Bodybuilding DVDs/Videos: Why Buy Them? What Are The Most Popular Ones?

Success in bodybuilding comes as a result of good planning, correct training, and dietary practices. Some useful and entertaining information comes from DVD's and VHS. Read on to learn what those are and reasons for buying them.

Success in bodybuilding comes as a result of good planning, correct training, and dietary practices. These aspects of bodybuilding can only come to fruition if one has a sufficient knowledge base to work from.

Knowledge can be gained from a variety of sources, including word of mouth, seminars, books, magazines and the internet. One knowledge source that informs as it entertains is the DVD/video. Bodybuilding DVDs/videos educate, inspire and motivate, while providing an entertaining experience.

Many DVDs/videos are available and include subjects as diverse as posing, training, professional bodybuilders training, and contests.

While seminars and personal training sessions inform, they can only provide information at one particular time, whereas DVDs/videos allow one to get up close and personal with bodybuilding experts and re-visit these educational sessions whenever and wherever possible.

The latest technology provides the consumer with a training experience as close as possible to the real thing - on Ronnie Coleman's Cost of Redemption, for example, the intensity can almost be felt as Ronnie trains in a hardcore environment.

This type of training DVD serves to motivate and inspire, while others discuss the finer points of dieting, training and posing for educational purposes primarily.

Contest DVDs/Videos

To view the best professionals in their greatest possible shape, purchase a contest video and prepare to be inspired. The two biggest professional contests, The Mr Olympia and Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, are sold on DVD/video in many health shops and bodybuilding stores (both online and otherwise).

These DVDs/videos typically contain backstage footage and interviews with the pros, as well as the prejudging and main show proceedings.

Contest DVDs/videos show the results training and dietary practices can have, if done in the correct manner, thus serving to both inspire and motivate. Of course the pros take drugs to help them achieve their conditioning, but their training and diet strategies are often impeccable.

Contest DVDs/Videos Provide

  • A look at the type of condition top bodybuilding professionals obtain.

  • Results, and the ability for you to decide who should have placed where and why.

  • Entertainment, as the top champions battle it out on the professional stage.

  • Mini-interviews of the pros as they prepare to make their contest appearance.

Training DVDs/Videos

These DVDs/videos obviously provide information on training for bodybuilding purposes. The biggest advantage they have is their ability to educate in a step-by-step manner with the best professional instruction.

All individual body-parts of broken down into separate training sessions and aspects of diet are often touched on as well. Many of these DVDs/videos feature information on motivation techniques as a bonus.

Examples Of These DVDs/Videos Include:

Training DVDs/Videos May Provide Information On

Professional Bodybuilder DVDs/Videos

These would be the most popular of the DVDs/videos featured in this article. They show how the professional bodybuilding athletes so many aspire to emulate, train and diet to achieve their bodybuilding goals.

The biggest and best professionals training with immense poundage's, and going about their daily life, serve to inspire and motivate. Many have become cult classics. Some of the more popular ones include, in no particular order:

A recent review of the message boards provided a good indication of the best of these DVDs/videos. The most popular pro bodybuilding DVDs/videos are ranked in order of preference based on the information the message boards has provided.

  1. Ronnie Coleman: The Unbelievable.

      Available only on video, this feature was taped five-and-a-half weeks prior to the 2000 Olympia, which Ronnie won.

      It covers four different training sessions and provides footage of Ronnie in incredible shape.

  2. Marcus Ruhl: Made In Germany.

      Feature the massive German bodybuilder training all body-parts in spectacular off-season shape.

      The black and white footage seems to highlight the hardcore edge this video possesses. Many fans consider this the best DVD/video of all time.

  3. Dorian Yates: Blood and Guts.

      This DVD shows seven-time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates training with mind-boggling poundage's.

      Dorians off-season mass in this feature has impressed bodybuilding fans the world over. This video has been around for a while, but still ranks as one of the best.

  4. Lee Priest: Another Blond Myth.

      Thought to be both humorous and educational as Lee train with mind-blowing intensity. His personality comes through very strongly.

  5. Ronnie Coleman: The Cost Of Redemption.

      Watch Ronnie as he trains for the 2003 Olympia at arguably his most massive best.

      Over three hours of spectacular footage, including fours days of a whole body routine and featuring 2250 lb leg presses, 160 lb shoulder presses and 800 lb squats.

  6. Jay Cutler: New, Improved and Beyond.

      Considered by many to be Jays best DVD yet.

  7. Jay Cutler: Ripped to Shreds.

      In this DVD Jay demonstrates pre-contest definition and mass as he trains for his third consecutive Arnold Classic win in 2004.

      Over three-and-a-half hours of training, dieting and commentary from Jay.

Pro Bodybuilder DVDs/Videos Provide Information On

  • Training (weights and aerobics), motivation and diet strategies. Get a unique insight into the bodybuilding strategies adopted by those who make it their job to build their bodies to perfection.

    Learn the secrets the pros use to reach their goals and witness excellent exercise techniques.

  • The pros lives outside the gym: live the life of a pro, as you follow the athletes as they go about their daily life.

  • The pros personalities: get an insight into the mind of the pro, how they view life and what their goals are.

  • Contest strategies: Find out exactly how the pros prepare for the biggest contests of their lives.

Posing DVDs/videos

Posing is an art form that bodybuilders need to perfect, to display their physique in its best possible light. Some bodybuilders are naturally gifted when it comes to perfecting their poses and choreographing routines. However, most are not, and the uncoordinated, unrefined routine, can make or break a competitors chances of winning.

Performing a pose incorrectly can cost a competitor in terms of points if they cannot correctly display, to the judges, muscle groups in their entirety.

Posing DVDs/videos provide qualified instruction on the finer points, in addition the basics, of posing and choreography. Examples of posing DVDs/videos include:

  • Perfect Individual Routine.
    Learn how to present the perfect package onstage.

  • Perfect Posing.

Posing DVDs/Videos Provide Information On

  • The specifics of posing.

  • Choreography (designing routines).

  • Compulsory poses.

  • Optional poses, which will enhance ones posing routine.

Pumping Iron

Special mention needs to be made of Pumping Iron, the cult classic that revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding by helping to change attitudes to its practices, in addition to profiling some of the biggest names of that time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the greatest of all time, featured throughout he film, as did Lou Ferrigno, who would later become televisions The Incredible Hulk.

As a documentary that features contest footage, commentary about the bodybuilding lifestyle and insights into many of bodybuilding's big name athletes of the 70s, Pumping Iron is unparalleled.

It is excellent for educational purposes, as it provides a good historical perspective on the culture of bodybuilding up to the mid-seventies.

Also, it is very inspirational, in that it is filmed during the build-up to Arnolds 7th Olympia win, and features some of the competitors from this competition training very intensely - Arnold and Ed Corney's leg-training session alone is worth the purchase price.

Any bodybuilding fan would enjoy this film.


To become proficient at anything, one needs to first become educated. Bodybuilding is one sport that requires a multitude of different skills and abilities. Training, posing, dieting and mental preparation all require a sound knowledge base.

DVDs and videos can provide information, inspiration and motivation in an entertaining format.