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Transformed: Week 5, Day 34 - Bonus Workout

Weekends are a time to relax, but not to slack. Use these tips to stay on track as the training week winds down!

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Weekend motivation

The structure of the work week often helps with meal prep. You train before or after you hit the office or tackle your daily obligations, and eat the food you (hopefully) prepped last weekend. The upcoming weekend, though, often comes with a sense of uncertainty. A lack of inherent structure makes weekends the easiest time to get off track.

A time to catch up on rest is great, but can make the weekends a tough time to stay on track. Figure out how you can use your days to recharge and stay on course with Charlotte Oldbury's help!

Charlotte Oldbury Transformed Tip, Day 34: Weekends
Watch the video - 5:00

Day 34: Bonus Workout (optional)

Pick one or two Bonus Workouts for an extra challenge. Each circuit should be completed for a total of 6 rounds, taking 1 minute of rest between each round.

Day 34: Bonus workout example 3
Circuit: 6 rounds

Jump Squat

15 reps
Freehand Jump Squat Freehand Jump Squat
Plank Plank


10 reps
Pushups Pushups

Day 34: Bonus Ab Circuit 1
Ab Circuit 1: 5 rounds
Decline Crunch Decline Crunch
Hanging Leg Raise Hanging Leg Raise

Oblique cable crunch

10 reps per side
Kneeling Cable Crunch With Alternating Oblique Twists Kneeling Cable Crunch With Alternating Oblique Twists

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