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David Ryan's Review Of The 2006 Arnold Classic Weekend.

With over 100,000 people in attendance this year's Arnold Expo did not disappoint expectations. Find out what went on at the expo if you were not able to attend. Check it out!

The Arnold Fitness Weekend has once again rocked the city of Columbus. Matched with the Friday Night Fights, Jim Lorimer has once again done the impossible - make this year more amazing than the last.

Family Reunion

Over a hundred thousand people attended the weekend and for most of us that have been doing this for years, it is like a family reunion. One of the announcers of center stage is Fairfax Hackley, who has been with Mr. Lorimer since 1970. He was there when the Russian (VASILY ALEXEEV) lifted 500 lbs over his head for the first time in history.

The entire crew of volunteers usually only sees each other once a year. It is great for our friendships that have formed from this amazing bonding experience.

Some people wonder why we volunteer in the first place. It gets to be a hassle and takes more and more time every year, but it is labor of love. You can feel it as soon as you step in the door.

We take a lot of pride in what is done here and the whole group supports and pretty much knows each other. New comers like, David Sandler,, who produces the Arnold Strength Summit (covering the science of sports for continuing education or just those who are sick of not knowing) eventually become part of the family.

Many Different Events

Fitness Fashion Show:

    If you go see the Fitness Fashion Show, you just might recognize the chairperson, Mrs. Fitness Olympia, Jenny Hendershott. She started it all right here in Columbus with Mr. Lorimer's group as a volunteer.

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    Jenny Hendershott.

    Before you think that this gave her some kind of unfair advantage over the fitness girls, why don't you train behind her as she "Bear Crawls" around a college track, just to keep herself in top shape.

An Interview With IFBB Pro Jen Hendershott! An Interview With IFBB Pro Jen Hendershott!
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    The entire event is an adrenaline rush for the spectator and athletes. Imagine for example, being an archery athlete, you likely have twenty people who follow your sport, then poof, you are on the big screen and now you have thousands watching you. It is a rush.

Table Tennis:

    We get so locked into the bodybuilding, that many people don't realize that the other events exist.

    Editor's Note:
    I have visited the Arnold Classic for the last 4 years and Dave showed me events that I did not know even existed. From ball room dancing to table tennis, the Arnold Expo is not just for bodybuilders anymore!

    For example, if you go upstairs you will see the second highest participation sport in the world - Table Tennis. That's right, literally millions play this sport and it is all about the weekend of doing what you like to do to stay fit. Second only to soccer, most people are amazed that it has international television coverage and a huge sponsorship.

    Table Tennis

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    Outside you can see the pump-n-run, which is devoted to the runners and fitness runners. Bench Press your bodyweight for thirty reps, run a 5K in under 19 minutes and you'll place top five.

People, Pros & Freaks:

    Most people visit for the expo, seeing the people, the freaks, and the pro athletes is a lot of fun. It isn't uncommon to walk into someone and find out that it's "Eddie George, NFL running back."

Jan Tana:

    Walk up and talk to Jan Tana, who will tell you how to get your best color on stage; folks, I work for the woman, it's free advice, she tells Monica, Jenny, Ronnie, Jay Cutler and all the others what to do, so you want to listen.

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    Jan Tana, Tanning & Skin Care Consultant.

Professional Advice:

    Lee Labrada is right there to tell you what you are doing wrong with your diet and if you want to check out the girls and/or guys, then this is the place.

    Of course, I prefer to visit with the real athletes, not "skinny fat" models, who think creatine is some kind of soap. You can meet and talk to Frank Zane, Ed Corney, Lou and all the new professional bodybuilders too. It will take you about a day to just get through the thousand booths spaces, and then you'll have to come back the next day and watch all the other events.

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    Lou Ferrigno.

    Lou Ferrigno Booth

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Plan Ahead Accordingly:

    Please visit and see the events and plan your days accordingly. Just getting here and winging it, you'll miss way too much.

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    Don't Try To Wing It.

    For all of your contest coverage including reviews, results, videos, thousands of pictures from all of the events, radio shows and much more, visit

    When I work gymnastics for example, I am on the edge of the expo and it is funny to see people who get lost and wander in and don't leave for hours. I mean there are Olympic athletes in that event.

Time Is Already Running Out!

So the next time you plan to come to the Arnold, visit the web page first. By the time you get here, it will be too late. Tickets for the contests usually sell out by July and the hotels pack up by August.

One of the docs, who work with our team, walked over and booked ten rooms for next year. That is ten less, you have to call and get yours now. Don't put it off; you will be sorry that you did. This is the World's largest sporting event in the sheer numbers of athletes, that totals over 16,000 (The Olympics has 10,000).

Come and see what Jim Lorimer does next, this now elderly man has done so many amazing things and done such a great job of promoting them all that it boggles the mind. To most of us, he is truly the icon that we all admire and respect.

    Dr. Ryan would like to extend a personal thank you to all the doctors and other medical staff that helped volunteer and make the weekend safe. Specifically, Dr's Brian Griffin, Joe Donovan and Brian Heistand who give of their time so that others can be safe. Their relentless work is so appreciated and their professionalism and dedication are second to none.