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An Interview With 2006 Figure Olympia Champion, Jenny Lynn.

Jenny was at her all time best at the 2006 Olympia and proved she is the deserving winner of this prestigious title. Read on here as she gives her take on the show, and explains how she developed the best figure physique in the world.

Update: Jenny Lynn is no longer with MuscleTech. She is now sponsored by Ultimate Nutrition.

Jenny Lynn's first Figure Olympia win has come after years of trying to capture the events biggest prize. With a third and two seconds, in 03, 04 and 05 respectively, three-time Arnold Classic Figure Champion Jenny put her all into this year's show and walked away the victor.

She is now looking at defending her title against the best figure competitors in the world at next year's event. To qualify for the 2006 Olympia, Jenny earlier this year convincingly won the Pittsburgh Pro Figure. Immediately after this event she said she would do everything in her power to present to the Olympia judges with the best figure physique they had ever seen from her.

With a great team of professionals to help her, including legendary trainer, Charles Glass, contest prep guru, Hany Rambod, and principal sponsor, Muscletech, Jenny, a prolific competitor with 26 contests to her credit, was at her all time best at the 2006 Olympia and proved she is the deserving winner of this prestigious title.

In the following interview she gives her take on the show, and explains how she developed the best figure physique in the world.

[ Q ] How did it feel to win your first Olympia title Jenny?

    Unbelievable. Of course the Olympia is the most prestigious of our contests, so simply qualifying to compete there is an incredible honor. Having placed third in 2003, and second the last two years made finally winning this year that much sweeter. It still feels a little surreal and I find myself looking back at pictures to prove to myself it wasn't a dream.

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Jenny Lynn At The 2005 & 2006 Olympias.
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[ Q ] Were you confident of winning this event? At what point did you figure you would have a good chance?

    No, I wouldn't say I was too confident of winning the show. There were 22 women who all qualified to be on that stage with me. I have learned from competing in 26 contests that anyone can win on any given day.

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22 Qualified Women.
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    I had felt like I was prepared, and was bringing the best package I had ever and knew that was all I could control. So, I did feel good about that. I knew after prejudging I was somewhere in the top five based on the call-outs but I certainly hadn't known I'd won.

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Jenny At The Pre-Judging.
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    It wasn't until the night show when I heard my name announced as the winner did I first believe it finally happened!

[ Q ] What was it about the package you presented that gave you the win? What improvements did you make?

    Having my legs in balanced condition with my upper body has always been a challenge. This was the first show I was completely satisfied I'd finally done that. During this preparation I spent more time at the track doing sprints, plyometrics, bleachers and conditioning drills.

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    Additionally, I flew down every other week to LA to train with Charles Glass where we focused solely on my legs, which was grueling but very effective.

Jenny Lynn Charles Glass Trains Jenny Lynn.
Date: 9/21/2006

Today on the Fit Show, Charles Glass trains legs with Jenny Lynn. Jenny goes through a very fast pace workout as she prepares for the 2006 Figure Olympia.
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[ Q ] Was there anything else that gave you the edge?

    I started my contest prep farther out than usual - 15 weeks instead of my normal 12 weeks out - to help ensure I would be at my best ever.

[ Q ] What was your Olympia experience like? For you, how did the event compare to others?

    The Olympia this year was very well run and a lot of fun. All of the girls are always so supportive and helpful with one another so it never feels like a competition, although clearly it is.

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It Never Felt Like A Competition.
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    We had our pre-judging at 11AM Friday, and didn't have our finals until seven on Saturday night, so holding our conditioning for 32 hours was challenging for sure. However, it was nice to be included in the Men's show Saturday night. The Arnold Classic is the only other show that compares to the Olympia in size, but the Olympia title is still the most coveted.

Jenny Lynn
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Jenny Lynn Winning The
2005 Arnold Classic Figure.

[ Q ] What was your pre-competition training and nutrition strategy for the Olympia?

Jenny Lynn
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I Train Glutes On Day 3
Of My 4-Day Training Split.

    I did an hour and a half up to two and a half hours of cardio daily while I prepared for this show. I do every possible form of cardio there is I think, including track workouts, indoor machines, outside running, and spinning classes - you name it.

[ Q ] Did you make any special changes to your training or diet in preparation for the Olympia?

    Not too many changes in my diet, although I do think I ate more fish than I had ever before (I believe I grew gills). I worked with nutritionist, Hany Rambod, who kept a very close eye on me. Also, I did more track workouts and traveled down to train with Charles Glass more frequently than ever before.

An Interview With Figure Champion, Jenny Lynn! An Interview With Figure Champion, Jenny Lynn!
Jenny won the Pittsburgh Pro Figure this year. Learn more here about her reasons for withdrawing from the Arnold, future plans, training, interests, and much more.
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[ Q ] What did you do to relax the day after the Olympia?

    I didn't get too much relaxing the day after the show. I had the Olympians Seminar Sunday morning and a photo shoot with my manager, JM Manion, that afternoon. But that night, my boyfriend, Blair Mone, and I went out to dinner with Monica and Scott Peckham and some friends and family. It was nice to finally be done, laugh with friends and have some yummy food and wine.

[ Q ] What's next for you? Will you be back to defend your title next year?

    I am officially in my off-season. I will most definitely be back to defend my title at next year's Olympia, but I won't be competing again until then. I have never had eight months off in the past seven years so it will be great to focus my efforts solely on next years Olympia.

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[ Q ] What would you like to say to those have helped you during the build up to your first Olympia win?

    I had so much help in preparation for this contest. I have so many people to thank.

    • My sponsor, MuscleTech
    • my manager, JM Manion
    • my nutritionist, Hany Rambod
    • My trainer, Charles Glass
    • My very supportive boyfriend, Blair Mone
    • My workout partner, Marlynne Durham
    • My Tanning experts, JanTana
    • My suit makers, Jagware
    • My jewelry designer, Elizabeth Dwelle
    • My make-up artist, Elaine Goodlad
    • My hair stylist, Amy Karr
    • And all of my friends, family and clients that have always been there for me.

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Thanks Everyone!
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