An Interview With Nasser El Sonbaty: Bodybuilding's Persona Non Grata - (Part IV)

You never really know what Nasser will come out with, but it is safe to say it will radically depart from what the public have come to expect from most bodybuilding interview subjects: he tells everything, political correctness be dammed.

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When one interviews professional bodybuilder Nasser El Sonbaty they learn to expect the unexpected. You never really know what Nasser will come out with, but it is safe to say it will radically depart from what the public have come to expect from most bodybuilding interview subjects: he tells everything, political correctness be dammed. As an interviewer you must set aside all pre-conceived notions of what the foundations upon which professional bodybuilding are built and let Nasser tell it how he has observed it.

With my prepared questions ready for this most recent interview with bodybuilding's persona non grata, I got to work probing Nasser on his early bodybuilding experiences. What he gave me went off in an entirely different direction to what I was expecting. We followed this direction.

My initial intention for part four of this Nasser interview series was to get the inside word on the dynamic that exists within bodybuilding at the highest level. When you get, all in the once place, a large number of athletes who have endured 12 weeks of starvation diets, who are focused on winning and who possess the kind of aggressive mindsets needed to dominate in a testosterone charged, egocentric sport such as bodybuilding, just how do these guys interact? My line of questioning began with this thought in mind. Nasser not only sought to the answer my question but also proceeded to give me a blow-by-blow account of various personal pro bodybuilding friendships he has had. To say he was detailed is an understatement.

From the outset Nasser was seemingly on a blitzkrieg mission of destruction, with several high profile subjects' in his sights as he commenced a personal shock and awe campaign on a scale unprecedented in the history of bodybuilding. Like all organized activities bodybuilding has its share of rivalries and face-offs between its various adherents. Nasser has had his fair share of each.

For many years Nasser has experienced and lived with what he considers to be injustice of the highest magnitude, lies and deceit that have, in his words, forced him to finally speak out. He has carried the various negative experiences he has had with him and bided his time. When I began questioning him on relatively innocuous issues he made it clear he was out to speak his version of another kind of truth and nothing would stop him from doing so. Being a believer in democracy and impartial in my judgments I gave Nasser the floor. What follows is the result, in Nasser's own words.

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Nasser Giving A Recent Seminar In Montreal.

As we have come to expect from Nasser, the man holds nothing back as he provides his personal insights and opinions on aspects of pro bodybuilding enquiring minds would like to know more about. Those reading this interview must acknowledge the fact that there are always many sides to every story and what Nasser says in the following interview is his side exclusively.

It is neither the job of nor I to question the veracity and verisimilitude of Nasser's opinions, which he strongly believes to be the truth. My advice? Make you own mind up regarding his views. Let us now listen to "Professor" Nasser as he, in his own words, dissects and studies the personality traits and physical appearances of various selected bodybuilding notables he has observed over the years. His conclusions follow.


After interviewing Nasser, he requested that each "topic" he spoke on be placed into a specific order with separate sections. The sections follow:

One: The Milos Files

[ Q ] Hi Nasser. You mentioned in our last interview that it is often hard to make friendships at the pro bodybuilding level. Could you please elaborate on this statement? By your estimation what kind of social dynamic exists within professional bodybuilding?

I have had several friendships at the professional bodybuilding level. Let me tell you all about one of the first of these friendships that started good but did not end up as good. I have to admit that I recently laughed at first about what Milos Sarcev said about me on the message boards.

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Milos Sarcev & Nasser.

He is just a person you cannot take seriously because of his current life status and all the situations I have witnessed him in. I am not necessarily giving a response to his quacking like a duck most recently on the Getbig board, but I do see what I am about to tell you as more of an analysis, a description and specification of Milos's aka "DCM's" (Delusional Clown Milos's) personality.

I have known Milos since approximately the year 1985. We used to compete back then in the so-called "Former Yugoslavia" which is a country that does not exist anymore. It split into several smaller states. Anyways, the first time I met him, he approached me after the prejudging of a bodybuilding show there and asked me (without even introducing himself to me at all), "I have heard that you live in Germany, so are you taking "plenastril?" (Which was at that time the German version of Anadrol 50)

I felt kind of uncomfortable starting a conversation beginning with a drug question. And even before I could say something, he said, "You need not respond because I know you do."

I had a bad impression of him from the start. Another guy there who was also a competitor told me "Milos always likes to talk about drugs." And that "he was known for that in his village."

I think that I came in third in the heavyweight division in this national show. DCM was in the light heavyweight class, but I do not recall where he placed. I know only that he did not win. I continued competing in Germany where I was born but could not compete in the Nationals there because I was not a German citizen, despite the fact that I was born there (there is a different law compared to the US).

I frequently returned back to "Yugoslavia" for competition reasons and to visit relatives on my mother's side. Finally in 1988 and 1989 I won the Yugoslav Championships. A year later (in 1990) I gained my pro card and did my pro debut in Helsinki, Finland where I competed with guys like Ron Love, who I beat there in my very first pro show. Also competing there with me was Gary Strydom, Nimrod King, Danny Padilla, Samir Bannout and Vince Comerford. I came in 8th place at my pro debut.

Milos somehow had "transferred" during this time frame from Yugoslavia to the US where he started to live without valid papers, just on a visitor's visa. He basically left socialistic Yugoslavia where people had two hours of electricity per day, milk powder instead of real milk and days where cars with regular licence plate numbers could drive on the street and the next day cars with irregular numbers were allowed to use these same streets.

Meat was very rare to obtain and if it could be bought the price was horrendous. There was a complete breakdown of the economic situation there for almost a decade before finally, in 1990, on top of this dark situation, a civil war broke out. The human disaster was complete. A couple of hundred thousand people got killed because of their ethnicity, even by their own former neighbors.

As I said, meanwhile Milos had managed to escape from there with a half full suitcase, as I recall him telling me, and had arrived in the US. He sneaked into the California territory. He needed to eat like everyone else. And he needed to find a job. And he needed to stay here because he did not want to go back because he also wanted to pursue his bodybuilding dream.

After collecting food from here and there, going from staying one night here and the other there, he finally started working without a trainers licence as a personal trainer. Then he became very practical and talked a female gym member here in San Diego, California, into marrying him.

This really happened - by the way. I actually met the brother of the girl who had originally married Milos. The guy was a pilot who was off duty and was sitting, by accident, next to me. He started talking about bodybuilding, elaborating about big guys with big arms, about his former brother-in-law with the name Milos.

I was almost falling asleep but suddenly I was awake. This guy confirmed the whole story to me but he gave the impression that he was still angry that his sister was so dumb that Milos tricked her into marrying him. Because of this Milos got his papers to stay in the US!

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Milos Sarcev & Nasser.

Then Milos continued working out and became a member of a relatively unknown bodybuilding federation. Then he somehow won the World Title of this (to me) almost bogus sounding federation - and Wayne DeMilia the former head judge and the former chairman of the pro division then handed him a pro card.

I can say only say that "Milos is washed with all kinds of water". This is a German expression and means that he is capable of everything and anything, legal and illegal. His whole history is a proof of that. One guy named Jim Rosenthal, a former writer for Flex magazine, called him "the mind". But Rosenthal got fired by Weider for sexual harassment because he used to just show up at Figure/Fitness girls houses, invited himself in and promised them a contract from Weider if they would "do this and that" for him. But that is a separate issue.

And guys, a lot of people, including myself do call Milos not Milos but DCM. Milos's "degrees" are also of an obscure nature. At the time when Milos was studying in Former Yugoslavia you could go to University without having finished High School. Every street worker, construction guy and any plumber could go and study. The system was a socialistic system and because of that the government allowed everyone to obtain any kind of degree without any pre-qualification!

I myself began entering pro shows since 1990. In the Chicago pro show, in 1992 I did not make the top 15 - actually not even the top 20 - and I did not look good. I was big but had the cuts of a baby. After failing to place in the top 15 at the NOC, shortly before that I decided to go "off season" and continued looking this way when I entered the Chicago show.

Milos competed there as well but was actually very much talking down to me and he had to flex his quads back stage between the rounds constantly in front of me to show me how good his legs looked. But he did not want to flex his hams or his non-existent calves. This is a reflection as well of Milos's personality. As long as he feels or thinks he is above you he acts arrogant, degrading and even insulting. He continued telling people that I was just a big fat guy with zero future - and he is/was calling me a friend?

[ Q ] But the two of you were friends at one point, right?

I used to call him a friend. There are two kinds of friends: real friends and fake friends. He belongs to the last group. At the beginning of 1993 I was with my former wife visiting California and we went to San Diego, where we met, by accident, Milos and his "best friend" Sonny Schmidt at the biggest "Gold's Gym" (now called "World Gym") there. Sonny was pretty quiet as he used to be when he did not know you. But I always liked Sonny. He was a really, really good person with a big heart who would do anything for his friends.

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With (from Nasser's right to left) Bodybuilding Legend, Sonny "The Thunder From Down Under" Schmidt, Top Amatuer Bodybuilder, Parenthesis Devers (Brother Of Former US Sprinter Gail Devers), And Milos At Milos's Home.

