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Elite Innovation: Launches Private Supplement Line is in a unique position to provide the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. Learn how our supplement line changes lives.

Brand: Foundation Series & Platinum Series
Location: Meridian, ID
In Operation Since: 2011
Sponsored Athletes: Kate Kennedy, Nick Holt, Preston Lewis, Eric Johnson offers articles, videos, training tips, an exercise database, the largest online social fitness network, and more content than a copy editor could read in two years.

At the heart of our operation is a warehouse system that sorts and delivers dietary supplements from more than 200 vendors to every corner of world.

In the Digital Publishing department, we tell stories. This is the story of's private label supplement line. It's a story about products that have been developed, tested, tasted, and tested again and again to ensure superior quality. It's a story about the pursuit of perfection.

Learn why the company launched its own supplement line, and how it plans to continue addressing its customer's motivation, training, nutrition, and supplement needs.

Why did decide to start its own supplement line?

Eric Johnson, Brand Manager: We always listen to our customers. Their feedback is vital to the success of Our customers are the reason we came out with our own supplement lines—to ensure their continued satisfaction with our business. has had several private label brands throughout the years: Higher Power, Cheap Supplements and Vortex. Due to customer feedback and demand, we decided to come out with a brand worthy of the name, showcasing the best products and the best prices.

Is the brand a high-end product? What matters more: cost or effectiveness?

Our new supplements are of the highest grade. They are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant to ensure purity and quality. They've been formulated to the highest standards with effective ingredients, sensational flavors, and innovative blends.

Effectiveness is of the utmost importance, but we understand cost is pertinent to our customers. We want to provide effective products, but we want them to be listed at economy prices. This is something we feel we have done well.

Who are some important people who helped you in the beginning? What was their role?

Our entire Private Label Team, from Research and Development, Scientific Affairs, Marketing and Merchandising, along with Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance, were all pivotal to the successful launch of our brands.

Each and every team committed a tremendous amount of time and dedication to ensure the best products were created. Teams worked cohesively to ensure our customers got the best products to help them achieve their goals. Everyone had a direct focus on making sure our customers were more than happy with what we created.

Tell us a little more about your team and background in the industry.

Our team has more than 30 years experience in the sports nutrition and fitness industry. We have an amazing group of dedicated people showcasing passion and enthusiasm for these brands.

We work with a fully-staffed team of degreed chemists, microbiologists, and Ph.D. recipients for methods development and validation, quantitative analytics, stability testing, formulations, and product efficacy validation.

We also have strategic partnerships with the leading global ingredient suppliers, who provide the best ingredients backed by science. Each product has millions of dollars in research from ingredient suppliers validating quality and effectiveness of our raw materials.

We want nothing but the best in our products, and that's exactly what we've achieved. Keep your eyes peeled for amazing products hitting on a continual basis.

What are some of your top products right now?

Our top products for the Foundation Series include:

Our top products for the Platinum Series are:

Are you coming out with any new and exciting products in the near future?

Absolutely! In June of 2013 we launched an innovative weight gainer and post-workout product. These products will redefine their respective categories, giving customers what they've been asking for.

Ultimate Mass, our new weight gainer is built on a premium-quality protein blend, low-glycemic complex carbohydrates, and patented digestive enzymes to maximize nutrient absorption.*

Post Protocol, our new post workout, is mega-dosed with BCAAs, creatine, glutamine, and everything you need to optimize muscle recovery.*

With long ingredient lists and proprietary blends, it can be tough to see exactly what's in a supplement. How do you provide visibility?

We never use proprietary blends. Their simple purpose is to cover up the fact that efficacious amounts of each ingredient are usually not included. We have full label disclosure on all of our products.

Our Platinum Series is backed by cutting-edge scientific evidence and the latest clinical research. Each product in the line contains full doses of patented ingredients for nothing less than your best results.

Our team's innovation, scientific scrutiny, and customer focus have led to best-in-class products at cost-effective prices. We follow a simple standard: If it's not backed by science, we won't put it in our products!

How do you produce your products?

We use the best contract manufacturers in the United States, and everything is made proudly in the USA. Our custom manufacturing facilities provide the best products, ensuring the highest quality and standards.

Our plethora of quality certifications include: FDA GMP-compliance, SQF, Informed Choice, NSF GMP, and Organic Product Approval. We can have the highest level of assurance in each and every one of our products.

Product Concept ///

We work with our Research and Development team to concoct each formula, and then send it to Scientific Affairs at our contact manufacturer. Each ingredient is individually selected based on physiological effect on the human body and scientific research validating that effect.

Ingredient Selection ///

Once the individual ingredients are selected, it is time to determine the best route of administration—whether powder, capsule, tablet, etc. This is done to determine the most efficacious route of absorption in the body for maximal effect.

