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An Interview With IFBB Pro Dean Madzarovich: Slovenia's Mass Monster.

Dean is sought after as a seminar speaker and guest poser, and has had his physique compared to that of Jay Cutler's. Dean Madzarovich is truly one to watch out for.

IFBB pro Dean Madzarovich is unbeaten as a bodybuilder, and it is not hard to see why. Dean has built a tremendous amount of muscle on his 5'7 frame, thanks to 15-years of intense training coupled with a disciplined attitude toward diet - his 230lbs of lean mass could indeed take on the worlds best. However, Dean is quite content improving the quality of his physique, while he looks for the sponsor which would allow him to compete on the professional scene.

Key highlights in Deans career include wins at the 1994 IFBB Grand Prix Belgium, at the ripe old age of 22, and the 1995 Mr. Universe, at 23. Despite his great achievements, dean has experienced several setbacks. In 1998 he seriously injured his biceps, and came close to losing his life as a result. Two-months-later Dean was again injured, this time in car crash.

These unfortunate events did not dissuade Dean when it came to training and he steadily worked his way back to the shape he is renowned for. Dean is sought after as a seminar speaker and guest poser (he has posed with Milos Sarcev and Jean Pierre-Fux), and has had his physique compared to that of Jay Cutlers. Dean Madzarovich is truly one to watch out for.

The Interview

[ Q ] What is your age, height and weight?

    Hi David. I am 32, my height is 5'7 and I am about 230 pounds.

[ Q ] How did you become interested in bodybuilding Dean?

    I first trained in athletics. I was a sprinter in the 100 meters, and later my father and my older brother convinced me to start bodybuilding.

[ Q ] What are your competitive plans? What is your long-term bodybuilding goal?

    My competitive plans, hmmm. Even I don't know. Until now I am unbeaten in my career. I always win, so I don't know the feeling of being second or third. I live in Slovenia, near Italy, and is difficult to get a sponsor and because of that I couldn't compete with the best pros on the scene.

    In 1997 I spent some time in Los Angeles and they compared me with Jay Cutler and Craig Titus. They told me that I am an ideal combination of both of them...

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[ Q ] What are your non-bodybuilding goals?

    My non bodybuilding goal is to be a good father and good husband.

[ Q ] How long have you been training? Have you made gradual improvements, or were very muscular right from the start?

    I started to train when I was 15, so its now about 15 years. when I started to train I was very slim, but I have a great genetics so I gained muscles very fast.

[ Q ] Where do you live, and at what gym do you train? What is the bodybuilding scene like there?

    I live in Slovenia, Koper. Its a touristic city near Adriatic sea and its very beautiful to live here. Last year I opened my gym, so I train in my gym ( The bodybuilding scene here is very sad. There are only about seven good bodybuilders.

[ Q ] Do you have a training partner? How has this helped you success?

    I always trained alone because I like to train alone.

[ Q ] What is your current occupation?

    I work as a personal trainer in my gym.

[ Q ] Describe your current training schedule. How does it differ from pre-contest to off-season?

    Right now I train 5 times a week, every muscle group once a week. My training schedule is always the same both pre-contest and off-season. I just put some cardio three times a week on the bicycle for 30-minutes.

[ Q ] Describe your current diet. How does this change from pre-contest to off-season?

    I am on a diet all year because I don't like to look fat with a big stomach like some bodybuilders do. I am always on eggs, meat, protein shake, and rice.....

[ Q ] What are your main strengths and weaknesses?

    I think I am very strong on chest, shoulders and arms but my weakness is my back.

[ Q ] In the photos I have seen of you, your conditioning is superb. Exactly how do you attain this? What is your view on aerobic training? Is this one of the keys for you?

    I am always on good shape because I am always on a diet, and even in off season I am on my regular cardio training.

[ Q ] What are your views on supplementation? Which supplements do you use, if any?

    I take vitamins, amino acids, proteins and that's all.

[ Q ] Do you have any other hobbies and interests Dean? What are they?

    My other hobbies are travelling. I also like watches and sports cars.

[ Q ] Outline your competition history. What do you feel has been greatest competitive achievement? Any disappointments?

    My greatest competitive achievement was winning IFBB amateur Grand Prix in Belgium at only 22 years of age, and then wining my Mr.Universe title in Paris, France at only 23. I don't have any disappointments because I am unbeaten until now.

    Deans Competition History:

    • 2001 Mr. Universe - 1st
    • 2001 IPFA Mr. World - 1st
    • 1999 WABBA World Championship - 1st
    • 1995 Mr. Universe - 1st
    • 1994 IFBB Grand Prix Belgium - 1st
    • 1994 Mr. Slovenia - 1st
    • 1992 Mr. Slovenia - 1st
    • 1991 Mr. Slovenia - 1st

[ Q ] What are your views on the future of professional bodybuilding? Are there any problems which need addressing?

    I don't like the way the professional bodybuilding is going. There are to much drugs and there is no way some guys are coming 300-pounds shredded naturally, c'mon. And there are to many guys getting ill. I liked the bodybuilding scene in 1970, 1980, up until 1990, and then, damn, what they do with bodybuilding. I get angry.

[ Q ] If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring bodybuilder, what would it be?

    To be honest, with today's situation in bodybuilding its really difficult to get a good advice to a new inspiring bodybuilders.

[ Q ] Thank you very much for your time Dean. Is there anything you would like to add?

    Thank you for that interview. I can be contacted at I would also like to know some figure or fitness female competitors. Best wishes. Dean.

    Dean is available as a personal trainer. He can be contacted on: 00386 51 351 070.