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Transformed: Week 12, Day 83 - Bonus Workout

Grab your cameras get in your best pose. It's time to share your final photos!

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Share your results!

For today's Share Saturday, we want your "after" photos! Show off the amazing progress you've made over the last 12 weeks. If this is your first time doing one, get in the right mindset first. There's no need to compare yourself with others or be worried about what else you "could have done." Today, your job is to be nothing but proud of how much you've accomplished. Because no matter how much more you want or what you plan to do next, you've already done a ton.

Use #Transformed and show the world how you said "goodbye" to the old you and "hello" to a new future in a new body!

Geremy Satcher Transformed Tip, Day 83: Share Your Results!
Watch the video - 1:48

Day 83: Bonus Workout/Cardio

Circuit: AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 7 minutes
Inverted row Inverted row


10 reps
Burpee Burpee

Bodyweight reverse lunge

10 reps per leg (use weight for added difficulty)
Bodyweight reverse lunge Bodyweight reverse lunge

Circuit: 5 rounds for time
Ball leg curl Ball leg curl


1 min.
Plank Plank

Box jump

15 reps (use a step or bench if necessary)
Box jump Box jump



HIIT 1:1 12 rounds at 85% max or steady state 45 min. at 60% max
Treadmill Treadmill

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