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How To Separate And Cook Egg Whites: Never Done It? Watch The Video!

The truth is many people don't eat right because they can't cook. Here's the video that will show you how to separate and cook egg whites.

The truth is a great majority of people do not eat right because they cannot cook. There are some basic simple steps that will allow you to become confident in the kitchen. The basic fitness program starts with a good meal. This video will show you how to separate and cook egg whites.

It is important to be able to cook egg whites and not eat them raw. Sylvester Stallone popularized the idea of eating raw eggs in his movie "Rocky." Attempting this feat may land you a spot on "Fear Factor," but you will eventually develop deficiencies associated with eating raw eggs.

Egg whites are a very cheap and simple protein to prepare. I have lots of fitness athletes who basically live on egg whites as their primary source of protein. A dozen eggs can be very cheap, so please do not tell me that you cannot afford to eat correctly. Remember that egg whites are the best absorbing protein that you can eat; only whey protein is considered as good or better.

As you can see in the video, we start by making sure that our area is clean (including your hands) before beginning. If you happen to be lucky enough to have your own live chickens for fresh eggs, washing off the eggs with dish soap and warm water is enough to get them ready to place into a refrigerator or eat immediately.

Begin by holding the egg firmly in one hand with half of the egg inside of an edge and the other half on the outside of the edge. Begin tapping the egg lightly on the edge of a bowl. As the egg begins to crack you will hear a distinct change in the sound, which usually means that the egg has cracked.

Place the egg in your hand allowing your thumb to separate and pull apart the two halves of the shell. Be sure to tilt the egg to one side so that the yolk will fall to one side of the egg shell. If you drop a yolk into your egg white, don't panic! Take a spoon or fork and gently rescue the egg yolk from the egg white.

Now that you have two halves of the shell, place the one edge of the empty shell against the egg yolk in the other side. Begin by tilting the egg yolk in to the other side of the shell, focusing on capturing the egg yolk only. This position will allow for the egg white to drop away freely as you tilt the egg shells back and forth.

Continue this process until only the egg yolk remains in the egg shell. Discard the egg shells and the yolk and prepare the egg white for cooking.

Facts About Egg Whites

Keep egg whites in the egg shell in the refrigerator until ready to cook. Eggs are graded as AA, but after they have aged after two weeks they are graded A only. They last longer than four weeks, but the yolk will become firm and eventually lose their texture and become more like rubber.

Fresh eggs need to be refrigerated in less than two hours. Cooked egg whites will remain unspoiled if refrigerated for up to 5 days. Past that, is like driving your car on anything past "E"... OOOHHHH SCARY!

Cooking Egg Whites

The video demonstration shows how to cook egg whites in a microwave oven. You can use a stovetop method and a frying pan to cook your eggs. Use a nonstick surface for a frying pan and use a small amount of a non-fat cooking spray. Most cooking sprays that are non-fat are all 0 calorie, so don't get worried.

Always use the lowest amount of heat to thoroughly cook the eggs, without destroying the texture of them. Overcooking egg whites in a microwave or on a stovetop, will denature (destroy) the protein in the egg white and taste less appealing. Cook under a medium flame/or heat setting and cover the eggs for one minute to speed up the cooking process.

Microwave Quiche

You can add all kinds of things to your microwave quiche. Tuna, steak, chicken, turkey, shrimp, roughy, onions, mushrooms, chives, green peppers, asparagus, or just about any vegetable will do fine in your quiche. Eat it directly or top it with some low fat cheese or sour cream.

It is always easier to make a large portion and divide up for eating later on. Use equal volumes of egg whites to vegetables for the best result. An example of this would be a half cup of vegetables added to a half cup of egg whites. Mix them together with a fork in a plastic Tupperware dish. Add some salt-free seasoning and microwave for approximately 3 minutes for every 5 eggs.

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If you want the quiche to be fluffy, simply cover the Tupperware dish loosely. This will trap the heat and allow for the eggs to expand. If you take the eggs and vegetables and place in a high-speed blender for one minute, then cook the eggs, you will achieve a soufflé suitable for presentation on Hell's Kitchen.


Remember that you experiment in the gym and try different things. Sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. Use the same philosophy when you are preparing eggs. Use common sense, but make up some recipes of your own.