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David Ryan's Review Of The 2007 Arnold Classic!

The 2007 Arnold Classic Weekend is really the greatest thing on the planet - With nearly 16,000 athletes and 130,000 people in attendance you can imagine! Here is my review the weekend and what some of my responsibilities were.

Backstage and onstage at the Arnold this year was pretty calm - The IFBB and Jim Lorimer put on another amazing show. Governor Schwarzenegger was walking with a cane and could have tossed in the towel for the weekend, but he stuck it out and made it the special event that over 130,000 attended this year. Nearly 16,000 athletes participated in the diversity of sports that range from archery to weightlifting.

So now let's shoot from the hip, folks it is insane. There are so many events, so many famous people, so much energy, so much people watching, so many records broken, so many beautiful people, so many smiling faces, so many stories, so much of everything...

It really is the greatest thing on the planet to see. To see humble Kimberly Klein win a major show was special to me, since she is a great competitor and a dear friend.

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Kimberly Klein.
View More Pics Of Kimberly At The 2007 Arnold Here.

To stand on the stage with Briana Tindall in her first pro show. Bri was so nervous that her shaking legs almost vibrated her off the stage, but she held it together to make a great mark on her presence.

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Briana Tindall.
View More Pics Of Briana At The 2007 Arnold Here.

Hence it proves that Columbus has some amazing athletes right here. Columbus, Ohio must be doing something right, Australian fitness pro competitors like Debbie Czempinski have moved here to be closer to the best of the best and place her finger on the pulse of the industry.

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Debbie Czempinski.
View More Pics Of Debbie At The 2007 Arnold Here.

One of the funniest moments of the weekend was when I was backstage with HUGE people like Branch Warren, who was talking with me and to see his jaw just drop as the 6'6" 325 (looks more like 400) Phil Pfister stroll by in the pump up area. Think about that, Branch is a freak and he stops to awe at the superior freaky Pfister. That is what the Arnold is like, just when you think you have seen it all, you turn the corner and something else amazing happens.

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Branch Warren.
View More Pics Of Branch At The 2007 Arnold Here.

Making My Rounds:

    When you follow me on my rounds, then you can see the Olympic qualifiers for Table Tennis, that millions of Asian viewers follow every year. It is watched via video - more than any other event that weekend. They call us freaks for lifting heavy weight, but then you stop over and see the hundreds of competitive teams of cheerleaders, flying through the air and most on injuries that would have sidelined a football player months ago.

    Next we stop by ballroom dance, where hundreds of teenage athletes compete in dance sport. If you are looking to learn how to present yourself on stage and gain some stage presence then this is where you learn that. Watch the hands, the face, head turns the walks, they all command attention.

    Every bodybuilder/fitness/figure athlete should go there and watch and learn. Next, we look in on the new "Active Aging" seminar geared towards those that are interested in not aging so quickly.

    If you are a muscle geek like me then check out the Arnold Strength Summit, where strength coaches and personal trainers from around the planet talk about all the science of athletics. Down the stairs to martial arts, boxing and gymnastics to make sure that everyone is doing their best.

Strong Man:

    Now that my rounds are over, I have to step back to center stage, where the strong man competitors and the best bench pressers in the world are all warming up together. That is an interesting sight.

Dr. David Ryan: On-Site Medical Staff

Doctor David Ryan is not only a writer for, but also a regular fixture at all pro bodybuilding and powerlifting contests, including this year's Arnold Sports Festival. Trust us, Dr. Ryan is the guy you want to be there in case something goes wrong, especially if you're attempting to lift a 525-lb. stone!

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The Night Show:

    I get about a half hour to eat and change clothes and then it is off to Veterans Memorial for the night show of the Arnold Classic.

    If you are looking for the best of the best, they are all here. If you are looking for the future competitors, they seem to all sit in the back row of the audience. Several competitors have expressed their past interest as being sparked as a viewer of the competition from the last row of the upper deck. Mr. Lorimer jokes about charging more for those seats now.

Arnold Banquet:

    After the competition, I make sure that all the competitors are accounted for and feeling fine. Most are indulgent on eating something that they have been restricted from for months. Next is the annual Arnold Banquet, held in a VIP status every year.

    Most of the folks eating in the "inner circle" are promoters, committee chairman and special guest of Arnold and Jim Lorimer, with special guest the executive protection group of the California Highway Patrol. It is a tight group of people and now it has quickly become our family reunion event.

After Party:

    After a 16 hour day, you might call it quits, but that is just when the party starts. Muscle and Fitness's after party is my next stop and I am dragging my 12 year old daughter there, who is more than happy to attend. If you think the Expo is packed, I literally had to push my way through the crowd just to get to the VIP area, where there was no one and then suddenly that was packed too.

VPX "Fat 2 Fit" & Toney Freeman!

We attended the VPX Redline Charity Bash After-Party at Karma Transcended Nightlife, but didn’t think we'd see another Toney Freeman posing routine! Well, needless to say, we were wrong...

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    The evening was highlighted by a stage model presentation with some top models like Timea Majorova, who strutted their stuff like it was a runway show. The outfits were in good taste, but questionable for a younger viewer, so after the show I waited until we were riding in the car and asked my daughter what she thought.

    I explained that this was an adult nightclub and that her exposure was certainly making her more rounded in the world. My daughter quickly pointed out that seeing the girls in the lingerie was no big deal to her; she was much more distressed about seeing the Sumo wrestlers in their thongs earlier that day. "That" she said, "Was going to take some therapy to get over."

Sumo Wrestlers!

We saw some, ummm, really big dudes at the Expo! LOL - check 'em out, if you dare...

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The Pump & Run:

    As always I am honored that Mr. Lorimer places his trust in me. After 16 hours it is one of the factors that brings me back the next day after four hours of sleep. I had to cover the pump and run, which was a cold one this year.

    What is it like to be me, well, the night before the race at 1 AM; I am looking at the ice forming on the road, thinking about shifting more medical personnel to the event for likely injuries. My thoughts were shared by the race promoter Matt McGowan, who was buying salt for the finish line at 1 AM. It was all unnecessary since the sun quickly showed up the next morning and melted it all away.


Make no doubt about it, this Arnold was packed with things to do. Packed is the best word for the weekend. The expo isles are packed with people, the booths are packed with top athletes and the bags of the visitors are packed with samples.

Jim Manion expressed how smoothly this weekend ran for the competitors and that makes me feel proud. Now I just have to get ready for next year and the next set of challenges.

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Ginger Redeker & Dr. David Ryan.
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Next year it is again going to be bigger, more attended and ran even tighter than ever before. Come and see for yourself. It is the best time to meet some of the greatest friends in the world. Please buy your tickets and get your hotel reservations now. They both sell out by July of this year.