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The Scoop On Labrada's Super Charge And The Effects Of Coffee!

I have tried several pre-workout supplements introduced to the supplement market over the years and have not been impressed. Learn why Super Charge is different and how it works.

It was a typical Wednesday evening, a day filled with paperwork and over 70 patients. My job is pretty physical with each patient requiring a short five to ten minute wrestling match. I can get 7½ hours sleep, eat my six meals, not on a low-carb diet, and I still get pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

My usual routine involves stopping at Starbucks to grab some coffee just to add some "zip" prior to my grueling leg work out.

I have tried several of the pre-workout supplements that have been introduced to the supplement market over the years. I can say that the number of supplements that have impressed me is pretty low. The fat burners and stimulants have offered below average improvement. My success with them has been no better than that experienced with just a typical double shot of espresso.

NO Or NO2? A Laughing Matter.

Super Charge

About that time, Lee Labrada mailed me a few samples of Super Charge! We started to have a discussion about NO and NO2. I shared with Lee the fact that most physicians laughed that bodybuilders were even taking NO2. Pun intended.

Nitrous oxide (NO2) [as opposed to nitric oxide, NO] is the only general anesthetic the physician can give to you and still allow you to drive home afterwards. The effects of nitrous oxide (AKA laughing gas) on the body are 100% removed within 60 seconds after the termination of breathing the gas.

Just Have A Cup Of Coffee?

I like my Starbucks so much that I have my own Starbucks machine at home. So it would take quite a bit for me to change my pre-workout protocol from Starbucks. After speaking with Lee about Super Charge, I decided to give it a try.

Now remember, I was exhausted after seeing so many patients prior to my leg workout. I took the SuperCharge, according to the directions; I needed to take it 15 minutes before my workout. I took it using warm water, since it absorbs better in your body when you do that.


Use this calculator to see cost savings between coffee & Super Charge.

My workout was incredible and I was amazed! I felt like I just had a B12 injection and 3 cups of coffee. The first time I used Super Charge it even made me feel a little "swirlly" headed. Now, my leg day normally looks like a war zone.

I bounce back and forth from one exercise to another, pounding out huge amounts of weight and a lot of reps. Guys are passing out, getting sick, and lying around exhausted and sweaty. I've always had a saying:

"Only two types of people don't show up for a leg workout,
those that are dead and those that are scared."

So I have this reputation of being a force to be reckoned with when I work out. That is why I can't show up to the gym as anything but ready to go at 110%. Now you can imagine that if I put that kind of hurt on my workout partners before, they really wanted to know about Super Charge after they had seen what it had done for me.

Which Has More Caffeine: Regular Coffee Or Espresso?
If you ask anyone who works at Starbucks, they are still taught that espresso has less caffeine than regular dripped coffee. Per ounce, the espresso has less, but the more concentrated caffeine format of the espresso is better absorbed by the body.
High Intensity Interval Training! Table of Caffeine:
Here's the caffeine content of Drip/Espresso/Brewed Coffee:
  1. Drip 115-175
  2. Espresso 100 1 serving (1.5-2oz)
  3. Brewed 80-135

I Get Free Samples

Given my status in the world of weightlifting and bodybuilding, it is not uncommon for me to receive a lot of requests for endorsements and be given lots of free samples.

So, just because Lee Labrada sent something to me, doesn't mean that I will just blow smoke and tell everybody about how great it is. My reputation has been to honestly report on scientific facts for years. That is worth more to me and to those who follow my advice, than the thousands of dollars that can be paid to an athlete to endorse a product.

After trying Super Charge, I called Lee Labrada and offered my unsolicited endorsement. Lee graciously accepted.

Let's Get Scientific

Now in keeping with my scientific nature and personal interest, let me offer you a few reasons why you should try this product. If you just drink coffee for your stimulant, you aren't getting several of the other ingredients that are in Super Charge! I'll tell you why that is so very important and then let's look at some of the problems which plague lifters and then see how this product can help.

