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Take Your Physique To The Next Level With Greater Fat Loss!

It's amazing - three different universities and four university studies all arrive at the same conclusion - Meltdown is one of the most dominant fat burners... Learn more.

Article Summary:
  • 20 competitors over a 12 week period lost an average of 10 pounds of fat and no muscle.
  • Meltdown® is twice as effective as a stack of 20mg of ephedrine and 200mg of caffeine.
  • Studies show Meltdown® increases norepinephrine levels by 32.8% versus a placebo.

  • Extreme Fat Loss With Meltdown®!

    If you are serious about taking your physique to the next level read this now!

    By VPX's Chief Scientific Officer, Jack Owoc and the VPX R & D Team along with Dr. Jose Antonio, VPX's Chief of Scientific University Research Project Manager.

    It's amazing - three different universities and four university studies all arrive at the same conclusion - Meltdown® is one of the most dominant fat burners in the history of weight loss and thermogenic science! Never before has a fat burner been studied this in-depth and to this magnitude. More importantly, it has been suggested that this product is a super-effective multi-factorial fat loss matrix in both the real world as well as with human test subjects in the science laboratory.

    In layman's terms this just means that Meltdown® is made up of many highly effective fat loss agents and works from a variety of angles to produce rapid fat loss. In fact, these university studies suggest that it is even more potent and produces more profound fat loss than the now-unavailable ephedrine and caffeine stack. This authentic breakthrough is really cool and exciting in an industry riddled with non-scientific marketing hype.

    Meltdown® VPX Presents:

    What's the supplement that burns fat faster than an ice cube melts in the Sahara? Meltdown® mi amigo! In a study presented at the June 2008 International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference in the beautiful Red Rock Hotel, researchers discovered that this fat-blasting supplement jacked up metabolic rate so much so that it left scientists scratching their heads as to how it compared to other popular thermogenics.
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    Let us first explore what happened when Meltdown® was put to the test in the 'real' world. To remain unbiased we wanted to test it under the direction of an organization that had no stake or relationship in or with VPX. We also wanted to test this product with real human test subjects who were the toughest to deal with in regard to fat loss.

    Anyone can take a 300 pound man or woman who does nothing and get them to lose 100 pounds quickly. But, the real test is to take fitness enthusiasts and competitors who are already in fairly decent shape (just like you). These test subjects have a real challenge going from fit to super fit and losing even more body fat.

    Therefore, we chose to use Carla Sanchez who trains fitness competitors and those aspiring to compete. In what can only be described as dramatic before and after photos, Carla Sanchez's fitness and figure Performance Ready Team conducted their own in-house trial on the fat-burning effects of Meltdown®.

    Meltdown® was given to twenty women who lost, on average, 10 pounds of body weight. The ground breaking news is that the 10 pounds they lost was 100% pure body fat weight! These subjects also dropped an average of six percent body fat in just 12 weeks - when body fat is already relatively low to begin with, this is an amazing accomplishment!

    The important take-home message is that these women lost an average of 10 total pounds and 10 pounds of fat - meaning test subjects did not lose a single pound of lean body mass!

    With the exception of the aforementioned ephedrine and caffeine stack, today's fat burners promote weight loss, not fat loss. And, in the process of losing weight with old-school fat burners, you lose a great deal of muscle. Unless you want to look like a homeless crack addict for a movie role - simply losing weight is not good! Whether you want to win a competition or look smoking hot in a bathing suit you need to lose fat and preserve muscle.


    By: liliallen
    I started to take it like one week ago, after 5 minutes I feel some kind of heating in my body, and gives me energy for the workout. It is helping me with cravings, and controling my appetite. I recomend this product.
    Nine Out Of Ten.
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    3 University Studies Examine Meltdown®'s Efficacy!*

      It is important to be aware that VPX used human test subjects in both its real world and in laboratory University studies when examining the fat loss effects of Meltdown®. Be educated that most studies are clinical (not University) "weight loss" studies conducted in some clown's makeshift lab with rats. My feelings are, "Who gives a rat's *ss how much weight a rodent lost in a lab?"

      In the first of VPX's fat loss trials, a 2008 University study on human volunteers discovered that a potent new fat burning matrix named Meltdown® was more effective than Ephedrine. But, the evidence that really rocked the scientific world to its very core was that the product seriously outperformed the powerful fat burning combination known and studied world wide as the "Ephedrine and Caffeine Stack".

      The Meltdown® results show a thermogenic effect that is greater than 20 milligrams of ephedrine combined with 200 mg caffeine! Not to be outdone, another clinical trial on the product was conducted. But this time, scientists had test subjects take it one hour prior to training and then they had them exercise on a treadmill to exhaustion, and further measured their metabolic rate. What happened? This was the 2nd University Study to suggest that it increased thermogenesis and fat burning to an unprecedented degree.

      According to the scientists, when combined with exercise, Meltdown® elevates thermogenesis significantly: by 14%! It also increases fat burning significantly and has no harmful hemodynamic effects. In fact, here are a few take-home messages from these two university studies.

      First of all, just taking this product with no exercise will jack your metabolic rate and fat burning potential through the roof. Now, if you take it prior to exercise, you can increase your fat burning potential to an even greater degree and turn your body into a fat calorie burning machine.

    Results From The Hoffman Meltdown® Study.
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    Results From The Hoffman Meltdown® Study.

      How many weight loss products on the market can claim to have four university trials behind them? In fact, can anyone name even one study where they actually tested that actual fat burner and not just an ingredient in the fat burner? I didn't think so!

    Results From The Baylor Meltdown® Study.
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    Results From The Baylor Meltdown® Study.

    Owoc Demands Even Further Testing And Investigation On Meltdown® Fat Loss

      Dr. Antonio answers "Norepi", free fatty acids and glycerol levels increase!

      This is perhaps the most extensive study on the fat burning mechanisms of Meltdown®: Scientists at the University of Memphis (UM) found that compared to the placebo, this product increased norepinephrine ("norepi") levels significantly - by 32.8%!

      If you slept through chemistry class, here's why looking at norepi is more important than ice to an igloo. Norepi is a type of hormone called a catecholamine. It helps with increasing metabolism, increasing the release of sugar (energy) from stores, and increasing blood flow to muscle.

      In short, norepinephrine is a potent fat burning trigger. UM scientists also found an increase in glycerol and free fatty acids. What does that mean? It means that your body is indeed not only freeing up body fat, but also burning fat! The whole point of developing a kick*ss ripped and lean muscular body is to burn fat, and keep lean muscle.


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    *All studies have been submitted for peer-review for scientific publication.