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Transformed: Week 10, Day 69 - Bonus Workout

It's Saturday Share Day! Today, we want to know all about your favorite recipe. Geremy Satcher will tell you his first.

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Healthy recipes

Over the course of a career in fitness, every expert develops a stash of favorite recipes to rely on. Geremy Satcher is no exception. This is his unique take on the same old chicken dish, and one that would go perfectly with the slow-cooker chicken you learned how to prepare from Chef Patrick Stark on Day 42. Get the details in the video below!

Geremy Satcher Transformed Tip, Day 69: What Is Your Favorite Healthy Recipe?
Watch the video - 1:19

Have you learned an awesome recipe during this transformation? Let us know what it is in the comments section below or by using the hashtag #Transformed on social media.

Day 69: Bonus Workout/Cardio

Circuit: 5 rounds for time
Exercise-ball leg curl Exercise-ball leg curl


1 min.
Plank Plank

Box jump

15 reps
Box jump Box jump



HIIT 1:1 10 rounds at 85% max or steady state 45 min. at 60% max
Treadmill Treadmill

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