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2007 Australian Grand Prix Preview!

With top names such as Dexter Jackson, Toney Freeman, Vince Taylor, and many others the 2007 Australia Grand Prix promises to be very exciting this time around. My top five predictions follow.

Although there will be no Lee Priest, or Chris Cormier this year, the 2007 Australia Grand Prix promises to be no less exciting this time around.

Editor's Note
Chris will be making a surprise appearance at the Australian Pro Grand Prix, though not to compete.

Defending champ, Germany's Ronnie Rockel will be there and, as recent pictures suggest, is ready to fight hard for his title. But he will first have to get past several big names, including one of the early favourites, Iron Man and Sacramento Pro show winner Toney Freeman, who says he will be looking to add a third win to his impressive 2007 resume.

Other top names at this point are Dexter Jackson, who would have to be the favorite to win the whole thing, and Vince Taylor, who placed third in last year's event.

Top names that stand a good chance of breaking the top five, should they come in at 100 percent, are Malaysia's very symmetrical Wong Hong, who had added significant size to his physique since his last pro show in 2004, Marcus Haley, who qualified for the Mr. Olympia by placing fifth at the 2007 Iron Man, and Mustafa Mohammed, whose massive size and extremely detailed legs always makes him a threat.

My top five predictions follow.

1. Dexter Jackson:

    Who can go past a man won has won two Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic titles in addition to placing third at the Olympia over two consecutive years? Dexter is known for his razor sharp cuts, hence his moniker "The Blade". Such are his cuts that he makes ripped competitors look smooth by comparison.

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Dexter Jackson.
View More Pics Of Dexter At The 2007 Arnold: Finals

    His combination of size (including some of the freakiest arms and back development in the sport), shape (one the best V-tapers out there) and condition always make his a threat. Last week he narrowly lost his Arnold title to a larger Victor Martinez.

Dexter Jackson.

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    This week he will want to taste victory once more. Having won the 2004 version of this show, can Dexter take it a step further and make history by being the only man to win the title twice? Don't bet against it.

2. Toney Freeman:

    Having already won two pro shows so far this year, Toney is on a roll. He feels he will add a third title to his growing list, but Dexter will have other plans, and as we saw last week at the Arnold, Toney did place third to Dexter's second. However, in pro bodybuilding things can change quite dramatically so we cannot rule out the possibility of Toney winning in Australia.

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Toney Freeman.
View More Pics Of Toney At The 2007 Arnold: Finals

    He will definitely be the largest man in the top six (in fact, he will dwarf each of his opposition by around 35 pounds) and his physique should make the biggest impact. But if impact won shows, Marcus Ruhl would be Mr. Olympia by now.

Toney Freeman.

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3. Ronnie Rockel:

    Blessed with one of the more balanced physiques of any IFBB competitor, Ronnie has the goods to go to the very top. His only problem is a lack of overall size combined with the fact he is often overlooked.

    His recent photos suggest he has added some good size to his compact frame, making his even more of a threat. And he is the current champ. However, up against Dexter and Toney he might be beyond his depth.

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Ronnie Rockel.
View More Pics Of Ronnie At The 2007 Arnold: Finals

    Of a similar size to Dexter, Ronnie just does not have Dexter's enormous proportions and overall impact. And he certainly does not have Toney's overwhelming size. Whereas Dexter's physique kind of jumps out from all angles, Ronnie's tends to combine just the right amount of muscle on each body part, nothing more, nothing less. This is what makes him, on the one hand, a great champion (near-perfect balance), but on the other, less apparent to the judges. Compared with Toney he will simply be too small. And he should place third in this show.

Ronny Rockel.

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4. Vince Taylor:

    Vince has probably been hyped more than any other competitor going into this show, and for good reason: his physique is superb and the way he displays it is even better. At 50 plus, Vince is a walking testament to good genetics and a strong work ethic - he looks decades younger in most of his photos.

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Vince Taylor.
View More Pics Of Vince At The 2007 Arnold: Finals

    What has surprised many is the fact he is still very competitive. Last year he qualified for the Olympia after coming third at the Australian Grand Prix, and bested many top calibre athletes to place 11th. Chances are he will be the most entertaining competitor on the Australian stage and will push Dexter, Ronnie and Toney hard for the top placing's.

Vince Taylor.

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5. Wong Hong:

    Having made some amazing improvements since his last pro show in 2004 (the Toronto Pro), namely in overall size and conditioning (his shape is always good), Wong is now a legitimate contender for top six on the pro level.

Hong Hong Hong
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5 Weeks Out From The Australian.

    With probably the best V-taper on the Australian stage this side of Dexter Jackson, along with crisp conditioning and possibly the best legs onstage (including an unbelievable sweep), Wong will surely warrant fifth place. At the Australian Pro he will make his mark.

Road To 2007 Australia Pro: Wong Hong's Journey. Road To 2007 Australia Pro: Wong Hong's Journey.
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6. Marcus Haley:

    Having placed 5th at the 2007 Iron Man, ahead of many notables, Marcus has shown he is intent on climbing the bodybuilding ladder all the way to the top. With great shape and much improved size, look for Marcus to make the top six in Australia.

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Marcus Haley.
View More Pics Of Marcus At The 2007 Arnold: Finals

Marcus Haley.

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