Once these are determined, the formula is handed off to the Research and Development team at our contract manufacturer so they can begin to create test samples. Samples are provided to alpha testing teams to test and provide feedback.

Once we review all of the testing data, we determine if any adjustments are needed based upon feedback. If the formula is finalized, we then start flavoring, if it's a flavored powder.

Extra Flavor Care ///

We take the extra steps to make the best-tasting products out there. Several of our products have gone through more than 20 flavor adjustments. When you use the clinical amount of each ingredient, it can be extremely difficult to mask the flavors of several ingredients. Luckily, we have the best flavor team out there! We don't move forward until the flavor systems are perfect.

Cost Analysis ///

Since we sell direct to consumers, we put substantially more money into each and every product. This allows us to make products with clinically validated ingredients and proper dosages—making phenomenal products that work! This also allows us to sell these products at cost-effective prices to our awesome customers.

Manufacturing ///

Raw materials are blended, capped, or flavored, and then packaged in GMP-certified facilities.

Does your role as a wholesaler give you a leg up on the competition?

It does. Because we don't go through the typical retail channels, we can put a lot more money into each and every product. We can also sell products with more ingredients and better formulas at better costs. It's a big win, especially for our customers.

You sponsor athletes. How do they influence your company?

At we live and breathe the lifestyle every day. We show this by having sponsored athletes who work at We have confidence in our brand and our company, and we show our appreciation by supporting our employees and their goals.

Let's say a customer is just starting a fitness regimen, can only afford one product, and comes to you. Which one supplement do you recommend? Why?

Definitely 100% Whey Power or Protogen. Protein is so beneficial, whether your goal is building muscle, losing fat, or increasing athletic performance.

What do you believe are the best and worst things about the supplement industry?

The best thing about the industry is collectively trying help people reach their goals and improve their health. Health and wellness are ultimately what matters in life, and positively affecting that is rewarding.

The worst thing is dishonest brands that don't have the customers' best interests at heart. This is unfortunately seen often with cheap, ineffective products, bogus marketing and label claims, along with products made by non-reputable sources.

Do you think it is a conflict of interest for to sell supplements from other suppliers and sell its own?

Absolutely not. We are here for our customers; that is why we are in business. Our customers have been asking for a brand they can trust, and we have delivered.

Healthy competition breeds innovation, and ultimately the customers win by having excellent selection and better products continually hitting the market.

What are customers saying about Foundation Series and Platinum Series? has always been focused on the customer. Without happy customers, you don't have a sustainable business.

We take that same perspective with our supplement brands. Our customers provide unbiased feedback and we listen and respond accordingly. So far, we love what they are saying:

gclausen55 /// Platinum Series Protogen—Vanilla
(10/10 rating … 10/10 taste rating)
"Not only does Protogen protein taste amazing, but it is extremely affordable and is made of the highest quality! I am very happy with's newest line of supplements."

cbayne3 /// Platinum Series SCREAM—Watermelon
(10/10 rating … 10/10 taste rating)
"Best pre-workout yet! Also has the best taste of any pre-workouts I've used. Literally smells like ice cream, and though it says watermelon, it's closer to watermelon bubble gum. Do yourself a favor and buy some."

carterbt /// Platinum Series SCREAM—Watermelon
(10/10 rating … 10/10 taste rating)
"Best pwo I have ever used! Unreal workout more pumps and endurance than of other pre-workouts and I have tried just about everything. I will be using this as a staple in my stack! Taste great perfect!"

cmdavis11 /// Platinum Series Amino Recovery—Watermelon
(10/10 rating … 10/10 Taste Rating)
"Tastes great! It has a good ratio of BCAAs with a high content. The thing that separates this from other supplements is that it's affordable, effective, and includes a large dose of L-Glutamine!"

November 2012 Bodybulding.Com Foundation Series 2013 Product Catalog

Download The Platinum Series Catalog PDF (9 MB)

Does perform its own research? How much will science guide your future?

We work directly with Research and Development teams and our Scientific Affairs Committee to ensure our products are backed by science.

Science is one of the most crucial determinants of our future. We are always on the lookout for novel, innovative ingredients that continue to benefit the sports nutrition industry. As new and emerging science brings new ingredients, we will bring them to the market!

Our goal is to be on the cutting edge of dietary supplements. We are passionate about bringing the best products to you, our customers.

The supplement industry has no shortage of ineffective products. How do you know's products work?

All products are backed by science. We've teamed up with the leading patented ingredient manufacturers to bring the best products to the market. If the ingredient doesn't have science to substantiate it, we won't use it.

We are so confident in this that we provide full label disclosure on all products. What you see is what you get, and what you get are amazing products. Through our relationships with global ingredient providers we can bring effective products and budget-friendly prices.

If you don't feel the products worked for you, simply return them, no questions asked, for a full refund!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.