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New Get-Big Supplement For Offseason Growth: Gaspari SizeOn!

End of the season and you want to put on some serious mass. One way to do that is with proper supplementation. What I've put together here are some details on a new product with creatine and how much promise it has. Learn more.

A revolutionary product has hit the fitness market. I don't get on the soap box and write about anything unless it has enough cause for attention. As a matter of fact, the only other product that I have written about to date was Labrada's SuperCharge.

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This new product takes the creatine issue to a whole new level and there is REAL scientific research to prove it. Rich Gaspari has landed the big catch with his new product SizeOn. If you don't have some, then get some. If you take creatine or if you tried taking it and stopped because of a lack of results or too many side effects, then read on.

Gaspari Nutrition Presents:

Time To Grow, What To Do

End of the season and you want to put on some serious mass. The options of how to gain mass are simple. Lift heavy basic lifts, eat more food and then supplements......... Now it starts to get fuzzy. Extra protein is a simple decision.

Then the big question is, what about other supplements like creatine? Today you have so many choices and thanks to Gaspari Nutrition, you now have one more and this one raises THE BAR. Okay, it is so powerful that it actually says THE BAR is gone and now you have to shoot for the stars.

Problems With Old Creatine

Most of the problems associated with creatine are relative to its absorption. I have written articles about that whole subject, viewable here. The new concept from Gaspari is associated with using the one thing we all absorb - Glucose.

Creatine - It's All About Absorption! Creatine - It's All About Absorption!
The trick with any supplementation is to allow for maximum absorption, which is why the lightest moleculs will usually get absorbed the best.
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Our brains work exclusively on glucose. Our blood sugar is glucose and it is the main energy source for our bodies. When sugar enters our body, it is quickly absorbed.

Where Is Your Money Going?

    The main problem with other creatine supplements is linked to the compounds themselves. Methyl-creatine, Ethyl-creatine and others are all quickly absorbed into your bloodstream; however, when your liver sees them it just as quickly removes them as toxins and breaks them down.

Creatine: What Can It Do For You? Creatine: What Can It Do For You?
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    SIZEON has a better durability in your bloodstream. That means it will last for several hours and be ready for your cells to absorb instead of providing a small window of opportunity, like other products have done.

    Many other manufactures recommend large intakes of their product and repeated ingestions to maintain your blood levels. This type of intake results in liver overload and also the common side effects. Consider that most of your hard earned money is ending up in the toilet, in the form of non-absorbed creatine.

The New Science

Using a simple substance such as glucose mixed with your creatine, allows for you to achieve a natural absorption and results in a higher net intake and better utilization. As with most things that will effect you best physically, slow long term exposure is the best. SizeOn is a slow acting product that enables you to change over time.

Consider that you don't grow in the gym, but when you are done with that stimulation. You grow at home, watching the TV or while you sleep. This special product allows your body to retain creatine levels that allow for maximum absorption.

Now stop and think about that, how do we use this concept in medicine? To make the strongest impact on the body we provide drugs through intravenous (IV) formats. This allows for constant levels of any substance to be maintained.

Past Attempts At Creatine Manufacturing

Scientist have quickly noted that the use of creatine has been proven to be statistically related to its' absorption and hence its' success in the market place. Various formats of creatine have emerged including:

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All of these products can show quick uptake in the body, but you have to consider what is happening 1, 5, 24, & 48 hours later. The body will many times remove the larger more bulky chemicals and only those without toxic tags associated with them.

    STOP, Think About This: When your body breaks down the compound containing methyl, that's what you are left with, toxic methyl, that quickly forms a bond with some free OH group and makes methanol. Do you drink antifreeze? No it is deadly and so are some of the products that mix into this compound with creatine.

That is what makes this product so special, so unique. Creatine mixes with glucose. Your body can use that. Your cells need both.

Does your body use it? According to the Ohio Research Group, it can work anywhere from 61% to 776%.

Now That Is Impressive.
That Is Not An Ad Claim,
That Is Scientifically Manifested Proof.

Rich Gaspari

I give Mr. Gaspari a lot of credit here. You will read tons of ads that make ridiculous claims. Most are false and misleading. Rich Gaspari is just like you. He grew tired of the lies and the misleading ads and spent way too much money on supplements that didn't work or made him sick.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Rich Gaspari.

He has taken on the role of spending large amounts of money to produce supplements that work and then he test them under the highest standards of scientific protocol. Trust me folks, the majority of other supplement companies are not doing this.

An Interview With Rich Gaspari! An Interview With Rich Gaspari!
I was delighted to discover that Rich still has the same passion for bodybuilding that he did when he was just starting out at 15 years old. It was an honor to speak to one of the true legends of our sport.
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All this is great, but I had some additional questions for Mr. Gaspari - Questions that are going to be on most athletes' minds. I left them in a very simple edited format so that you could understand the new way of thinking.

