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Transformed: Week 12, Day 84 - Congratulations!

Congratulations! The Transformed program is done and dusted, but you're probably already thinking about your next fitness adventure. Check out what to do next!

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Find a new plan

Tackling a 12-week transformation program is no small accomplishment, so give yourself a hearty congratulations for completing the Transformed fitness plan! (We know, we've told you to congratulate yourself a lot this week, but you absolutely deserve one more.)

While you may want to take a couple days to relax and reflect on these last three months, it's also a good time to consider what you're going to do next, especially if you haven't already. You've most likely learned a lot about yourself over the past weeks, so you may already have a good idea of your next fitness goal or target, whether it's to lose a little more fat, build muscle, gain strength, or focus on a fitness skill.

Whatever your goal, you can rest assured that we have your guide! Our Find a Plan section is full of comprehensive fitness plans—each with workouts, nutrition guidance, supplement advice, and more, just like Transformed—for a wide variety of goals and experience levels. You can use the on-page tool to see specific recommendations, or you can browse all of the plans to manually find what you need.

Whichever plan you choose, don't rest on your laurels for too long. After all, fitness is a lifestyle, and short-term programs like this one are intended to help you progress toward new goals over time. There is no true "before" or "after," only better and better. Use the habits you've learned over the last 12 weeks to build a lifetime of success. You'll be happier, healthier, and more confident with every step you take.

Congratulations again, and here's to the next stage of your transformation journey!

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