At that time Milos asked me if I needed anything. He was referring to anabolic steroids; he basically wanted to sell me steroids during my vacation stay. It was not that DCM really wanted to help me out; he just wanted to make a profit off me. I told him that I actually had plenty enough for myself.

And after telling him that (as usual he wanted to know what exactly what I had) I was using Russian D-bol pills and he wanted to buy them from me! But I did not engage in that "enterprise."

I then finally got a Weider contract in November of 1994. Joe Weider had already told me onstage at the 1994 Mr. Olympia personally (who put the seventh place medal around my neck) that I should come to his office because he would like to talk to me. He also said that I finally fulfilled his expectations. I was really happy.

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Nasser With Rick Stevenson,
Owner of World Gym, Pacific Beach San Diego.
(note: Nasser Was Never Kicked Out Of This Gym. He Simply Moved Away From This Area And Still Trains There Off And On)

First time competing in the Olympia and ending in seventh place, not too bad. I definitely thought I would "qualify" for a contract now after not being good enough before in 1991 (and 1992) when Joe paid me, Yates, Paulson, Jari and KP Ourama to come to California in 1991.

Milos did not schedule a visit to Joe or do anything for me like that - except he did exactly the opposite. He asked me to help him out with money, which I did at the beginning of 1995 by loaning him money for his NOC contest in May 1995. It was exactly $2550.00 US Dollars he needed to buy steroids with.

His wife at that time, Ursula, had left him in January 1995 after my former wife and I had helped them with their heavy move from downtown San Diego, California, to Temecula, California. Ursula was tired of Milos. They had non-stop, stupid arguments for hours like for example if it was "the right thing to whistle on the street as a female" which Usula supposedly had been doing. Milos was enraged about that. He perceived it as vulgar and low class.

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Birgit With Milos Sarcev's Former Wife Ursula At Milos's House.

Also Ursula had gone to Florida in January 1995 to an event where she had got together supposedly with Troy Zucolotto's former training partner. Milos had a break down. We had to put him psychologically back together - he was now stuck in the desert community of Temecula, California. They had just a week before bought the house and the wife was now gone.

I do know how that feels because this happened to me in 2001 as well. So I am not putting Milos down for what happened here to him with one of his numerous wives, but what I would like to say about that is my former wife and I helped him and not the opposite, as he is claiming; this delusional, pathological liar.

Later Ursula came back for a short period of time but it did not last too long. Milos had also told me then that Ursula was flying to San Francisco, California, to visit her mother. But she had also visited her former boyfriend and she had also used Milos's incoming contract money, to buy all the furniture for her ex-boyfriend's new apartment.

At that time, on January 17, 1995, we also bought Milos a statue for his birthday - he loves statues - for over $300.00 US Dollars. Just to help him to become positive again. Milos was crying a lot and he was numbing his pain of being left alone by drowning himself with excessive alcohol consumption and cocaine. We by ourselves witnessed also how he was, via an IV, shooting up nubaine and liquid cocaine into both of his inner forearms at his house, and also at the little apartment I had at that time in San Diego, California.

My wife was really getting "upset having this drug addict around", to quote her exactly. She was also driving him on and off to the airport in San Diego whenever he went somewhere. She stopped doing that because she was afraid of getting caught in a drug raid with him in our only car at that time. We did not want to get into trouble because of him.

Later Milos accused me not being a real friend because I did not make him stop using "all these drugs". He needed professional help and not someone like me who does not know too much about the kinds of drugs he was addicted to. Once Milos was driving to Los Angeles on the freeway-5 northbound in San Diego, California - beginning his journey

There you have to get through a security checkpoint near Camp Pendleton, California. He, Sonny Schmidt and two other guys got stopped by a US border patrol officer there and an inspection of the car was made. An officer found approximately a whole pound of marijuana in one of the corners of the trunk. Milos told me that he was shaking and thought that he would be deported back to the killing fields of civil war torn Yugoslavia and Sonny would go back Down Under.

But the border agent recognized Sonny from the muscle magazines and because of that he took the "package" with him and let them continue their trip to LA as free men. How lucky all of them had been. Milos told me that the marijuana was originally his but he had sold it to Sonny because he was low on money. And he was not aware that Sonny had taken it with them on the LA trip.

I was wondering because I was always thinking that just Sonny was the pot smoker, but Milos told me that he too used Marijuana when he wanted to calm down and relax. And the cocaine was "sometimes too much" - he thought on and off he would get a heart attack. I am just quoting what he said here again. I am not familiar with these kinds of drugs.

Also Milos told me that Lynn Conkwright from Weider once caught him doing drugs backstage at a show he had attended. Supposedly Milos was also doing drugs with Aaron Baker and David Dearth as well. I am just quoting and repeating here again what Milos had told me.

      We (former wife and I) also went to Milos's apartment in San Diego a couple of times and also to his nice house in Temecula, California. Once we could not make it because Milos had told us not to drive the 45 minutes up because Ursula had picked up the furniture with a van and that he (Milos) was sitting on the floor with his mother who was visiting from Yugoslavia and sister. So Milos was saying he helped me? - He could not even help himself.

Later as his drug addiction grew he became even suicidal during his sober phases. Also he was only able to workout with liquid cocaine and after shooting nubaine in the gym bathroom. When he was still living with Ursula I could not really workout with him regularly any longer because most of the time he was using machines.

And I did not want to do that. He was just lazy in the gym. So with progressing time we stopped working out together. Also what annoyed me was that he stopped working out with me when his wife was done with her separate workout and wanted to go home. Despite the fact they had different cars, he had to leave the gym with her and to leave our workout. So, how did he help me here?

At the 1992 Olympia in Helsinki, Finland, Sonny Schmidt told me personally that Milos was doing, at this contest, drugs like "speed" as well. They (Ursula, Milos and Sonny) had been using it for many days non-stop and they barely slept. Prejudging was approaching and Ursula and Milos had one of their usual fights. The result was that the paranoia had taken possession of them and these two threw all their drugs into the hotel toilet.

Sonny was so upset because he started feeling even more tired as he had not "re-loaded on speed". He felt so sick. And Milos was so off in between he had taken a seat onto the Olympia stage. Supposedly they should have kept going with the speed they had in order to not rebound or experience the missing awakening drug effect on the day of the Olympia.

Sonny told me in Australia in 1998 that he still blamed Milos for doing drugs anytime and anywhere. But I replied that he (Sonny) had a choice and we probably cannot say that Milos was seducing him constantly. He did agree with that but still stated that Milos was a bad influence on him and that they had moved in together in San Diego, California, before even Ursula came into the picture and Sonny had to leave after many years.

Sonny said that at the beginning he lived in Los Angeles, California, when he came to the US for contests and after he got his Weider contract. Why the hell should he move to San Diego, which is over 100 miles south? "I was only there because of Milos, because Milos lived in San Diego" Sonny said. But Milos was the one who followed Sonny around like a little dog. As soon as Sonny arrived at the LAX airport, Milos was there, picked him up and drove him down to San Diego, California.

Milos was lonely, a lonely man with the head full of drugs and plenty of pain in his heart and soul. Also Milos was saying:" Hey, Sonny, we are young, we have to spend money." But Milos was mostly spending Sonny's money because Sonny was a big name in the bodybuilding world at that time. He was second behind Yates in the 1992 NOC and in the top six at the 1992 Olympia - and who was Milos? He was someone who was using Sonny's money to go party and do even more drugs.

Sonny sometimes had just $5,000.00 US Dollars in his pocket but sometimes $10,000.00 to 12,000.00 US Dollars with him from his frequent guest posing appearances. And as good-natured (or stupid?) as Sonny was, he allowed Milos to spend his money. This is not a joke. This is a fact. So, Sonny as a foreigner here in the States, with a Samoan background, was becoming co-dependent on Milos.

Milos was more articulate, more outgoing, more communicative but also manipulative. And Milos signed the lease for their apartment for the place in Down Town, which they moved into after he got hold of Sonny who had a Weider contract before Milos - and without Milos's help.

The money Sonny intended to save for opening his own gym in Australia was fast disappearing spent with the "help" of DCM.

I am wondering why "expert" Milos does not claim to be responsible for "creating" Sonny? But I guess Sonny was just good enough for Milos to take his money and for getting from Weider, through Sonny, his Weider Contract. By the way, Sonny took Milos to Joe's office and Milos acted as a friend and translator for Sonny's grunting English. That is how DCM leeched into a Weider contract.

It was perfectly fitting that Sonny did not have a (California) US driver's licence. With the driver's licence in Milos's snake hands he made Sonny even more dependant on him. Without a car Sonny could not go to the gym or just simply go grocery shopping. In Los Angeles, however, Sonny could walk to the gyms in Venice and go by foot to the grocery store. But in San Diego with progressing time he became an even bigger victim of druggie Milos.

I met Sonny in 1991 at the Night of Champions in NY City and then gained an opportunity to talk to him more often in Venice, California in late 1991; then I met Sonny 1993 in California (as I mentioned before) and I got to know Sonny much better back in Germany at the very end of 1993 at the gym of Bernd Beiderbeck, the German Grand Prix promoter. Sonny basically lived there for more than two months in a room at that gym.

