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Walk into any gym and ask how many bodybuilders believe creatine boosts muscle power leading to more iron lifted leading to greater gains. Virtually every hand will go up, with stories extolling the power of this nutrient.

Walk into any gym and ask how many bodybuilders believe creatine boosts muscle power leading to more iron lifted leading to greater gains. Virtually every hand will go up, with stories extolling the power of this nutrient. Dozens of positive research studies shows the scientific community agrees.

The follow up question is even more revealing. Ask, given its remarkable effectiveness, how many take creatine right now, today. This time, few hands up go up. And there's the disconnect. While lifters love what creatine does to muscle, few actually take it.

Why Then?

Ask them why they don't take creatine more often and you hear the same thing. Gut bombs, headaches, toilet time, cramps, etc. That's the rub. To realize gains from creatine, you need to reach a threshold of intake. But take enough to reach that threshold and you get the gut bombs, etc.

"That's the catch 22 of creatine: take enough to work, and it's so hard on your body you won't want to take it."

I helped develop the first commercial creatine in 1985. This product, Creatine 1500, was many years before its time. Over the years, I've been obsessed with taking creatine to the next level. To allow athletes to absorb more creatine than ever before, yet take less. And make creatine so gentle to the body you can take it for long periods to get maximum benefit. In other words, my goal was to pump up the anabolic properties of creatine while at the same time, solve the negatives.

In the nearly two decades since that first creatine, I've worked very hard to solve this seemingly insoluble problem. Throughout the years, there was one central truth I followed that sustained me though periods of often frustrating research. Namely, the cause of the creatine problem would also hold the solution. And that solution would be based in following our evolutionary design, instead of fighting it as we do today.


The nature of today's creatine supplements is that they are not natural. Here's what I mean. Every creatine today on the market is artificial. In other words, the creatine you take in supplements is grown synthetically in man-made labs. The procedure combines L-Glycine with L-Arginine, coupled to L-Methionine.

The resulting creatine, typically in the form of creatine monohydrate, can vary in quality. Creatine quality is typically judged by the degree of purity, and the amount of other metabolites of creatine present, like creatnine. Sometimes, even dangerous heavy metals can be present from inferior labs. All man-made creatine is not the same. Because it comes from outside the body, this type of creatine is exogenous.

Nature designed our bodies to recognize foreign substances, then reject them. For example, the greatest obstacle in organ transplant is rejection. The body, recognizing that new heart is not yours, attempts to reject it. Receiving the wrong type of blood also causes severe rejection problems. Other rejection includes food poisoning.

Creatine rejection has recently been recognized as a reality, and explains a lot. Remember, creatine supplements are artificial. And your body knows it. Which brings us back to the catch 22: take enough creatine to work, and you get a gut bomb. If the problem is artificial creatine that the body rejects, the answer must be….natural creatine. So on to the first natural creatine, but first a little creatine myth busting.


There is a common myth-almost an urban legend-that the best and only way to increase creatine in muscle is by taking boatloads of creatine supplements. Actually, studies show creatine supplements are very inefficient and wasteful. Fully half the creatine taken is urinated away. I'll say it again-you pee away half the creatine you take in. The half not lost in the toilet actually shuts down your own creatine production. If you absorb 2 grams out of 10 taken of outside creatine, you're having a good day. That's a dismal 20% absorption rate.

Another myth is that the protein foods we eat supply direct creatine in large quantities. Before modern foods, this was largely true. Wild, raw meat and fish contain fairly high levels of creatine. But cooking meat renders this creatine largely unavailable. You can take in huge slabs of meat, yet get very little creatine. Modern cooking and processing removes most creatine from your protein sources. While our caveman ancestors took in large amounts of creatine from the diet, we don't.

It's become clear. The idea of getting more creatine into muscles is good. But the reality of achieving this in the real world has many roadblocks. The artificial exogenous creatine found in today's supplements is rejected by the body. To make matters worse, today's foods are poor sources of creatine. So attempting to increase the amount muscle creatine by taking in larger amounts of creatine supplements or protein foods is virtually doomed to fail.

There is another method of getting more creatine. This method is underestimated and overlooked, but holds the key to increasing muscle creatine to higher levels than are dreamed of today. And the source of this 100% natural creatine-the type your body thrives and runs on-will surprise you. You'll find this source by looking inside, literally.

