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Duel: Marc Megna's 6-Week Partner-Based Fitness Plan Week 1, Day 7

Five on, two off is a classic method that allows you ample room for both hard training and serious recovery. Take full advantage today before you leap back into the fray next week!

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The Duel trainer's unique partner training techniques will help you maximize time under tension and go beyond failure on a number of big and small lifts. However, this also means your recovery capabilities will get a serious test. To get the most out of this trainer, both you and your partner need to eat right—and eat enough!

Today, your only challenge is to prep as much of your food as possible for the week to come. If your partner wants to come over and help, all the better. As many have discovered, an extra pair of hands to help prep, cook, and package foods in the kitchen can make all the difference! Then make sure to get adequate rest, because next week's challenges aren't going to be any easier than the ones you just overcame.

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