Super Charge is loaded with special ingredients to help you recover from your workout and stimulate your body's own natural production of mass building hormones. The other thing that Super Charge can do is help your muscles remain pumped longer. Now, you hear about this, but are likely to question why this is so important.

The fact is, the longer you stay pumped, more nutrients you will transport into your muscles and the faster they will recover. Super Charge is amazing at helping rebuild neurotransmitters and that is a major key in obtaining maximal contractions and optimizing your strength and endurance.

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Toll Gates

Nerves control every function of your body. Getting a muscle to contract is the action of hundreds to thousands of nerves. Nerves have gaps or "Toll Gates" between them, and there are very specific chemicals in those gaps called "neurotransmitters."

In 1921, an Austrian scientist named Otto Loewi discovered the first neurotransmitter. He named the compound "vagusstoff," as he was experimenting with the vagus nerve of frog hearts. Now, this compound is known as acetylcholine.

These chemicals provide communication between these gaps. When you work out and utilize your nerves, it is possible to burnout your neurotransmitters just like when you burnout your muscles.

There are only so many chemical reserves available at the nerve gaps. If you do not have enough chemicals to bridge the nerve gap, then you will not obtain maximum contraction.

Several conditions, from depression to alcohol abuse, will impair and decrease the amount of chemicals available to any particular nerve gap. You must provide the maximum amount of neurotransmitters available throughout the entire nervous system for a well-conditioned maximum contraction.

Building Neurotransmitters:

    One of the most beneficial things that Super Charge can provide is the building-blocks to allow for synthesis or the manufacturing of those neurotransmitters. Consider this; If you have been working out for years, your body is trained to manufacture these chemicals at a maximum rate.

    If you change your diet, then there is a decrease in the amount of available nutrients to produce those neurotransmitters. When you lift a weight, thousands of nerves react in your brain. Each one of these reactions requires a "payment."

    If you do not have the "payment" then the reaction will not occur or not occur completely. Once the message has left the brain to contract the muscle, more "toll gates" require "payment" down through the spine and out into the body and then all the way back through the spine and into the brain.

    You can quickly see how you have to add together all those connections and the whole process can become very costly. You need to have the proper nutrients available to allow for the immediate reproduction of the neurotransmitters so "payment" can be made.

    Burned Out Junction:

      Now, if reading this has left your mind boggled, then chances are you will need some rest and some nutrients to restore all of those burned out nerve junctions.

      Also, consider that if your job is very physical and/or your job requires a great degree of mental thought and/or you are under a great deal of emotional or physical stress, then chances are you are already burning up your reserves for your neurotransmitters.

      Just drinking coffee will allow for some increases of nerve activity, but it will not allow for the regeneration and recovery for those nerves to function properly or at a much faster rate.

A Massive Supercomputer:

    Most of us consider the brain as a silent/nonmoving organ. The exact opposite is true. Millions of electrical impulses controlled by neurotransmitters are going on every millisecond. When your activity increases, it would take five supercomputers just to control the movements of one of your limbs.

    We all eat lots of protein, but are you taking in the nutrients to allow for proper nerve conduction? I have seen dramatic injuries that do not allow even the top athlete to have the smallest contraction of a muscle. This is a very sensitive pathway that requires optimum nutrition and optimum training for maximum contraction. You must do everything properly to allow for maximum athletic ability.

Post-Workout Recovery

Recently, science has begun looking at the post workout recovery with a much greater interest. The reason for this is very simple. Not many laws are associated with the world of physiology and medicine.

One that does exist is called "Wolf's Law." This law says that if you stress a particular tissue and provide proper recovery, that tissue will respond by getting stronger. When you go to the gym and exercise, several things happen. For instance, muscles get stronger and in some cases muscles get bigger.

