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Personal Trainers Do Make A Difference - Why Use Them?

The idea of why a trainer may be useful for your particular fitness program may hinder on cost, scheduling times, location, or other factors. Here are some basic points that you should know. They include: Safety, Motivation, and more. Learn more!

At some point 70% of all Americans begin an exercise program. In less than 3 months 80% of those individuals will quit. More importantly, 80% of all gym memberships are never used. Interestingly, 85% of all individuals who have a personal trainer maintain their gym schedule. It may be a difficult decision for you, or it may be a very simple one to use a personal trainer.

The idea of why a trainer may be useful for your particular fitness program may hinder on cost, scheduling times, location, or other factors. Using a personal trainer can be very simple or very complicated, but there are some basic points that you should know. This will enable you to decide what trainer is best for you.

-> Safety:

    Personal trainers are individuals who have undergone certification and testing to prescribe exercise and in some cases dietary regimens. Exercising in the gym can be very intimidating.

Certified Personal Trainer. Certified Personal Trainer.
I am planning to do a certified personal training course, but I'm very much confused as there are so many organizations which are offering many courses.
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    There are hundreds of machines, thousands of buttons, and millions of ways to hurt yourself. Getting on the right exercise program will help you to improve your quality of life and in some cases, extend your life expectancy.

    Getting on the wrong exercise program is likely to result in injury. In this year very few people will die from exercise. The younger you are the less likely you are to die the older athlete; however, younger athletes are more likely to get injured.

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Getting On The Wrong Program Can Result In Injury.

    If you plan on beginning any exercise program, it is wise and recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association, to receive a cardiac stress test. This is true for any age. Most people do not take this step, due to cost, time, or other factors.

    My job is to tell you the best way and that includes a short visit with the cardiologists. Here or if you quick questions for the personal trainer regarding safety.

    • Are used certified in CPR?
    • Do you work with physicians?
    • Who do you have your personal trainer's certification from?
    • Are you insured?
    • How long heavy been a personal trainer?
    • What personal experience do you have with exercise?

    That list might not be all inclusive, but it is a car in good place to start.

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-> Motivation:

    This is the primary key for what to look for in a personal trainer. Whomever you choose as a personal trainer has to motivate you. It needs to be someone that for whatever reason makes you want to go to the gym and do your best. If this person can motivate you to change her life outside of the gym, all the better.

    Personal Training
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    You Need Someone Who Will Motivate You.

    You may choose to find someone who has accomplished what you hope to in the future. It may be someone who has worn a major competition, lost 200 pounds of body weight, recovered from a serious illness, or some other factor that aligns them with your wishes and desires.

    The best type of training partner is the type of person that encourages you to perform at a level of 110%. This person may be soft-spoken, or bark at you like a drill sergeant. Your particular personality will determine what type of individual is best for you.

What Type Of Personal Trainer Do You Prefer?

Soft Spoken.
Loud And Intense.
All Business.
Drill Sergeant.

    Motivation is closely associated with guidance and the individual who can properly motivate you, will also show you several ways for you to accomplish any particular task.

-> Organization:

    Another great quality to look for in a personal trainer relies heavily on that person's ability to run things smoothly. Great personal trainers have an ability to establish a plan and in most cases, give you insight about that plan. They will establish goals and make them obtainable for you.

Personal Training
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They Will Establish Obtainable Goals For You.

    Various rewards are offered to you in relationship to your level of achievement. A poor excuse for a trainer involved someone who is always late or obviously disheveled about what to do next.

    Good quality trainers will usually have your workout clearly imprinted on their mind or written out for you to follow. When I would work with large groups of people, such as professional teams and college teams, the level of organization was directly proportional towards the success of the hundreds of athletes under my control.

    I would clearly explain the requirements of each individual athlete prior to beginning any exercise program. Successful exercise programs are well organized. Coaches will plan out a track or football season beginning 6 months ahead of time. Personal trainers have to have short-term and long-term goals and should include your hopes and desires into the fitness equation.


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Success As A Personal Trainer.
I have been intrigued with the idea of online training for a while now, but always felt it was difficult to truly provide a guided training experience.
Jordan Vezina

-> Intensity:

    Depending on your particular fitness goals and obviously your general physical condition, your trainer will pick an exercise intensity that is appropriate for you. Any good personal trainer can read a client's response and appropriately adapt the exercise. Excessive stress, whether physical or mental, will result in substandard success and can also lead to injury.

    I have seen various individuals injured because a 30-year-old soccer mom was being trained by a world-class powerlifter. The problem was associated with the heavy lifting imposed on someone whose physique was not ready for that level of intensity.

    Another common problem is associated with someone who wants to train at an intense level, but is placed with other clients whose basic goal is to lose an inch on their waist.

-> Knowledge:

    With the vast amount of information that we are required to absorb every year, millions of people have decided to use a personal trainer to provide expert guidance to achieve there own fitness goals. I try to write 2-3 articles per week. I spend a vast amount of time reviewing articles to maintain the top level of information available to my audience/readers. I pride myself on the type of information that I write about.

    Great personal trainers read quality information and stay up-to-date on the latest scientific trends in exercise. Closely associated with the literature is the trainer's direct association with experience. The best personal trainers are the ones that live the lifestyle. They are individuals who are nationally known for their particular level of fitness.


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Good Instructors Are Born... Great Instructors Evolve!
Developing the techniques necessary to be a great instructor are learned not inherited.

    They may be a world-class cyclist, bodybuilder, fitness competitor, martial arts expert, etc. the point to be made here is that that individual has obtained a level of fitness necessary to participate in a successful role in any particular sport that they have chosen. The words are very simple, but very powerful:

    "Just Follow Me And Do What I Do."

    Take for example; if your trainer is a nationally ranked figure competitor, then if you are a soccer mom and do just half of what they do, chances are you are going to look and feel great. The individual, who is leading you, knows what it takes to be the Champion. That knowledge is very powerful and translates to another aspect of fitness called commitment.

Muscle Tear? Personal Trainers With Average Physiques - What Do You Think?
I know a lot of people use football coaches as an example to say you can know about something without looking the part, but fitness/bbing is such an involved thing I cant trust someone who doesnt take their own advice.
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Anymore, trainers come a dime a dozen and finding the one that will best suit your needs may take a little bit of time. Eventually, when you find the right person, it fits like a glove. Those individuals will be very powerful and shaping your life for the better.

Hopefully, they will have such an impact on you that they will make you quit bad habits and replace them with healthier ones. Don't be afraid to ask a few questions, look up some names and try different trainers, even if the first two didn't work out.

The best piece of advice that I can give you is related to the Nike commercial: "JUST DO IT!" Stopped feeling sorry for yourself, get off of the couch, spend some money on yourself for something useful (your life and your health) and don't be afraid.

Everybody has to start somewhere and it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from. In my world is very simple, at 6 a.m. in the morning you either walk through the doors of the gym or you don't. There are no winters or losers, there are only choosers to get up and be part of the breakfast club.