Milos had forbidden him to come back to the US to the San Diego, California apartment they shared because he and his exotic dancer (stripper) wife Ursula did not want to share the apartment space with Sonny anymore. And there was no room for Sonny as the great friend Milos told Sonny over the phone. By the way, rumour has it that Ursula and her friend Dayna did not only work as exotic dancers but also as street hookers.

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Nasser And Milos At Nasser's Former
Two Bedroom Apartment In San Diego.

But they divorced. Dayna used to be at that time Sonny's girl friend. And the story is that before Dayna came around the corner of a house, you could see her huge boobs coming first before you saw the rest of her shortly after. "They" were soooo big that it even embarrassed Sonny. Later Dayna was seen with Gary Strydom, before Achim Albrecht.

Because of Milos, Sonny did not return in time to LA, California to have his yearly Weider contract renewed. He lost his Weider contract. No joke. Also Sonny was out of the San Diego apartment and Ursula was in. But as "history" tells us, Milos was then, shortly after, out of Ursula's life.

After Milos had received from my former wife and me his over $300.00 US Dollar birthday present, he asked my former wife hypocritically when my birthday was - pretending he would then have a birthday present ready for me.

But Milos - a friendship is not based on presents, loaning money, eating a meal together somewhere, but on mutual respect and trust. And I do respect your achievements in the field of bodybuilding and the fact that you are definitely a world record holder when it comes to the amount of pro shows ever contested, but I do not respect you or accept you as a friend at all. I started using the word friend in regard to you because you told everyone that we were friends. In actual reality I never perceived you as a friend.

In 1998 when I was again in Australia I received more unpleasant stories about Milos when I met the Australian pro show promoter Tony Doherty, who was living at that time with Sonny Schmidt. Doherty encouraged Sonny to tell my former wife and me what else happened between him and his "friend" Milos. Sonny this time really did not want to just come out and say more. He felt uncomfortable bringing the subject of DCM up again. He just wanted to forget about it.

Anyways, Sonny finally told me about when he used to live with Milos in the San Diego, California apartment that he was paying $850.00 US Dollars rent for, at the beginning of the '90s. And Milos had told him that he and Ursula also paid $850.00 US Dollars each. So Sonny believed that and thought that the total rent was $2550.00 US Dollars for all three of them.

The very good natured Sonny had lived big parts of his life on the remote lying Pacific island of Samoa and did not have too much contact with regular people here in the US except with gym people, drug dealers and Milos. But after this went on for over two and a half years, Sonny told me that he overheard a conversation (in the room next to his in the Down Town apartment) between Ursula and Milos who had been fighting again (as usual).

Ursula trashed Milos verbally because he was abusing "such a nice guy like Sonny for years" and how could he do this to his "best friend" (Sonny) to make him pay the rent for all three of them? Sonny had heard that shortly after he came back from his stay in Germany, but by then he had already lost his Weider Contract.

He decided to go back to Australia because he was an Australian citizen and did not want to live here in the US by himself without a regular income source. And since then, as he told my former wife and me, he had never again spoken to Milos. And Milos told everyone that Sonny was his "best friend".

I do not want to be friends with Milos and I do not want to socialize with him. I was the one who stopped talking to you Milos. So do not pretend that you have morals and that you terminated the contact with me. Your morals are on the level of that of a war criminal.

And please guys: count how much money the DCM saved by not paying one single dollar in rent in the US (in San Diego, California) for at least two years plus? Yeah, from Milos's point of view Sonny was indeed a good friend.

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Nasser With (from his right), Bob Fuchs, Birgit And Nicole Bass:
Dining At A Japanese Hibatchi Restaurant In San Diego.

Also: DCM is a true champion in threading his way through the system. And he does not have a bad conscience when doing so. Even if he walked over dead bodies of his own relatives and other people in general in order to get that what he wants, he truly does not care because he lives by the statement: "the end justifies the means."

Sonny was already a big pot smoker before he met and socialized with Milos but with Milos's 24/7 negative influence on Sonny made him a true drug addict as Milos was and is. And just when Sonny, originally born in New Zealand and who had grown up in Western Samoa, had returned back to Melbourne, Australia from his "US adventure" with Milos and being away from druggie Milos permanently he started going off drugs like nubain.

Sonny told me personally that his relatives locked him up in a very small "remote" room where he was closed off from society for almost six months. He just had his food pushed to him through a little hole on the bottom of the entrance door - like you see it in the dungeon movies from the dark Middle Ages. This was basically the way Sonny Schmidt successfully detoxed from nubaine. The little dungeon room, made out of rocks and stones was in fact his "rehab facility".


Liquid cocaine:

Cocaine is a powerful drug that can be used in both powder and crystal (crack) form. Made from the coca plant, cocaine causes a short-lived, energetic high that is immediately followed by intense feelings of depression, edginess, and a craving for more of this drug. Liquid cocaine is derived from the powder form, converted to a liquid and injected with a needle.


A popular drug derived from the cannabis sativa plant, Marijuana produces a mind-altering effect in its users, which comes from its active ingredient, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Marijuana is typically rolled into a "joint" and smoked, but it can also be consumed through a pipe, bong, spotted on tin foil with a rolled-up piece of paper or bank note, or eaten in cakes and cookies (or slabs as in hashish -very concentrated and potent) (the lower potency leaf form, as opposed to the higher potency buds, or heads, of marijuana is typically used for cooking purposes). 400 additional chemicals are also found in the cannabis plant and it can vary in toxicity and potency depending on the strength of its THC content. The more potent the cannabis, the greater the mental and physical effects it has on the user.

The immediate effects of marijuana include:

      • Faster heartbeat and pulse rate.
      • Bloodshot eyes.
      • Dry mouth and throat.

The sought after effects of marijuana include:

      • Light-headedness.
      • Euphoria.
      • Heightened senses (touch, taste, sound).

Marijuana's deleterious mental effects include:

      • Impairment or reduction of short-term memory.
      • Altered sense of time.
      • A reduction in the ability to do things that require concentration, swift reactions, and coordination, such as driving a car or operating machinery.

[ Q ] But is it not true that, with his bodybuilding knowledge, Milos, in fact, helped you? What is the story behind the journals he apparently showed you?

It is true that Milos showed me his journals but I was not too interested. My system worked for me, I did not need someone who was a complete druggie to show me how he was using steroids but who was actually a bigger and much more sophisticated mature expert in recreational rather than performance enhancing drugs.

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Nasser At His Home In 1999 With The Arnold Classic Winner's Trophy To His Right And His Journals In The Shelf Below.
The Famous, Or Infamous, Journals
Attracted The Attention Of Milos Says Nasser.

When I was talking to Milos there was always the same subject matter discussed from his side and same drug interrogations. I never went outside of San Diego, California, outside his or my four walls except once to the "Clam Jumper" restaurant in Temecula, California where I paid for all of four of us (Milos, Ursula, Birgit and myself).

+ Click To Enlarge.
Nasser With His Former Wife Birgit
On Solana Beach, California.

In every meeting with him he attempted to extract drug information from me. Also with time I got tired of him. I also still have the card he sent us where he said, "Hello guys, I trust all is well with both of you - I just wanted to say Hello and tell you that I did not forget the loan you gave to me."

Later when we visited Milos in Temecula where he was living with his wife Milamar, I told my wife to say to Milos, in case he asked for my "journals" (the books where I have my "medical info"), that I had lost them. For sure Milos and his mother who was visiting him again, who is a very nice lady, had prepared a good meal for us. Milamar was still sleeping at midday and Milos was disappointed that I did not have the inquired books with me. Milos is very good host.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Nasser And His Former Wife Birgit (left), Milos (center)
And His Wife Milamar (right) And Norberto (an Argentinian friend).

[ Q ] But the fact is Milos was a very good professional bodybuilder and many people would agree with me on this point. Surely there is no point coming out like this and sharing such information about Milos. Why is it important that you discuss such matters Nasser?

Because I want to set the record straight once and for all after he recently said some negative things about me on the boards. There is a perception out there about Milos and myself and the friendship we were thought to have. This is wrong. And Milos wrote in his last sentence on the board: "Any additional details are allowed." So by encouraging me to do so, I am putting the rest of the truth on the table right here in this interview.

This story I am about to tell you would not have come out if DCM did not walk up to my former wife and open his big mouth in a selfish way as a "friend", if he returned me the money I loaned to him and if he did not portray himself as my bodybuilding teacher. In 2001, two days before the Olympia, Milos was hurting as usual.

In his anger, his pain, his self pity, his desperation, and whatever else you might call it he went up to my former wife, who was at that time in our hotel gym at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, and told her that he wanted to divorce his wife Milamar. He said that "he had had enough" and was sick and tired of his wife Milamar - I do not recollect if she is his the fourth or fifth wife? Anyways he said that she had been with many guys while she was with him. He told my former wife that Milamar had been together sexually with members of his own gym, several assistants of Chris Lund (the guys who help Lund during the photo shoots to move camera equipment and weights around), Dorian Yates and myself.

+ Click To Enlarge.
During A 2000 Photo Shoot With Chris Lund And His Helpers.
The Guy To The Far Right Of Nasser Slept (Had Sex With) With Milamar Says Nasser.

