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An Interview With 2006 Ms. Olympia Runner-Up, Dayana Cadeau.

Get the latest Post-Olympia Interview right here. Read on and see what Ms. Olympia Runner-Up Dayana Cadeau thinks about the outcome of the contest and more... Do you think she should have won?

2006 Ms. Olympia runner-up, Dayana Cadeau, says she feels lucky to be blessed with one of the best physiques in the world. At the most recent version of bodybuilding's premier event, the crowd, and evidently, the judges, thought she had one of the best packages onstage.

Dayana felt this would be her year to take the overall Ms. Olympia title (she won the lightweight version in 2004); such were the amazing changes she made to her physique: larger biceps, which have finally caught up to her titanic triceps, a wider back, ten pounds of quality muscle and the usual unsurpassed leg development saw her come very close to taking the title.

However, history will show that eventual winner, Iris Kyle, is now the new benchmark to which all professional-female-bodybuilders can aspire. Although Dayana came a close second - denied victory by only two points - she is convinced she had the "better package with better balance, and the prettiest face."

Perhaps an argument could be made for the third count, but the judges were awarding on physical development and gave Iris the nod. Nevertheless, Dayana clearly has the ability to win the Ms. Olympia title as witnessed by her close second to Iris and the phenomenal physique she possesses, complete with the "Best legs in the world."

As to her future plans, Dayana will be back next year to contest the Olympia and take the title she feels is rightfully hers. In the following interview she gives an exclusive look at what goes through the mind of a top Olympia contender as she prepares for, and competes in the contest of her life.

[ Q ] Are you happy with the result you achieved at this years Olympia? Why/why not?

    Well I'm happy I was in great shape for the Olympia, but not happy about the result at all because I feel I should have won. Iris beat me only by two points so it could be either way. But I had a better package and better balance and don't forget the prettiest face.

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    Iris Kyle & Dayana Cadeau.
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    That's what is killing me all the time, even I have the face with the physique after everything they said regarding the changes to women's bodybuilding it's still the same and nothing has changed.

[ Q ] Why do you feel they gave Iris the decision over you?

    I guess they gave it to her because she is a Heavyweight, but we are both good. I'm just a little bit smaller than her, so the judges chose the biggest one.

An Interview With Ms. Olympia Dayana Cadeau. An Interview With Ms. Olympia Dayana Cadeau.
Dayana Cadeau is the 2004 Lightweight Ms. Olympia and has been bodybuilding now for over 14 years. Learn right here what the allure is of this Haiti native and what her life is like as a bodybuilder.
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[ Q ] You looked to be at your all time best this year. Did you do anything differently with your training and diet to produce this look?

    The diet was the same as always - very good as I know what's best for my body - and I trained a little bit harder to have more density in my muscles.

[ Q ] Placing second in such a big contest is a major achievement. What was it about your physique and presentation that enabled you to place so high?

    Well my physique is beautiful with round muscles, and don't forget my legs: there is no woman in the sport who has legs like mine. I'm blessed to have a genetic base like that. My presentation was much better; every year it has improved. I do make sure I have a nice routine, which shows those beautiful muscles with grace and elegance.

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"No Woman In The Sport Has Legs Like Mine."
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[ Q ] What improvements do you feel you made for this years Olympia?

    I did gain some lean mass. I was about 10 pounds heavier, while keeping my waist at 24 inches. My back is wider, plus my biceps are bigger than before, in line with my triceps. So we can say that I did make sure to bring a bigger upper body, while by keeping a good balance throughout the rest of my physique.

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"I Brought A Bigger Upper Body."
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[ Q ] Was there a point during this contest where you thought you might win? What made you think this?

    Yes, I thought I was the Winner. I had the first call out, plus I knew I had the whole package and everybody thought so as well, but that's not what happened.

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"But That's Not What Happened."
Dayana Congratulates Iris.

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[ Q ] How did this year's event compare to previous Olympia's? Was it well run and better organized in your view?

    It was better organized than any other year. I guess they are making progress. It was a wonderful weekend; even if I didn't win I did enjoy it with my friends and also my fans.

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"It Was A Wonderful Weekend."
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[ Q ] How would you rate your performance at this years Olympia compared to previous showings?

    My performance this year was excellent compared to the previous year, but I still can improve. You can't say you are perfect as there is always something you can work to improve your physique.

[ Q ] What is next for you Dayana? Will you contest next years Olympia?

    I'm doing the 2007 Miss International, plus the Miss Olympia in the same year. I'm not done yet. Yes I'm thinking of retiring, but before I do I will win those titles and trust me I will work harder to make this a reality. After the little talk Lenda Murray and I had in Vegas, it did help me to think a lot. She told me not to give up and come back for the title, as I deserved it.

Lenda Murray Lenda Murray
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8-Time Ms. Olympia, Lenda Murray.

[ Q ] You certainly are a great champion, and it would be good to see you win the Olympia. Is there anything you would like to add as we close this interview?

    I would like to add that one should never give up ever, even if it's hard and you don't understand the decisions. Everybody is a Champ. For being there at the Olympia and placing second in the world all I can say is "Thank you God for the wonderful physique you gave me." It's every girl's dream to be where I'm at so I should not complain.

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"Everybody Is A Champ."
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Iris & Dayana Comparison

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Iris & Dayana Side By Side.
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