[ Question #1 ] Rich, your product has carbs and calories in it. What would you say to the bodybuilder or athlete who is afraid of taking in those carbs or calories associated with your product? The low carb diet and contest prep would make most athletes step away from carb intake, how do you respond to that?

    The low carb diet craze has a lot of people utterly terrified of any carbs. To an extent, a low carb diet is a good thing if you are a few weeks out of and prepping for a show. However, if you are on a low carb diet you will find it next to impossible to gain substantial muscle mass, your muscles will look very flat, you will never experience mind boggling pumps and your strength is going to suffer.

The Importance Of The Pump. The Importance Of The Pump.
As with most profound physiological processes, the pump results from the complex interplay of a number of related functions. Find out right here what the pump is and how best to achieve it.
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    The human body was meant to run on glucose - the primary carbohydrate. Even with all this out of the way, SizeOn only has 100 calories of carbohydrates in it which is pretty trivial. This is a really small point!

    If someone is ingesting 3,000 calories per day or more this is about 3% of their daily caloric intake or in some cases, even less! Another thing, everyone knows that creatine works better, that is to say it gets into the muscles faster to do its magic, when carbohydrates are present.


    Finally, the relatively small carbohydrate content of this product is diverse - it is made up of low, medium and high glycemic carbs in a patent pending ratio! - this insures that the carbs will be used for energy over a relatively long period of time (8 hours or more) and not likely to be stored as fat.

    If someone is truly counting every carb calorie, there is always SizeOn tablets which have ZERO carbohydrates in them.

[ Question #2 ] The cost of the product is high, can you explain why it is worth it to pay more for your product than the lower cost of the cheaper (non effective) forms of creatine?

    This is a relative thing. The cost of the product only "seems" high but if you really think it over, SizeOn is the best deal on a cell volumizer in the supplement market place right now. Look, it might cost more per serving because quality ingredients cost more than cheap, commodity items.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Cost Is A Very Relative Thing.

    We had to actually convince a company to manufacture the creatine gluconate for us! While the price has come down because of the popularity of this product and how fantastically well it is selling, creatine gluconate is still the most expensive creatine in the market today.

    Additionally, some of the ingredients in this product are patented and we ethically have to purchase them from the patent holder or pay a license fee which can add to the cost. Gaspari Nutrition is proud to walk the moral high road and not "rip off" other people's protected ideas.

    Also, if you look at the recent study comparing our creatine product to plain Creatine Ethyl Ester and carbohydrate as well as Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and carbohydrate (Available at Gaspari's site here) then you will realize that on a per pound of lean body mass gained and on a per pound of strength gained on the bench press, SizeOn is actually LESS expensive than CEE or AAKG.

Bench Press Video.

    Another thing that adds to the cost is the fact that we paid to sponsor an independent clinical trial with Ohio Research Group and Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss.

Tim Ziegenfuss
Tim Ziegenfuss, Ph.D.

Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss
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    However, isn't it worth a few dollars more to know for certain what you are taking is not only the most effective cell volumizer ever designed to date but that it is also incredibly safe? What is this information "worth" to someone?

Are You Willing To Pay More For A Product That Has Gone Through An Independent Clinical Trial?

Yes, I Want To Know Exactly What I'm Taking!
No, I Can Barely Afford Supplements As It Is.

[ Question #3 ] Okay, we buy your product and want to take it, let's say we are really obsessive and want the best results that we can get. How can we optimize the use of your product? Can we kick it up a notch?

Sumperpump 250

    Absolutely! A lot of people are using Superpump 250, which is our preworkout stimulant drink about 30-60 minutes before they hit the gym and then sip on SizeOn during the workout or take a full serving afterwards. The results are truly amazing!

    I can't think of a better non-hormonal "stack" on the market now and there are plenty of very good ones out there that compete against this.

    Adding in our forthcoming Halodrol Liquigels product will also produce even more amazing results for the user.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Kicking It Up A Notch.

    You ask if we can "kick it up a notch" and I think Gaspari Nutrition has already done that just with SizeOn alone! I'll put this product against any other non-hormonal, creatine based cell volumizer on the market - head to head - and I will guarantee this product will be the clear winner each and every time in 99 out of 100 people!


Well there you have it. As you know, I don't impress very easily. I have been there and done that and worked on the top scientific research labs in the world. I am impressed with what Gaspari has brought to the supplement market place and what's more, the scientific community is looking at his transfer mechanism for use in other formats.

So one last time, if you have trouble with creatine in the past, give SizeOn a try. If you are wanting to take the best, well here it is and the research proves it. Time to get huge boys! The pressure is on and you better figure out what works and I mean fast or you are not going to make the first call out group.

What Are BodySpace Members Taking?

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  • Reason: I like the pump I get drinking this pre-workout.. Mixed with vitargo and Xtend it gets that...

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