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Transformed: Week 4, Day 28 - Rest

Chefs know lots of useful stuff that they keep secret from the rest of us. Well, most chefs, anyway. Patrick Stark gives away some crucial kitchen hacks here to help you better prep onions, ginger, and garlic!

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Must-have knife skills

Onions, garlic, and ginger are three of the most flavor-packed cooking ingredients in existence, which is why many people feel that no dish is complete without at least one (or two) of them. But unfortunately, these can also be some of the most difficult ingredients for non-chefs to prep.

In this week's nutrition tip, chef Patrick Stark comes to the rescue with his foolproof method to avoid crying from onions, struggling with raw ginger, and fidgeting over sticky little garlic skins. All three only take seconds to learn, and they'll result in easier cooking and better flavors starting today!

Transformed Nutrition Tip Must-Have Knife Skills
Watch the video - 4:54

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