The body makes its own (endogenous) creatine from building blocks you provide in the diet. Using the same ingredients as the man-made lab, your body takes L-Glycine and L-Ariginine to combine them in the kidneys to form the direct precursor of creatine. This precursor then travels to the liver where it gets methylated. The result is your internally produced (endogenous) natural creatine. And unlike artificial creatine which your body rejects, the body loves its own natural creatine.

In fact, your body welcomes its own natural creatine with open arms. Instead of rejection, your body treasures and uses this creatine more efficiently. Nature hates to waste anything, especially your own creatine. It's clear natural creatine produced by your own body is far superior to exogenous creatine in a can.

However, producing your own creatine is a slow, laborious process. It has several bottlenecks in production, a kind of a biochemical traffic jam. Science calls these rate limiting factors. Among them, the availability of the building block amino acids must be sufficient amounts at the proper time. If not, you will not create the precursor. If you do not have methyl group, the precursor cannot be methylated and the process will stop. Only when all the raw materials are present in adequate amounts at the right time, does your own creatine formation take place.

Generally, most people produce about two grams of natural creatine a day. Bodybuilders taking in large protein intakes likely make more, maybe three grams. However, if they are taking in creatine supplements, then their own production is reduced or even totally shut down! Vegetarians and those on lower protein intakes, and those taking thyroid on high L-Ornithine intakes, typically produce much less creatine.

If only…if only there was a lab that made the same natural creatine your body thrives on. You could stock even more creatine in muscles, and lift more to get truly huge. Yet, this natural creatine would avoid the gut bombs and cramping of artificial creatine. And this lab would actually supply you with this superior natural creatine wherever you are. After almost 20 years of hard work and countless trial and error, I discovered this lab.

Natural Creatine

In fact, you can see this natural creatine lab from where you are right now. Just look down a little below your stomach area. No, not that far, between your beltline and stomach. It's your own body. I figured out a way to feed that hard-to-make direct creatine precursor, shifting your body into radical creatine production overdrive. Like pointing a pinwheel into the wind, your creatine output is accelerated many times. And this natural creatine is produced at these ultrahigh levels 24/7.

This is not a wild or unproven idea. Medical studies dating back 50 years prove the effectiveness of growing your own creatine using my method. Teams of respected medical doctors from different countries independently arrived at the same conclusion-it works. It's hardly new, nor is it untested. Neither was creatine when we first introduced it in 1985. The key to this and other advances is to take them out of the lab into the gym. Fact is, man dozens of subjects have benefited from this formula, some taking it for 12 years in a row, even longer.

This research is embodied in Endocre3. This product not just the first endogenous creatine ever, it ranks among the most significant nutritional advances ever, and not just for bodybuilders. Specifically, Endocre3 cranks up your own internal creatine factory to literally triple normal production. The implications to muscle growth are staggering when you do the math.

Here's the bombshell. 9 grams of endogenous, natural creatine from Endocre3 equals 30-50 grams of artificial creatine. While mind boggling, these numbers tell only part of the Endocre3 story.

I'm not sure why, but Endocre3 produces results far faster than artificial creatine. Users typically report feeling benefits within the first few workouts, often during the very first workout. And the pump that occurs is also very rapid and endures over a long period of time. Even if a pump is not a goal of your training, recent studies suggest it reflects a more rapid transport of amino acids into muscle cells.

Another Endocre3 benefit is pushing back fatigue to crank out more reps and sets. Now in themselves, more reps and sets are not that big of deal for one workout. But taken over time, this increased tonnage translates into greater muscle growth and strength. Another thing-it's fun to break old drug-free personal records with Endocre3.

Endocre3 is extremely easy and gentle on your digestive track. Unlike artificial creatine, Endocre3 avoids the old gut bomb, cramps, etc. Just as important, you don't need to cycle or load Endocre3. You can get the anabolic effect from day one, and make real gains year round. Even non-responders respond big time to Endocre3.

While it's taken 17 years to reach my goal, Endocre3 is worth the wait. I accomplished my mission to pump up the anabolic properties of creatine, while solving the negatives. It is not an exaggeration to state that Endocre3 is the single greatest advance in muscular performance and growth since the introduction of creatine. I know, I helped create them both.