Milos had sent his wife Milamar out to pick up the visiting Yates. Milos had the idea of opening a gym with Yates and before that he wanted to open a gym with me. Anyways, it took her over eight hours to pick Dorian Yates up from the nearby airport where Milos's gym is located (Fullerton, California).

Milos also later asked Yates if it was true that he had been with his wife Milamar. Supposedly Yates had said "yes" - and Milos said, "Okay, I have to respect that, you are honest and speaking the truth." At one point they did a seminar together on a tour in England but neither of the gentlemen talked to one other; they just talked to the fans.

In 1999 Milos was on the same plane with me, Levrone, Cormier and Ronnie, flying from Northern Europe down to the US Newark airport and Milos asked me the same question (the same one he had asked Yates) after he had asked Ronnie to switch seats with me. I also said "yes" - and Milos said, "But my wife said that you had called her at least 30 times in her hotel room until she gave in."

But I replied to Milos and said, "Please tell your wife to stop acting dumb", and that I had called her just once in her room and that was it. Actually the following day she wanted to be with me again but I told her that she could not because I already had another arrangement with a girl from Boston (an exotic dancer) for the rest of that weekend. I even introduced both girls' to each other but obviously they did not like each other too much.

At that time, in the plane, Milos was begging me not to tell anyone, which I did not. He felt embarrassed. But I have to say here this is not his fault. This can happen anytime to anyone.

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Nasser And The Girl From Boston.

But obviously Milos's wife had told other people about that and you Milos went up to my wife and told her which shows what little self-respect you have - and this was exactly two days before me stepping on the Olympia stage. Are you out of your mind? Obviously the answer is yes.

What was your motive - except that you wanted to see other people as unhappy and miserable as you yourself were?

I do understand Milos is angered about the past and with his wife Milamar. Because if you are standing on the pro stage and every second or third guy onstage has also already been with your wife, including the head judge, Wayne DeMilia, then you could really potentially freak out. Voices are saying that Milamar was for a long time the concubine of Wayne DeMilia.

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Nasser's former wife Birgit and Milamar at Milos Sarcev's home in Temecula, California.

While we were on the E Tour (European Tour) there were always pros criticizing Wayne but Milos was the loudest and the most aggressive one of them all. And Wayne treated Milos like a baby because he knew why Milos was so angry, despite the fact that Wayne was with Milamar before Milos married with this, up until now, last wife of his.

Again, I would have not made any of this public but you went up to my wife "to poison" her. And you want to challenge me by going to the board? You are a true low life, especially because it (the sexual encounter) happened at a time when I was not even married and you are a low life because of 999 more reasons. And just a few of them are mentioned in this description of your persona.

The actual sexual encounter between Milamar and me happened in her room at the New York Beacon hotel, in 1995. Milamar had flown into NY City, coming from Calgary, Canada; she also said she was delayed by US immigration. During our "session" she called me a nasty boy several times because I liked her turning in different positions.

Also she said to me that I had a "cute penis" which is, to my assessment, pretty bold and forward for a girl you have only been with for the first time. After I was done I wanted to go back to my own room because I was tired and wanted to rest. I did not want to stay in her room, hold hands with her and shave her private parts as she asked me to do.

So I left her room early Saturday morning and Milamar proceeded with her contest preparation. As far as I remember she was definitely tired during the day of her show. The same day (Saturday) she was competing and I had "to take care" of Lisa (an exotic dancer) who flew in from Boston to see me. I told Milamar that Lisa was just a friend who was "staying" in my room because she had trouble with her boyfriend (who did not exist).

I did not want to be too harsh by brushing Milamar off so directly. So, I was really, really busy that weekend in the Big Apple. At that time I did not have any knowledge of whether Milamar was involved with anyone. This was not a subject we discussed. And by accident Milamar and I were on the same flight. The plane was going from NY to Denver, Colorado as far as I recollect. We made a guy on the plane switch seats so that she could sit next to me.

It was really good and entertaining being there with her for the next couple of hours until we parted ways. She took the connection to Calgary and I took the connection back to lovely San Diego. By the way I had already met Milamar in 1995, backstage at the Olympia in Atlanta, GA. Both of us connected well right away. And again, I was not married then. Also I met her brother at this time, a very nice person.

Then in the summer of 1995 I heard that Milamar and Milos got married. I was surprised, also because Milamar had called me a couple of times from her home in Calgary to San Diego, California and had never mentioned anything about Milos. Anyways, New York City is always a good place to go to and to have some fun.

Let's go back to the criminal activities in which you, Milos, have been progressing from year to year. The DEA did not for no reason interview people at the 2004 Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio. The agents who interviewed others and me had, by the way, been very nice, polite and very familiar with bodybuilding and especially you.

To draw such a DEA attention and having interviews about your super illegal activities conducted in a time frame of two and a half years and having flown in almost 100 people because of your case to Des Moines, Iowa to be interviewed by the prosecution and be questioned by a 26 person grand jury costs lots of money. Do you know how expensive 100 flights are? Then the hotel expenses and how much it cost to have people working on your case - for years?

Almost everyone who is a pro and who had ever talked to you was flown in on taxpayer expense. So it was not only Chad Nichols or myself as you said.

The rumour is that you had been in Des Moines, Iowa on your own at least eight times, to sell drugs. Even people from the local gym told me that when I was there for a couple of workouts, they had been wondering why you had been up there so frequently. And how smart is it to fly into a little place like Des Moines, Iowa and distribute drugs there while knowing at the same time that it is the seat of the DEA?

Coleman who was there as well (because of you) had told me that a cab driver recognized him and was asking him what he was doing there. And Ronnie just made the story up that he was a rep for a medical company. Also the DEA agents told me that your wife Milamar even wanted to sleep with them to get them off your case. But for sure they did not go for that. But on the other side, I call this a loyal wife.

Have you also told the board how many times your house was raided, your computers confiscated (in the gym and the house) and how much stuff was taken away from you for closer inspection, that even your wife was arrested and in the end you did not even go to jail. You must be a very good singer, my "friend". But I guess you are not too concerned about how many people you put behind bars to save your own ass. And I did hear from some very reliable sources that when the DEA "visited" Milos at his home he was not only scared to death (did he think the DEA would kill him?) but he was trembling like aspen leaf.

Did you also tell people that you met up with a couple of guys from the New York area in Puerto Rico in order to pull this huge drug deal? Or is this again a situation where they mixed you up with someone else. What makes me wonder is how you even had time to work out and to get your daily 10 meals in when dealing so many drugs everywhere and anytime?

Did you tell people that you had calf implants after you had your quad surgeries done; after your photo shoot accident in the gym? Are you still so conceited and narcissistic that you need calf implants at the age of almost 45 years? And you are not even competing. Besides that, calf implants are anyways illegal in pro shows. Even Flex Wheeler had to be reminded of that a couple of times.

While we are talking about the "gym" - did you tell also people that you barely paid your employees anything at your gym, barely anything? They have been complaining all over. Either you used your relatives to work there basically for free but with the possibility that they could at least sleep close by or that you used family members of your wife who flew in from Calgary, Alberta, Canada?

Have you told people also that Weider has contracted you over the last couple of years, not because you are such a good role model but because Chris Lund and Peter McGough had intervened for you?

Lund was not welcome anymore to shoot us pros at the MetRx gym in Costa Meza, California because some people there felt disturbed that he was occupying parts of the gym for a two hour photo shoot. Since then most of the Lund photo shoots have been done at your gym whose name you even had to switch because you got into a fight with the Powerhouse Corporation.

Did you also tell people that you are basically not on good terms any more with most of your friends? Whether it is "Moose" from Gold's Gym in San Diego, California, or the guy who gave you a car as present when you had arrived here in California, or about the long chain of people you trained, screwed over and got into fights with, up until and including the pro Mustafa. There is so much more that people do not know about you.

[ Q ] What is the deal with the plasma expander controversy? Can you give me your opinion on this?

Okay, then something else: I find it funny that Milos would be stupid enough to believe that there could be something like plasma expanders. The human body is not built that way and the very idea and the instructions he was provided with shows that he truly was a desperate individual that knew he had to go to the extreme to even come close to being in the same league as others and that he knows nothing about the human body. I do not know why anyone would even listen to him. Once you meet him you just laugh that someone can live like him and actually have people that look up to him as a bodybuilder or as a person. He is a sad individual living a sad life.

Milos has the sick desire to be the man. He gets off on being potentially at the center of attention. He likes it that people talk about him, he is publicity desperate and publicity addicted like no one else. No one can top him in that department. Not even Wheeler, Ray, Titus or any two pro bodybuilders counted together. Such desire can only result from very deep unrest inside of you. He permanently likes to prove to everyone that he has "knowledge" like Shawn Ray with his Napoleon complex (small man syndrome) likes to prove that he has money.

Even if Milos could not make any money (which for sure he wants to) he would "train" someone for free. Not to be social or to just help out by being generous and kind but just out of his sick distorted self-image and his perverted complacency. And training people means to him just exploiting them and squeezing them out like a lemon and overcharging them at the same time. What a sucker.

