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Transformed: Week 8, Day 56 - Rest Workout

Any chef worth his or her knife knows there are many ways to use every ingredient. This includes supplements! Try Chef Patrick Stark's recipe for a pre-workout salad dressing and sorbet.

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Pre-workout vinaigrette!

Tell us if you've experienced this before: You eat lunch, and then about a half an hour or so later, you get an urgent message from both your brain and body reading one word: naptime.

Nobody with a busy task-packed day can afford to listen to this message. Enter Chef Patrick Stark and his ingenious pre-workout salad dressing and pre-workout sorbet. Both are guaranteed cures to your midday misery!

Dymatize Kitchen Hack: Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Transformed Training Program
Watch the video - 1:54

Pre-workout Vinaigrette


Extra-virgin coconut oil 2 tbsp

Pre-workout 1 scoop

Salt 1 pinch

Black pepper 1 pinch

Lemon juice 1 squeeze

Honey to taste (optional)

  1. Heat coconut oil in microwave for 30 seconds or until melted.
  2. Whisk in the remaining ingredients. If you need extra sweetness beyond what the pre-workout provides, add a little extra honey.
  3. Pour over salad and enjoy!

Dymatize Kitchen Hack Pre-Workout Sorbet Recipe
Watch the video - 2:19


Pre-workout 1 scoop (or as desired)

Orange juice 1/2 cup

Peaches in syrup, frozen1 can

Ice as necessary for texture

  1. Run the frozen can of peaches under hot water for a few seconds so it will slide out easily.
  2. Dump protein, pre-workout, and orange juice into blender.
  3. Dump in peaches and blend until it attains a firm sorbet consistency.
  4. Don't overblend, or it will heat up and melt!
  5. Add ice as necessary and reblend to attain desired texture.
  6. Add a little fresh basil to serving bowl if desired.
  7. Consume right away, and freeze the remainder to eat throughout the week.

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