Wolf's Law
The converse is true as well: if the loading on a bone decreases, the bone will be adapted and become weaker. Examples of this can be shown in tennis players, whose raquet-holding arm bones become much stronger than the other arm. Their bodies have strengthened the bones in their raquet-holding arm since it is routinely placed under higher than normal stresses. Also, astonauts who spend a long time in space will often return to Earth with weaker bones, since gravity hasn't been exerting a load on their bones. Their bodies have resorbed much of the mineral that was previously in their bones.

Other things occur in response to exercise; bones become more dense, ligaments and tendons thicken, nerves become more coordinated to work together, chemical production inside of muscles improves, your body's removal of waste and other toxins improves, and several other changes to resist future stresses occur.

For a Limited Time

Understand that the vasodilation or increased blood supply will be limited to the duration of your workout to provide maximal transportation of vital nutrients to various organs. Your window of opportunity is very limited with respect to absorption of proper nutrients by those hard-working organs.

Since you have such a small window in the day to benefit from a pre-workout supplement, then you have to maximize what you are taking. Your liver and your kidneys are constantly flushing most of the supplements that you take out of your system.

If you take products in excess or at a time when your body isn't using them, the liver says, "Not using this? Then get it out of the blood stream." I have a few PhD nutritional friends who laugh and say that bodybuilders have some of the most nutritionally valuable waste products in the world. You must time your nutrient consumption wisely.

Those Little Calves

If you are having trouble getting your calves to grow, then you might want to try learning to squeeze your calves as you lower the weight. Your muscles are 40% stronger in the negative part of the movement and squeezing the muscles during the descent is a great way to stimulate more fibers.

Another large problem is the legs and calves have about 50% less nerves going to them and about 50% less of your brain to control them. See the figure 1 below.

parts of the brain
Click Image To Enlarge.
Figure 1: Showing The Amount Of The Brain That Is Related To Various Parts Of The Body. Note That The Legs And Feet Get A Very Small Portion Of The Brain When Compared To The Arms And Face.

Most of the nerves are directed towards your head and arms and hands. So, you will need every advantage that you can get to help those calves along, including using Super Charge!

Now, to do this, really takes concentration and understanding. You will need your brain to work on maximum to obtain maximal contraction. Begin without weight doing 50-100 reps and really trying to squeeze on the eccentric/negative part of the motion. Then begin adding weight, slowly. Try doing about 20-30 reps and maintaining that negative squeeze. Use several different exercises.

Really work on squeezing the calves the deeper your heels go. Coil up like a spring as you lower the weight. Add more and more exercises: one, then two, then three different exercises and do about 20-30 reps each. Keep your rest to a minimum between sets and work hard to keep yourself moving between Giant sets, somewhere less than thirty seconds.

You will notice that several sets will result in an amazing calve pump. Now, I chose this body part because of how hard it is to train for most of us and how quickly you can see the results from proper training and also from using Super Charge.

Keeping The Pump

To maintain your pump after you exercise try these age old tips:

  • Keep your post cardio to a minimum. Doing too much cardio will remove the blood from your muscles and put it into the legs and your heart and lungs.

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  • Some older lifters have suggested that you take a hot shower after you lift and then work the water to a cool temperature. Personally, that only worked if it was really hot outside that day.

  • Immediately after your workout, eat a very high carb meal, with some protein added. Low blood sugar will force your body to move blood around and out of your muscles.

  • If you live in a cold environment, keep covered and try to stay warm. The largest organ in your body -the skin- will steal your blood and make you loose your pump.

  • Use vasodilators. Caution, don't forget that NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) will force you to hold water.

  • Avoid too much sodium. Keep your sodium down to a minimum with all your foods. Sodium will make you hold water in your blood stream, which means it is leaving your muscles and heading for your kidneys.

  • If you have trouble getting a pump, also mix in the use of RECHARGE.

  • Make sure you are eating 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight.


  • Drink lots of water, this keeps your blood clean and fresh.

  • Use Supercharge

Final Words

I was just so excited about this product that I wanted to write about it. I hope you will take my advice and take the Super Charge challenge. I know you will see a change in your energy, endurance, pump and recovery.