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Dymatize Elite Ambition Challenge 2012

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April 2012 Dymatize Elite Ambition Transformation Challenge Winners Chad Jackson & Lisa Powers!


1. Lisa Powers (MissTeacher)
1. Chad Jackson (soccerdad5)

2nd Place:

2. John Wilson (johnwilson01)

3rd Place:

3. Casey Bond (bigdawgcb)

4th Place:

4. Annie English (annieenglish)

Runners Up:

Roal Ramirez (rami0015)
Dan Ramirez (Roldan31)
Susan Wilson (sawilson4)
Amber Robinson (akobus)
Heidi Kaczmarek (heidimay)
Eric Kaczmarek (ekaczmar)
Ivan Turpin (ivanthegreat)

Elite Ambition Transformation Challenge
SPONSORED BY DYMATIZE and award-winning supplement company Dymatize are teaming up to help you transform your body and win $10,000!! Now is the time to commit to a new YOU.

Your success story could help you win amazing prizes!

Grand Prize Winners Receive:

Runners Up Winners Receive:

  • Second Place (one entrant) — $2000 Cash, $400 of Dymatize Products ( retail value)
  • Third Place (one entrant) — $1000 Cash, $300 of Dymatize Products ( retail value)
  • Fourth Place — $250 of Dymatize Products ( retail value)
  • Fifth - Tenth Place — $100 of Dymatize Products ( retail value)

So how can you win? Dedicate yourself to our 12 week challenge, improve your physique, achieve your fitness goal and take back your self confidence once and for all. Then tell us your successful transformation story and show us how you did it!

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