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Coaching Tips For Basketball Conditioning.

In this article are some reasons that have provided why conditioning will benefit basketball players.

Why should basketball players condition?

  • Prepare the body for the rigors of the game (cardiovascular system, muscles, tendons/ligaments, etc.).
  • Improve performance, especially toward the end of a game/practice.
  • Don't always use conditioning as a punishment because it already has a negative connotation (make conditioning a priority).

How should you design your practices?

  • What does each segment of practice want to focus on? Fundamentals, team concepts, or conditioning?
  • Allow a certain level of skill mastery before combining new skills with conditioning.
  • Concentrate more on movement patterns and comprehensiveness than on skill development (only during the conditioning portion of the workout of course).
  • Drills need to be done at GAME SPEED! Use motivational terminology ("varsity level" or "college level").
  • Monitor all aspects of practice; work time, rest time, etc. Keep scrimmages up tempo for conditioning effect (limit the number of dribbles, everyone over half court, etc.).

3 tips to make the conditioning portion of your program successful:

  1. Make each drill basketball specific.

    • Utilize basketball movement patterns; sprinting, back pedaling, defensive sliding and jumping (limit jumping and emphasize defensive position).

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    • Stress change of direction (agility) and the importance of being able to plant off of either foot.
    • Time parameters: work (:15 to 1:30) and rest (4:1 to 1:1).

  2. Use a variety of different drills.

    • The days of just running "suicides" are over! Use your imagination.
    • Use audio and visual cues to improve reaction.

  3. Make each drill competitive.

    • Give your players extra incentive to give 100%; they can compete against time, against teammates, etc.
    • Challenge them!