I mentioned before that he got and is still getting into fights with almost every one of his clients (amateurs and pros). There is always Milos's direct approach to a potential client at a show, then the proposal to help out and to mobilize the athlete's full potential, then the invitation to train at his gym, then the upcoming big fake friendship, having meals together, invitations to his house, exchange of drug information and at the end Milos likes to correct them on their drug approach. And then finally it all ends with a falling out like it has done with almost every person.

I bet you guys - just watch and you will witness the next incident (either diuretic/insulin related and/or money related with the next guy)! The complete end result is bitter hostility toward him or people are just laughing their asses off. DCM strikes me as being a disturbed kid crying and demanding respect for being the rocket scientist.

But Milos has to first learn to respect others and also to finally respect himself if he wants to be taken seriously one day. Milos is also just another case for the mental clinic and for long time treatment under professional psychiatric supervision.

[ Q ] These are some pretty sweeping statements Nasser, especially since it is thought that Milos is one of the foremost bodybuilding gurus operating today.

One of the big dilemmas of the inglorious Milos is that he is trying so hard to be a recognized nutrition guru. In actuality he is very jealous of Chad Nichols who is, if you are using the word "guru", to my knowledge the best out there. It is just too funny that Milos is claiming he started Chad's and my career. This statement can only come from a mental underdog, based on self-deception and an exaggerated opinion of oneself. Milos is also living in morbid self-denial.

Personally I do know numerous guys who have approached him to train them. In the end, and in most cases, they just end up wasting the money, time and energy they put into listening to someone who does not know too much. Also he frequently does not show up for certain competitors on the day of their show. When it comes to pros, he has fu***d many of them up permanently experimenting on them.

For example with Dennis James, who received the wrong amount of insulin several times from Milos and spilled over and looked smooth and soft at one point. He almost died because of Milos's over prescription of insulin. By the way, Dennis switched over to Chad to receive proper help. Dennis dropped Milos for good despite the fact that he was still seen at Milos's gym.

Further, Milos fu***d Mustafa Mohammed over twice with so many diuretics that Mustafa had to be hospitalized twice and he almost died as well. Mustafa does not talk to Milos anymore. It is thought that Mustafa threatened to kill Milos because of Milos's deeds. Then Milos took German pro rookie Armin Scholz under his wing and almost killed him as well, with overdoses of diuretics and insulin.

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Nasser And Mustafa Mohammad.

Armin had a breakdown onstage during the 2005 Europa Supershow. I witnessed that personally because I was in the same contest that day. Scholz started puking onstage; huge amounts of vomited liquids sprayed the stage and even the faces and bodies of some of the pros. And then he passed out on the stage floor. He was dragged offstage after he had lay there for almost a whole minute. Nobody knew at first what to do.

Finally Scholz was pulled offstage and he was as slippery as a fish. The rescuers could not really catch him when he fell onto the stage again - just pure drama. Scholz, who remained unconscious for approximately five minutes, was then allowed back onstage. He finished in 10th place.

If such an incident had happened to me, I would have probably been called "kamikaze Nasser" and the whole world would have known about it. But in this potential death case they just silently moved on.

The unpopular Milos, the main villain, however, got away. Milos has to be banned from bodybuilding, otherwise if this continues we will have more Momo Benaziza's among the pros, or more hospitalizations. Remember when Dillet (Paul) and Matarazzo (Mike) almost died from overdoses of diuretics. Like Flex Wheeler they had to be placed on IVs to be rescued after their hospitalization. And do you remember the Russian pro Federov who could neither fulfil the expectations of the "East" nor of the "West".

Federov was invited by Milos to Milos's gym, his house, the usual meals, the same old same drug exchange ("my journals say") - and Milos again knew how to use the drugs better, more effectively. Then the turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, blah, blah, blah. And what came out of all this? Publicity for DCM but on the other side nothing really for Milos because Federov's physique failed on the Olympia stage.

I even think that he was dead last. So, was Federov another failed experiment of Milos or did Federov just not listen to Milos? So Federov went back to his Russian graveyard and Milos as usual started looking for others who he could "assist/help/use" for his own publicity stunts and to enrich himself' by giving drug advice.

Diabolical Milos has to be punished for his criminal activities offstage (with the fresh Des Moines, Iowa, case in good memory) and onstage.

Even after I stopped speaking and socializing with Milos, he and my mother still used to talk to each other. My mother asked him once, after he had complained so bitterly of being so abused and being so many times cheated on by his current wife Milamar, why he was still staying in this tumultuous relationship? And Milos's answer at that time was that he needed his wife as a chauffeur because he was still limping from his leg surgery after the photo shoot accident in the gym. I guess he is still there despite that fact his legs are now okay.

[ Q ] You were going to go into business with Milos at one point?

Coming back to Milos's idea of opening a gym with me, for sure Milos would not go into a business with someone who had less money than he had. I was really wondering how Milos would then pick me as a business partner despite the fact I had sex with his wife Milamar. This was very strange, at least to me.

Milos also suggested that I should get money from "some Arabic sponsors". I should have made the connection. But again, I do not go into business with a guy when I had just had sex with his wife. Secondly I never had the desire to open up a gym, it is just a headache and gym chains like 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness will just kill you. You are also in the red numbers for so many years before you ever make a profit. And real hardcore gyms with plenty of real bodybuilders do not really generate money.

Hardcore bodybuilders do not spend too much money in gyms. They spend more money on food and drugs. And third - why should I open up a gym with someone who is not worth trusting, and a sly criminal? So I asked him directly why he came up with me as a potential business partner.

He replied to me by saying "because Milamar read the Tarot cards" and that she was convinced that I was the right person because of the card readings and her intuition. I was seriously shocked. Here guys you can see that for Milos money is definitely worth more than anything else and/or he is a swinger who does not mind having his wife passed around.

Also I personally, and you can call this being conservative or too old school, would never want to have someone as a business partner who had had sex with my wife. Maybe Milos was or is into "switching" wives, which I personally would not like to have done with my wife. Anyway, I declined the "offer" where I basically had to bring the money up front and he would do his part later because he did not have money at that point.

My former wife (who did not know at that time about Milamar's and my sexual encounter from before) was saying that it would be to my financial ruin to go into business with DCM. I am very glad that I never even took for one-second Milos's generous offer as a valid option, into any real consideration.

Milos also tried to recruit Backzilla (Yates) and the Chihuahua (Shawn Ray) for this business. But these two guys also obviously did not think that it would be a good idea to be in any business with him.

As far as I remember, Milos was always struggling financially before that gym business became reality, and he is financially struggling and will also be struggling in the future. Such gyms do not make money nowadays. But buying and selling drugs is way more lucrative I have heard. But again, sooner or later they will get you and then you will be sitting in a deep hole.

Also I personally do think that Milos has supported the longevity of his gym with profits from drug money. I can only give anyone very serious advice: Do not open a gym business unless you belong to a gym chain.

Did you also forget to tell people on the board that a Canadian girl, Shelly Huminiuck, approached me? No, not sexually this time you fool. But Shelly was working for the late Dan Duchaine here in San Diego and she wanted me as a pro to step in to the shoes of Duchaine, the very well known former drug guru.

I at least attended the funeral of Dan Duchaine here but you did not even show up regardless of the fact that he had earlier provided you with drug information. You worm, you could not even attend his funeral in San Diego by taking a 45-minute car drive. I can only assume, as I told you back then, that you were too busy selling drugs.

Shelly wanted me to continue his "legacy" and provide, by email and over the phone, drug information. I declined and pointed at you and said to her that you do not have money because Sonny as a milk cow was gone and that you anyways loved talking about drugs. She then went to you my "friend".

So, you then started making even more money through drug advice where in lots of cases callers and e-mailers had to submit their credit card information in order to receive your flat, chewed up same old same drug information.

Basically I promoted you and gave you even more of an opportunity to illegally make money. So, didn't I again help you here? Is there any possible commission for me then? Possibly not: because you do not even pay your workers and relatives in the gym any substantial salary. Also the former amateur bodybuilder Erich Fromm told me that he had sold you steroids and you did not pay him either.

One final thing: in early 1999 all Weider athletes under contract flew in into Salt Lake City, Utah (at Weider's expense). I remember that it was around this time because I was dieting and getting ready for the Arnold show in March of 1999. Shortly after arriving from San Diego, California I met the Chihuahua (Shawn Ray) and we had lunch together. It was on me.

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At The 1999 Arnold Classic:
Most Muscular Pose-Off With Milos Sarcev And Kevin Levrone.
Nasser Won This Show!

But this lunch is not the subject of my story. The real reason for having us all come out there was actually because of Milos. Yes, because of Milos. We first took a tour of the Weider facility there, from where all the Weider nutrition products were shipped out, either to customers, stores or to us Weider athletes. Later when we all sat together around a big table there, we were told at that big meeting that "from now on" every Weider athlete would just receive $600.00 US Dollars per month of Weider supplements.

Before, for years we could order basically as much as we wanted. I had always ordered off and on. Sometimes for months I did not order anything but sometimes close to shows I did order so much more - for personal use. All of us were informed at this meeting that the DCM was ordering on average as many supplements per month as any ten Weider athletes combined. And he was doing this on a regular basis. Again, this is a fact.

