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A Review From The '07 Junior Nationals!

The competition was incredible and stacked to the hilt. In the past, a few states would send their best, then a few other states... This year they were all stacked. Here is my review of the 2007 Junior Nationals.

Well this year at the Jr. Nationals was a little different. From the time the weigh-ins started you could tell this year was going to be different. Steve Stone, who is the "guts" of the show, noticed it too. "Man, look at these guys, they all look amazing."

The competition was incredible and stacked to the hilt. In the past, a few states would send their best, then a few other states, would have those who were stacked and ready. Not this time. Looking at the weigh-in line of middleweights, the athletes looked like Greek statues waiting for placement.

And well they should, this isn't just another contest baby, this is the right of passage; the competition that changes you from hobby competitor to a PRO. So these competitors brought their 'A' game and it was obvious.

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They Brought Their 'A' Game.
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Chicago Hyatt Regency Hotel

The host Chicago Hyatt Regency hotel was completely redesigned to the tune of 80 million dollars. The redesigned buffet was great and the bar was a great place to catch up on sports scores and meet some relaxing visitors. The bar highlighted TV screens viewable from both sides.

The hotel had a special menu for those with a special diet. The hospitality room ran a little shy with only one microwave, but I spoke with the hotel's manager and hopefully that will be helped in the future. If you are a promoter and looking for direct contact with the athletes, why not spring for a microwave or two and make hundreds of athletes who use that device every two hours, very, very happy. Contact Pam Betz for some additional details.

Over 300 Competitors

Over three hundred competitors were ready to show their stuff. The stage was set and the judges were called to position by Sandy Williamson. One by one the competitors stepped out to be judged and the loads of staff members are there to make it all run smooth.

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Helping To Keep Things Running Smoothly.
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In the end some would make pro and others would be left with dry-out cramps and hopefully some additional knowledge to use in their next attempt.

Backstage the fitness competitors lined up and started flipping around and stretching preparing for their fitness routine round. The national level of competition is kicking it up a notch or two, and there was definitely some air between the athletes and the stage below.

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Some Definite Air.
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Next up was the fabulous figure women. Oddly enough, the tall class took over the "C" class for the most competitors. Many of the regular photographers had to be treated for "HOTTIE OVERLOAD," which was apparent from the amazing shape that the competitors brought this year.

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Hottie Overload.
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The Booths:

    The booths were loaded with helpful information and lots of freebies too. Some professionals were on hand and very approachable. Tracy Greenwood and Jessica Paxton were shinning in their respective booths and Dexter Jackson was making his rounds looking for something to eat (ha-ha, Love ya Dex).

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The Booths.
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One Piece Suits In Figure & Fitness:

    Bob Cicherillo was passing out his helpful insight and "million dollar ideas" to all those who would listen. Bob and I got into a deep discussion at one point which makes more sense as times goes on. We both agree that the one piece suit in the figure and fitness has ran it's course and neither Chic nor I could come up with a practical reason for it.

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The Chick Magnet, Bob Cicherillo.
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    The original competitions offered an evening gown round, but that gave way to the one piece and again, both Chic and I feel it allows too much material to hide flaws. It would be like having a T-shirt round for the men.

    The judges are there to determine who has the best genetics and best conditioning, not who can hide under what outfit. The separation of female athletes proves our point from round to round. Only the IFBB/NPC will harbor the final decision on that topic. What are your thoughts?

Do You Think The One Piece In Fitness And Figure Should Be Phased Out?

Don't Really Care Either Way.

Guest Posers:

    The guest posers where creative and one even used a long live snake in his routine. It was an amazing sight to see. Like something out of Conan the Barbarian movies.

IFBB Pro Chuck Sanow's Snake

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In the end some moved to the next level and made those who made it to the top proud to be chosen. Others would have to dig in for the rest of season to make their mark. It all comes down to who can hang in there and who shows up.