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2007 Olympia Contest Review By Dr. David Ryan!

Dr. David Ryan was at this year's long awaited 2007 Olympia weekend held in Las Vegas, Nevada! See what he has to say about the events as they unfolded! Learn more here...

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Contest Review
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To get right to it, this was supposed to be about who was going to win; Ronnie or Jay, but folks, there was a rumble and the sound was coming from Victor’s direction. I don’t mind telling you this and the blogs are out there, but this is all being written prior to the Saturday nights finals.

Oh yeah, Cutler would likely win, but the real story is Victor Martinez. The man looks like someone put him in a stall next to a race horse and didn’t let him come out until he looked better than the horse. Amazing to say the least! I think we all know that Coleman is the most amazing athlete and has raised the roof for the future Olympian athletes.

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Jay Cutler (left), Victor Martinez (middle), Ronnie Coleman (right).

Now you remember that famous picture with Arnold standing in the double bicep and Franco doing his same shot from below? Well each Olympia to me has that famous shot that defines the moment. This one will likely be the shot that might never happen: Specifically, Wolf next to Cutler. Oh my God, that man is huge.

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Dennis Wolf.

He is an amazing person in size alone. There will be an Olympian champion, but Dennis Wolf will win the people choice from the crowd and make the “Sick-Freaky-Huge-award.” Look out America, the next German to invade this country is a Wolf. My recommendation will be to add Wolf’s name to the list for the Arnold in 2008. The people have spoken and the voting final showed him at 33%. (Yes, that I wrote at 9:15 p.m. Vegas time)

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-> Ms. Fitness Olympia:

    Women’s fitness was all about Kim Klein, who looked amazing, she flipped, drove sexy back and was the hottest nurse on the planet. In the end, Adela Garcia would win again to make it a Hat trick.

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Kim Klein (left), Adela Garcia (right).

    The top six was the same this year as last year. The big story here is the Russian competitor Oksana Grishina. Folks, her routine wasn’t a fitness routine, it was a true Las Vegas act.

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Oksana Grishina.

    Please watch the replay on At this point, she is worth millions to the agents on the strip.

    The Russian ballet trained athlete is just amazing to watch and her father is a famous actor who has trimmed her skills. Don’t blink, she will be on to bigger things in the future.

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-> Ms. Figure Olympia:

    Jenny Lynn took the figure girls home and it is making her imprint on the fitness industry long and true. Monica Brant was gracious, but was edged out of the changing format of who the judges are looking for. A lot of movement in the industry is noted on the figure competitors’ level so stay tuned.

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Jenny Lynn.

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-> The Expo:

    The expo was bigger and better and is catching up to the Arnold, year by year. Mixed martial arts and some other events are starting to make a difference in the event. The isles were filling up with people and you could get a great free-bees from all the booths. A few back problems were treated from the excessive carrying that was going on from the visitors.

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-> The Press Conference:

    The press conference is still a lively time and the “ribbing” is all in fun and games. Craig Arthur is the expo manager and if you have an event that you think would like to work into Olympia you can send your ideas to Booth requests are welcome.

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