All of us were shocked - and Milos, who was there, just smiled but had the redness of a tomato in his face. So, it seemed that Milos was embarrassed that it "came out" publicly but was not embarrassed that he was doing it. So because of him all of us, at that time almost 25 guys and girls under contract, were cut short because Milos was selling the ordered Weider ABB products at his gym in Fullerton, California.

At that time, ABB (American Body Building) was still owned by Weider. The shipments from Weider Utah went not to his Temecula, California address but to his gym address in Fullerton, California. He did not even pay wholesale prices and he did not have even to pay for shipping and handling.

He got all the products for free, for years - and he was making money off it. There were many pros working out there or there for Chris Lund photo shoots that witnessed regularly incoming shipments to the gym. The shelves were then filled up and loaded immediately with these products.

Also I do think that the DCM did not just start acting as a criminal here in the US - otherwise we could establish the thesis that the US made Milos a criminal. I do personally think and believe that the DCM always had enormous criminal energy and so far has just been "slick" and lucky and he sung like a bird so he has, so far, not disappeared behind steel bars. Yes Milos is a nice guy and he has made so much money from being such an honest person. And he is just out there to help you guys'.

In 1999, and as I mentioned before, Weider athletes had to be flown in into Salt Lake City, Utah. And because of him again Weider athletes and other pros had to fly in into Des Moines, Iowa for a high profile criminal court case because of his drug sales - mind you at the expense of the DEA and the taxpayers. As usual the DCM is driving and thriving on the expense of others - just normal for the DCM.

The last couple of years I competed (2003 to 2005), I did not receive any more Weider products at all. I just always got the stereotypical response from one of the Weider employees in Salt Lake City, Utah that "it had to come to that because of your colleague Milos."

Basically I was under contract with a nutrition company but I had to buy my own supplements and was promoting Weider products I did not receive because of my "friend" and "colleague" Milos. Unbelievable! Again, I am so glad that Milos helped me (and others) again.

Exhibit One: DCM:

The DCM is has a great body. His lower body is wonderful, if you do not count the hams and calves as being part of the legs. Also his upper body is excellent, with his nicely shaped chest and pretty abs, especially if you do not count either the arms or the back as part of the upper body.

Everything about Milos is all art: he is a great BS artist, he knows how to swindle himself as an entertaining clown through daily life and he definitely is a master in taking your money and spreading lies. He resolves his private matters at your expense by absorbing your money, inhaling your information and giving you knowledge in the form of experimenting on you.

He has an exploitative mind and he wriggles like a slippery eel as the full time artist that he is. His body resembles a Baywatch lifeguard and his performance, as Mr. Fitness, is definitely mind blowing.

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Nasser With Milos.

Two: The Kovacs Monster

[ Q ] In our last interview you mentioned certain problems you would encounter as a contest neared and that maintaining your massive size could sometimes be a problem. Just how difficult is it to maintain such massive size and what are some of the problems that might be experienced by competitors as large as you?

I would like to give an example of a man who was one of the largest pros to have ever competed: Greg Kovacs. I knew Greg, who was so big that he could hardly function.

Once I flew into Knoxville, TN for a seminar and a guest posing. And Kovacs was supposed to be there with me as well. I had to drive in the same car with him and his wife, from the airport to the hotel where we were staying. I put my Walkman on and did not want to socialize artificially with family K. My guest posing went well, but I did not watch K guest pose.

But we had to give a seminar together the very next day. The result was that - without kidding - the seminar in the gym was given by Kim Kovacs and me. Greg just sat on a couch, physically and mentally tired. And as usual he was sweating profusely.

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Nasser & The Kovacs Monster.

Here is another true story: once Greg was with wife Kim at an Amateur contest in Texas. She was cutting him his steak into little chewable pieces while he was sitting at a table, breathing heavily and sweating. Then Kim fed him with a fork and in her other hand held a mini fan for him because again he was transpiring so tremendously.

Finally he had to go to the bathroom. He went ahead and she followed him into the men's bathroom exactly 10 minutes later. She just walked straight in there. Greg made himself visible by sticking his hand out over the top of the stall, so she knew where to go. Then she helped him clean his rear end as I had also witnessed personally while I was staying at their house in Canada in 1995.

The other nasty story is that once a guy - who I know and who told me about this - went up to see Greg into his Atlanta, GA hotel room to give him some "medical items". At the time Greg was without his wife because they had one of their usual conflicts.

Still, it is very unusual that he had travelled without her, as she normally went with him everywhere. Anyways, the so-called "medicine man" had to use the bathroom but Greg strongly prohibited the guy from going in there.

But the guy went in there nevertheless and there was this awful penetrating odor. He discovered multiple - obviously used - towels covered with long brown skid marks. Kovacs had been using the now stinky towels as a toilet paper replacement because he could not reach his rear end by himself. So he used the towels by holding each end with one hand and rubbing himself/pulling the towels back and forth between his legs.

[ Q ] Moving on now, Greg Kovacs was a massive guy. Some say he was the strongest bodybuilder ever.

To my knowledge the Kovacs' had also "consulted" Craig Titus, Charles Glass, Dave Palumbo, Milos and Chad Nichols and my far acquaintance friend, KP Ourama. Years ago while I was still talking to Kovacs I gave him the opportunity to travel to Finland to give seminars instead of me.

From my point of view there were few financial rewards for doing this. Anyways, this Finnish acquaintance of KP's also tried to help Kovacs find the "secret". But they were not happy with this guy's information either.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Nasser With The Kovacs Monster
And The Monster's Father At Kovacs' House.

What people like Kovacs and many, many others do not understand is there is no so-called "drug secret" at all. At some point, sooner or later every bodybuilder (and other athletes in other sports) uses the same drugs. And performance enhancing drugs like steroids can't change Kovacs's disfigured body and cannot make his camel hips disappear, change his DNA or suddenly give him full, round calves, hams, triceps and symmetry.

Intensity in regard to bodybuilding means to Kovacs and many other lost souls more, many more cc's of steroids and other drugs, many more units of Insulin and GH.

They do not consider intensity as far as doing frequent and longer workouts, more sets and reps, more pre-exhaust techniques, the use of different cardio machines like the stair master, the cross trainer, the rowing machine (not solely the stationary bike for 20 minutes/three times a week like Kovacs did).

It was also not possible for Kovacs to do cardio on an empty stomach. And eating less food during his pre contest diet did not seem to be an option for Greg Kovacs either. The additional dependency on ketamine and nubain and on various other painkillers by himself and his wife did not contribute to him becoming a better bodybuilder, but definitely made them eligible for intense and long rehab.

Kovacs, a giant of man at around 400-plus-pounds, bad genetics (no symmetry, no proportion and no shape) and discipline problems with his diet was a hopeless case in the world of bodybuilding. All these claims to be the strongest bodybuilder in the world is just talk.

Kovacs claimed to be able to push six 45-pound plates on each side of bar on the incline bench press. This is true but not with a free barbell. Kovacs was just using the Smith machine for such record claims. And using such a machine to make strength claims is ridiculous. Pushing free weight is much harder.

Kovacs could neither do one single chin up nor do one single dip with his bodyweight. I never saw or heard of Kovacs doing squats either. And if you can't do that, because you are too big and too heavy and uncoordinated, then you cannot stimulate the muscle through its full range of motion. This means that certain parts of the muscle cannot therefore be developed properly. Add a lack of the proper genetics needed and you will get nowhere.

Greg was actually the person who brought "Muscletech", a Canadian nutrition company, which sponsored him for years. But it was also the same company that finally got rid of him. The last time I saw Kovacs was in 2004 backstage at a pro show in Atlanta, GA. He was warming up there.

But he "withdrew" due to injury. This was the official reason given for not competing. Greg looked unhurt to me. But I seriously think that he started feeling sick when he saw the full line-up of competitors. A top 15 spot would have been a dream come true for him. But there was no room for him in the top 15. I think this is the last we saw of the lumberjack.

By the way, Greg's huge multiple lumps on his rear end became more and more visible, because he was "dieting" (coming down in bodyweight) which means he did not eat every 45 minutes like in off season but then just ate every 70 minutes. At this time his mothering wife tried to rub the lumps out, but some of the lumps burst open and pus and blood streamed out.

So Jumbo Palumbo, who was already working as Greg's "nutritionist", was called by Kim in the middle of the night and a couple of hours later Kovacs was on his way to New York City to meet Palumbo who had already arranged and scheduled emergency surgery for the lumberjack. The surgery lasted several hours and Kovacs almost died under the diligent hands of several qualified medical doctors.

I heard that these haematomas were baseball-sized. Shortly after, Kovacs flew back to nearby Toronto, Ontario, where he still tried to get ready for the NOC (Night of Champions). Anyways, the story was that he even had to wear diapers under his tent-sized posing trunks. He was leaking pus all over the stage. And for sure he could barely move because he could barely breathe, weakened through rapid weight loss, the emergency surgery and not eating every 45 minutes.

An interesting thing about Greg: in his free time he likes to sing the "Jefferson" song and watch bodybuilding movies, especially his own one, and he also loves to spend hours and hours in strip clubs. Many of these girls love muscular men/big men. The thing Kovacs enjoys there the most is when he can "eat" and lick the feet of several of these girls at the same time. Often afterwards he will eat steaks without the use of silverware, but with his bare hands. Also he does not wash his hands before he goes from "eating" feet to eating steaks.

