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David Robson's 2007 Colorado Pro Preview.

With Phil out of this year's event the winners' door is open to any number of highly ranked guys. Branch Warren, Dennis James - first and second respectively. Here is my top ten for the 2007 Colorado Pro Men's Competition.

A full card of top talent will again grace the stage at the second ever Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Amateur Classic. On the first through to the second of June, bodybuilding legend and multi-Mr. Olympia competitor, Shawn Ray, will host what is already considered in bodybuilding circles one of the big three shows, a spectacular featuring a full expo of over 17 events ranging from MMA fighting to Olympic and Power lifting tournaments in addition to its main bodybuilding attractions.

The pro bodybuilding and figure part of this extravaganza will include 31 of the sports top stars vying for a total of $70,000 in prize money. The men's pro bodybuilding event attracted a large crowd in 2006, which witnessed the crowning of the first Colorado Pro champion, the near-flawless Phil Heath.

With Phil out of this year's event the winners' door is open to any number of highly ranked guys. Branch Warren, Dennis James - first and second respectively at the recent New York Pro - one of bodybuilding's most successful pro show winners and last year's runner-up, Darrem Charles one of 2007's most successful men overall, Silvio Samuel, Johnny Jackson, Ronny Rockel and David Henry all have a good shot at placing near the top.

My top ten predictions follow.

1. Dennis James

    Losing to Branch by what many consider to have been the slimmest of margins at the recent New York Pro, Dennis showed then that he had all the tools necessary to beat the owner of bodybuilding's best legs. If he had come in a little sharper, with his superior shape and balance and massive size, he might well have won.

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Dennis James At The 2007 New York Pro.
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    I believe it is now Dennis's time to assert his physical gifts. If he can nail his conditioning, which he has had plenty of time to do since May 12, he should win the Colorado Pro.

Dennis James.

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2. Branch Warren

    It will certainly be a face off between Branch and Dennis for the winners spot but I don't see Branch beating "The Menace" this time around. Having placed well behind Dennis at the 2006 Olympia and falling out of favor at last weeks Keystone Pro where he placed fourth, Branch could well be on another downward slide reminiscent of 2006.

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Branch Warren At The 2006 Arnold Classic.
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    While he has a physique that is very popular right now, consistency seems to be an issue for Branch. I feel Dennis will overtake him this time based on the more pleasing his physique presents and the improvements in conditioning he is expected to make.

Branch Warren.

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3. Silvio Samuel

    Silvio has had a great year, placing from second through to sixth in the five shows he has entered so far. He has overcome his rookie mistakes of 2006 to become one of the sport's legitimate contenders, but I feel his best is yet to come. Many feel he could have placed much higher in many of this years events. In Colorado Silvio will be right up there competing for the top prize.

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Silvio Samuel At The 2007 Arnold Classic.
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Silvio Samuel.

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4. Darrem Charles

    Last year's runner-up always impresses with his awesome shape, conditioning and posing ability although of late he seems to have fallen out of favor somewhat. Placing sixth at last weeks Keystone Pro could be seen as a warm-up for Colorado or a sign of things to come. I feel fourth will be a good achievement for Darrem considering his company.

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Darrem Charles At The 2007 Keystone Pro.
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5. Ronny Rockel

    Another guy who may not have been given his full due, Ronnie presents a package that few can fault. Great lines and balanced size that is both adequate and covered in cuts, Ronnie might re-capture his best form, which was presented at his first pro win at the Australian Pro in 2006, in Colorado. If so, look out.

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Ronnie Rockel At The 2007 Australia Pro.
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6. Johnny Jackson

    When Johnny is on he presents a very impressive look, one that has seen him high in the rankings on many occasions. His upper-body in particular is one of the best in the sport with a massive, ripped chest and some of the best back development ever seen.

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Johnnie Jackson At The 2007 Keystone Pro.
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7. David Henry

    Another with a near-faultless physique is David Henry who, in 2006, blew everyone way with his unsurpassed, crazy conditioning. In 2007 it appears he has tried to play the size game and fallen short (no pun intended). If David can re-capture his best conditioning he will surely make seventh at the very least.

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David Henry At The 2007 Arnold Classic.
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David Henry.

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8. George Farah

    Noticeably upset not to have qualified for last year's Olympia, George will be gunning for a better result in 2007. The Colorado may serve as a good starting point for George as he prepares for the top three at the later, smaller shows. In this show he is no real threat for the top five although he does present an awesome physique with adequate size and some of the best arms around.

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George Farah Of 2007 Keystone Pro.
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9. Marcus Haley

    Placing a career-best fifth at this year's Iron Man Pro, and qualifying for the Mr. Olympia in the process, Marcus is steadily improving as a relative pro-bodybuilding newcomer. If he can bring perfect conditioning to Colorado, he is sure to make the top ten.

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Marcus Haley At The 2007 Arnold Classic.
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10. Craig Richardson

    Craig is one of those guys who lacks very little and has no major strengths or weaknesses but, by virtue of this, does not stand out. If he cannot distinguish himself with razor sharp cuts and/or an additional 10 pounds of solid muscle he may continue to fade into the shadows. He will make the top ten here though with the improvements in size he has made since turning pro.

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Craig Richardson At The 2007 Keystone Pro.
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Craig Richardson.

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