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Duel: Marc Megna's 6-Week Partner-Based Fitness Plan Week 5, Day 34

After five days of hard-hitting workouts, it's important to take today off. Rest, recover, heal, grow, and get ready for more muscle building in pairs.

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After a week of bearing the extra load of your partner and resisting the downward portion of every movement, you've earned a break. Make the most of your weekend by relaxing and fueling up for the week to come.

If you and your partner got behind on your workouts this week, this could be a day to catch up. But if you're current on the program, focus on recovery first and foremost. If you can swing it, consider a massage or some other type of bodywork.

Your most important task today and tomorrow is to recover. Do something you enjoy—or just sleep and eat—because next week you and your partner are going back into battle!

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