Exhibit Two: The Kovacs Monster.

The Kovacs monster is very dubious and monster-like in the gigantic outgrowth of its camel like pelvis, its fridge gut (sounds almost like German "Frisch is gut" = "fresh is good" - but it is de facto the complete opposite here) and with its stilt legs. The tiny dimensions of its lower body limbs suggest it was previously wheelchair bound.

The legs also actually do look just like small rudiments from a species that is trying to abandon legs because it is evolving back into an ocean-dwelling creature where lower extremities are no longer needed. Survival for this "monster" in the bodybuilding world is more than poor.

Part Three: The Palumbo Effect

[ Q ] You just mentioned that Greg Kovacs has the worst genetics in bodybuilding. How did he make it to the pro level then?

Greg Kovacs should never have become a pro. Actually Dave Palumbo should have turned pro before Greg. Let me tell you about Dave. Jumbo Palumbo was the very first person that strongly claimed I was using synthol in my calves.

+ Click To Enlarge.
With Dave Palumbo And A Friend At The 2003 Arnold Classic.

Why in Gods sake would I do use synthol in my calves? It is like saying that Yates and Cutler were also using synthol in their calves. And I am quite sure they did not. Palumbo was telling people that he knew my calves were full of oil because they are too round, too big and too perfect. Man - all the people like you, Chihuahua Ray "the lord of illusion", crappy Kovacs, and the other blind talkers have been using almost everything that is possible to inject into themselves. And you guys are pointing fingers at me?

+ Click To Enlarge.
At The 1997 Mr Olympia With (from left to right) Charles Clairmonte, Kevin Levrone, Milos Sarcev, And Paul Dillet (kneeling).

Palumbo is the best proof that drugs do not create champions although I have to say again that the NPC under Manion screwed him several times. In this sense he is also a bodybuilding victim. And if we take a closer look at Palumbo's body then we can assume that he looks either somehow distorted by nature or he is the unprecedented subject of gigantic GH and insulin abuse over decades and also thus a victim of the sport.



The amphetamines are a family of drugs that serve as potent psychomotor stimulants: Their use causes a release of the excitatory neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenalin (norepinephrine) from storage vesicles in the CNS. Sniffed, swallowed or injected, amphetamines induce feelings of exhilaration, strength, power, enhanced focus and confidence and motivation in the user. Typically the need to sleep or eat is diminished.

Amphetamines are longer lasting than many other drugs (such as cocaine or marijuana) due to their ability to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that can elicit feelings of euphoria for up to seven hours. And unlike cocaine, amphetamines do not break down as rapidly, which also maintains their positive effects. The user may feel they are in total control of any situation. But they do leave the user feeling tired and weak when their effects wear off.

Amphetamines are man-made drugs that have a bitter taste and usually come as a white, greyish white, pale pink or yellow powder, and sometimes as a brightly coloured tablet. Amphetamines can be snorted, swallowed, injected, dissolved in a drink or smoked. Interestingly, amphetamines were originally introduced in the 1930s as a treatment for colds, flu and hay fever.

Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death."

-Hunter S. Thompson


The most commonly used form of amphetamine is speed (or amphetamine sulphate). Although speed is fast acting and causes intense feelings of exhilaration it is typically only around five percent pure: the remainder of this drug is usually mixed with other white substances such as talcum powder and toilet cleaner. It is a dangerous and poisonous drug on this basis alone.

The effects of speed include:

      • The negation of tiredness and production of excited and chatty behavior. Partygoers use it because it gives them the energy to dance for hours without feeling exhausted.

      • Suppression of appetite: Speed was once the main ingredient in diet pills because it prevents hunger. However, for obvious reasons it is not a good substitute for a sound nutrition program.

      • Intense excitability: it is often impossible to sit still or sleep while under the influence of speed

      • Inevitable lows: the "come down" effect, which can last for up to two days, can cause users to feel irritable and depressed.

      • Panic: Speed causes some people to become panicky.

      • Hallucinations: if one consumes a large dose of speed over a short period they may experience hallucinations.


Meth is a drug that has enormous abuse potential because of its highly addictive effects. Know as the poor man's cocaine as it costs less to buy than cocaine, yet produces a similar, yet longer lasting high, meth (or methamphetamine), also known as "P', "crank", "crystal meth" or "glass", is a powerful upper that is known for producing alertness and feelings of elation. Users are known to stay awake for days on end and can party, or work, for up to ten hours without any form of noticeable exhaustion.

Have you ever seen the "Acromeglion" guest posing anywhere? He bears a strong resemblance to Cro-Magnon man and at best he resembles the former Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten.

If you take a closer look from skull to toes then you can see that Jumbo Palumbo has to be renamed to Acromeglion. Without exaggerating, his feet look like flippers. I would guess he has at least a shoe size of 15 to 16. And his floppy toes, the excessively long pointy elbow "endings" and his now fortunately reduced stomach size (before it looked like he was about to, at any moment, give birth wherever he showed up).

+ Click To Enlarge.
Partying With The Acromeglion And A Host Of Beauties,
Including Pro Diana Westerfield (middle).

+ Click To Enlarge.

When you see the Acromeglion standing it looks like somebody just had hit him in the hollows of his knees. His big toes are kind of pointing toward each other. And when you watch him walking then you can see that his huge feet almost hit his gigantic butt with each step. Palumbo's butt is even bigger than Flex Wheeler's butt when he was remotely in off season condition and being attacked by "ninjas". And to sum it up, you could indeed position a big glass of beer on top of both of their over-dimensional butts.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Nasser Drinking A Beer ("Asahi" In Japanese) In Tokyo, Japan.

Palumbo's features are now worse than before because before he had so much more size. The abnormal growth of his bone endings could be better hidden before under greater size and mass and his feet could often be hidden in sneakers. Now, only his hydrocephalus is still as big as before when decade long "reigns of drugs" penetrated the sponge system of his body.



Akhenaten was a pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt and is noted for attempting to influence the Egyptian population to worship of Aten, the name given to represent a solar disk, and which expresses indirectly the life-giving force of light. Born to Amenhotep III and his chief queen, Tiye, Akhenaten was the younger son and was not originally designated as the successor to the throne until the untimely death of his older brother, Thutmose.

While Akhenaten led a reform on Ancient Egyptian religion, he also revolutionized Egyptian art. He broke the conventions of Egyptian art by showing himself in warm family scenes with his wife and children, and displaying himself and the rest of the royal family in a much more human and naturalistic manner than any of his predecessors had. It was through these artistic portrayals that Akhenaten's unique physical characteristics were shown.

In sculptures and paintings of Akhenaten, he is shown as having a long, slender neck, a long face with a sharp chin, narrow, almond-shaped eyes, full lips, long arms and fingers, rounded thighs and buttocks, a soft belly, and enlarged breasts, an odd appearance that was particularly prominent in artistic impressions of him from the early part of his reign. One early statue portrays the king in the nude and without genitalia of any kind.

Since his rein many have speculated as to exactly why Akhenaten looked the way he did. One early theory postulated that he was a women disguised as a man, but this was proved to be wrong. The most popular theory tabled in recent years suggests Akhenaten was born with a physical deformity arising from a specific medical syndrome. The two most likely syndromes so far proposed are: Froehlich's syndrome and Marfan syndrome.

+ Click To Enlarge.

Froehlich's Syndrome:

An endocrine (read hormonal) disorder found most commonly in men. Since hormones regulate various bodily functions, like glucose and insulin levels in the blood, growth, salt metabolism, and sexuality and the main endocrine gland is the pituitary, located in the forebrain, the interaction of these systems is of vital significance to how people grow and develop.

Froehlich's Syndrome can be caused by a range of factors, the most common being a tumor in either the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus. If Froehlich's Syndrome occurs as a tumor only in the pituitary gland then it mainly seems to affect the secondary sex characteristics in men. The secondary sex characteristics include body hair and deepening of the voice.

Froehlich's Syndrome causes reduced sexual development stemming from the impairment of the gonads, which are ultimately regulated through the pituitary gland. As a result of this impaired functioning Froehlich's Syndrome also results in infertility, a lack of sex drive, and feminine fat distribution. Sometimes the pituitary will become overactive in those with Froehlich's Syndrome thus causing an overgrown jaw, and skull deformities.

But many of the main characteristics of Froehlich's Syndrome do not present in Akhehaten so it is unlikely that he had this syndrome. Historians have therefore turned to another option: Marfan syndrome.

Marfan Syndrome:

The most recently suggested possibility for Akhenaten's supposed pathology is a genetic disorder known as Marfan's Syndrome. Their long, thin fingers, disproportionately long limbs, a predisposition to cardiovascular abnormalities and tallness characterize those with Marfan syndrome. An autosomal dominant genetic disorder of the connective tissue, Marfan syndrome is named after Antoine Marfan who first described it in 1889.



