You Take Pre/Post Workout?

Social networks prompt intense desires to share info, from giggles, jokes to tweets and pokes. asked its Facebook friends what supplements they take pre- and post-workout.

Most times when we post comments on, it's to show our friends we care, or to share information with our friends in India, Wichita or Seoul, etc. But usually, we comment and move on.

At, we are legitimately interested in what our readers, visitors and friends think about the fitness, supplement and health industries. The questions we pose are mostly for you, to share and help one another, but on occasion, we'll sort the responses so you don't have to dig through 1,000 comments.

The Question //
What do you take pre- and post-workout?

The answers varied greatly, representative of the individuality of the industry. We all have different bodies and we supplement our diets in different ways. Our Facebook friends (1,100 comments) offered more than 80 different supplement options pre and post workout.

No big surprise that whey protein was mentioned most (270 times). Creatine (188 references), Jack3d (pre; 145 references) and BCAAs (for post; 128 references) were the only other supplements noted more than 100 times.

Weightlifters look for a boost pre-workout and healthy recovery after they decimate their muscles in the gym. Some will go for a packaged supplement and others go right to source for Beta-alanine or citrulline, etc.

Check out our page on for more community question sessions. As always, the community is here to help you reach your health, fitness and appearance goals through information, motivation and supplementation.

What supplements do you take Pre and Post your workouts?

1,100-plus responses, nearly 80 different products mentioned.

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