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Transformed: Week 2, Day 9 - Cardio

What's been a bigger challenge for the last nine days: the workouts or the nutrition? With these meal-prep tips, you can stock up and focus on your training!

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How to make boring foods fun

It's a misconception that healthy eating has to be bland and boring. In today's athlete tip, personal trainer and ReebokONE ambassador Elspeth Dana shows you how to bring some flavor and fun to your nutrition plan. You don't have to be a chef to make your food taste good!

Hang out in the kitchen with Dana as she walks you through some easy ways to cook protein, veggies, and carbs in bulk so you're always prepared with a healthy food option.

Elspeth Dana Transformed Tip, Day 9: Making Boring Foods Fun
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Day 9: Cardio

Bicycle HIIT

8 rounds of 1:1 work/rest ratio at 85% max
Bicycling, Stationary Bicycling, Stationary


Bicycling steady-state

40 min. at 60% max
Bicycling, Stationary Bicycling, Stationary

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