Acromeglia is a disease that causes abnormal bone growth. It is thought that you are born with it and supplementing GH (Growth hormone) will not cause it directly, although it does result from an overabundance of GH caused by an insufficient natural ability of the pituitary gland to regulate GH production in the body. Supplementing with GH may worsen acromeglia in those who have it in the first instance.

The symptoms of acromeglia include:

      • Soft tissue swelling of the hands and feet
      • Brow and lower jaw protrusion
      • Enlarged hands
      • Enlarged feet
      • Arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome
      • Widened teeth spacing
      • Macroglossia (enlarged tongue)
      • Heart failure
      • Kidney failure
      • Headache
      • Diabete mellitus
      • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
      • Enlarged heart

+ Click To Enlarge.

Cro-Magnon Man:

Cro-Magnon man lived from around 40,000 to 10,000 years ago in the Upper Paleolithic period of the Pleistocene epoch and was classed as being anatomically modern, differing from his modern day descendants through his larger, more solid bone and muscle systems and a larger cranial capacity.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Neandethal Man (on left) And Cro Magnon Man.

He feasted on a well-balanced, nutritious diet of meat, grain, wild carrots, beets, onion, turnip and other foods. Researchers say that Cro-Magnon man came into contact with the Neanderthals (a species of homo genus which inhabited Europe and parts of Western and Central Asia as early as 350,000 years ago) and are often credited with causing the their extinction.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Cro Magnon Man.

Again, I do like the Acromeglion, as he is an interesting subject to study. He is definitely one of the all time most intelligent heads within the bodybuilding industry. Also it has to be said that Palumbo's IQ is so much higher than, for example, the DCM - regardless of the fact they were both drug dealers. One of the big differences in the end between them is that Milos got busted like Palumbo but DCM managed to get away in contrast to the multi times arrested Acromeglion with his fictitious ammunition.

Exhibit Three: The Acromeglion.

David Palumbo aka Jumbo Palumbo aka the Acromeglion is a brilliant-minded drug expert in regard to all pharmaceuticals currently found on planet earth. But as much mental capacity as he has, he deluded himself into thinking he could beat alien genetics with an over-accumulation and infestation of his body with anabolics and an additional 999 different drugs. All these drugs could not in the end prevent the animalistic appearance of his body, and with progressing time, his transformation into an almost indestructible acromegliac body type.

Palumbo definitely originally amplified the size of his initially "Ethiopian starving look" of the 130 pounds he started out with as a running skeleton, to the Herculean size of a top Acromeglion.

His exodus from the amateur contest stage was barely regretted by anyone. By working primarily now for MD as a Super-Adaptoid his wait and see policy should result in permanent retirement as a former stage performer with a rhinoceros looking rear end, his mega duck-like flippers and his bone ending proliferations.

The times of trying to look like an Adonis with Herculean dimensions are over but the Acromeglion as the avant-garde of a new species embodies true new development in the wrong bodybuilding direction. But at least it must be commended for no longer deceiving itself by remaining a victim of its self-created phantom. The body of the Acromeglion should be stored and used for scientific research purposes at a later date.

Part Four: The Cyber Age
Bodybuilding Fans And The Message Boards

[ Q ] Onto a different subject Nasser. Another breed of people within the bodybuilding world appears to be those who spend excessive time posting on the message boards. Posting on the boards can be a good thing, but it can also cause some pretty heated battles, intense debates and bitter rivalries. I understand you yourself have spent some time viewing the message boards at and have even made a couple of posts to this forum. They even have a Team Nasser operating on this board. What are your thoughts on the message board and message boards in general?

The funny thing is that plenty of obviously confused people post nonsense and act pretty immature on the board. They again seem to be either in their puberty/teenage years or they are just plain dumb and do not have any clue what is going on in bodybuilding despite their "expertise". They do not have too much ammunition in general when it comes to the "Nasser" subject - the main subjects for them are "synthol" and some dumb "gay bashing": very infantile subjects.

By the way, the gay community comprises a third of adults' worldwide. My point here is not to discuss homosexuality (there is no reason for doing so) but being gay is not that uncommon, especially since we do not live in Nazi Germany or Iran. These gay bashers are the sick ones, not the gay people. So, even if some of my fans are gay, so what? Even if I was a gay person, which I am not: so what? Only low class people and uneducated/under-educated people make fun of gay people because they are mostly insecure about themselves and their own sexuality.

I personally find it very strange and weird if someone has a certain sexual preference but is acting differently because of "societal pressure" and is afraid to be him or herself. You do not have to overly and openly propagate your sexual agenda but you do not have to gay bash either. I say herewith in this subject matter addressed to the idiots on the posting boards, "Grow up or move to Iran." And by the way, I do have some very good gay friends myself.

Also it seems that many of these same people or synthol bashers do not workout seriously. I would make the thesis that, with exceptions for sure, the more someone is "out" there to improve his body and is doing shows the more likely it is that this person is using performance enhancing drugs, GH, site injections, synthol and esiclene.

Also I would like to address and to ask the competent staff from whether it is Ron or others, to no longer merge Nasser threads or "spam" from my fans and the hardcore and the devoted TEAM NASSER. At the same time it is quite obvious that Nasser hate mail is normal and accepted and gay bashers are allowed and seem to be pretty much welcome.

+ Click To Enlarge.
With Ron From

So, please guys from the staff do take into consideration that despite so many Nasser posts, other material on other pros has been and is accepted and has never been erased before to my personal knowledge. Your site, along with, is the only one, which has so far rightly deeply integrated freedom of speech into the statues of its company. Besides that there is only the site giving people like myself the opportunity and space and length to say what guys like me want to say.

So, thank you therefore very much especially to the terrific Russ DeLuca from His company was the first and only one from the very start that showed a real sense of democracy and integrity. And also, what I am saying in my interviews is not made up BS; it is 100 percent the truth and has not been said by people because they are afraid to come out because of the fear of reprisal and of jeopardizing their status and their livelihood. Thank you very much guys.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Russ Deluca & Nasser.

And one final thing: Getbig and Ron A are over regulating Nasser. If there are three or four threads on the main page with "Nasser" in the title the mods will combine them all into a single thread, however at times there are three to four threads on the main page with "Milos" in the title or "Chick". However those do not get merged. Why the double standard guys?

Exhibit Four: The Typical Getbigger.

The typical message board user, especially on, is a person who is a faceless and nameless subject who subjects him or herself to the weirdest excesses of verbal sputum regarding the gay community, to derogatory statements without basis and to racism in combination with xenophobia.

Typically most of these mentally unskilled labourers and misguided lost worms and pumpkin-heads have hollow existences. They hide behind their computers where they throw verbal pot shots and convey an illusion of being cool and important. These creatures and meek subjects lead miserable shadow lives based on a never-ending search for an exalted cyber status and desperate sense of acceptance they will never attain.

A lot of these typical guys are chronically jobless despite their proclamation of "being busy". They are busy with eating constantly (which makes them even fatter), busy doing recreational drugs (which makes them even more delusional and screwed up), busy putting other people down for the same things and reasons they stand for themselves. And a lot of these unappealing wannabes are so angry in hearing the truth about them and the simple truth in general.

A lot of them are also just wannabe bodybuilders who can't even show consistency in their training for a month. And for sure "some day they will step onstage " when they have time and the moment is ripe but with "way less drugs" than anyone else to "show the world" what kind of garbage bag bodies they really do have.

Until then they continue exercising their decayed and run down mouths where they most likely do not even have the time to brush their mordant teeth. And in lots of cases their monetary situation is pretty poor. Therefore some of the regulars on the board are "forced" to deal drugs.

These pumpkin-heads are generally negative towards everything. Even if someone posts their own pictures with their shirt off, they (the pumpkin-heads) will usually put it down even if it looks better than them. Or if someone posts a picture of his girlfriend they will usually say that she is ugly even if she looks so much better than their own girlfriend.

Some of these types of getbiggers are also the types of people that would, upon seeing a pro at an expo, take a picture with that pro and later brag to their girlfriend and friends how they met that pro. But otherwise they would never even introduce a girl to their own best friend. So, they also do have a huge lack of self-esteem and a lack of social skills.

If some of these idiots on the boards would compete and do all of the preparation by themselves - just once in a while - they would not have the time and energy to talk trash for a major part of their existence. A lot of these described typical losers here do not have any essential accomplishments on their side. Obviously they also have never been challenged either in any field where they really had to perform at their best. Mostly they are just quarter ass performers with a huge degree of envy but also self hate because of their unsuccessful history in most "departments" of life.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Nasser With Former Wife Birgit.
They Divorced On January 2003.

Many of these heads without brains and bulbs without lights would not have any life whatsoever without the site. The reason why I am there on and off is because I like to support Team Nasser, which is obviously very much devoted to me. And further I really like to laugh at the idiots there. has to me, the Nasser fans, Team Nasser and for many other rational, educated and intelligent and positive people also high entertainment and information value. Despite that, one German proverb, referring to the average Joe Schmoe getbigger says: Selig sind die geistig Armen", which translates in English to: "Blessed are the mentally poor ones."

+ Click To Enlarge.
Nasser Relaxing With Miss Sato - Summer Of 2007.


The views Nasser expresses in this interview are his and his alone. They do not necessarily reflect the views of and author David Robson.


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