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Common Skin Conditions And Ways Of Dealing With Them.

Skin conditions afflict us all and are very common among athletes. I have some very interesting skin conditions to share here that you probably don't want when you go on stage. Check it out!

You can train like a mad man, diet until you are seriously ripped, but once you step on stage, if your skin has markings, it shows up like a flashing light to the judges. Some skin conditions are easily avoidable with some simple habits. Other skin conditions are very difficult to remove and may require surgery.

The Problem

If you exercise, you are likely to sweat. This forms a moist surface on your skin that bacteria, viruses and fungus love to grown in. Brought about by repeatedly sweating in the same area and complicated by wearing a sweaty sock, T-shirt, underwear or brace or pad.

Conditions such as Tinea Versacolor are very destructive and very common. This fungus will eat the pigment in your skin and not even Pro Tan will cover that up, I have spoken directly to Jan Tana about that.

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Jan Tana, Tanning & Skin Care Consultant.

Most skin conditions are complicated by the lifestyle of the figure athlete. Training several times a day produces several episodes of sweating and if you don't shower, you will likely develop a fungal infection. If you do keep up with the shower, the washing usually dries out your skin and weakens the outer-layers and allows infection to set in.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are usually the worst and require the most care to remove them. Here are some easy steps from the National Skin Center, to prevent those conditions from setting up shop in your skin.

  1. Fungus grows when the skin is warm and moist. The space between your toes, the skin folds in the groin and the armpits must be kept dry to prevent such fungal infection.

  2. Do not walk barefoot in areas where the floor is wet - eg. bathroom, lavatory, and swimming pool as the fungus tends to be present. Wear slippers.

  3. Avoid borrowing personal napkins, towels, combs and hair brushes as they may be infected. Make sure you use your own personal items because fungal infections are easily transmissible. Any item that comes into contact with the affected areas must be sterilized before use.

  4. Nylon socks and covered shoes make your feet sweat. Wear cotton socks to absorb the sweat, or open-toe sandals if your feet sweat profusely.

  5. If you wear knee or other supports have them washed. Most ice rinks have sanitation closets that clean pads.

  6. Expose your shoes to the sun. Sunlight and dryness kill almost everything. Deserts are very clear of bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Keep a healthy life-style with a balanced diet, exercise and have time for rest, to increase your body's resistance. You will catch fungal infection easily if you are weak.

Examples Of Common Skin Diseases:

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    Fig. 1 Pityriasis Versicolor
    A Superficial Fungus That Comes
    In Different Colored Spots, Usually White.

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    Fig. 2 Ringworm
    A Fungal Infection That Can Appear
    Anywhere On The Body Or On The Scalp.


Skin conditions can be devastating to your career. I have seen bodybuilders who are so pitted from poor skin, that they loose points and a show due to bad skin. See a professional, get some help and if the condition doesn't improve, see someone else. What good is rock hard steel if you have garbage lying over the top of it.

Herbal Medicine Tip:
Most skin conditions are simple changes in the skins pH, which is usually acidic. Using distilled apple cider vinegar packs, placed over the effected area twice a day for twenty minutes will lower the skins pH and help clear the condition.