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An Interview With 2006 Ms. Olympia Figure Competitor, Andrea Dumon!

At 5 foot 2 inches and 110 lbs of streamlined muscle, the figure champ should have no problem holding her own onstage against many established competitors. In the following interview Andrea discusses her Olympia plans.

Top ranked IFBB Pro figure competitor Andrea Dumon began her quest for physical greatness in 2001, placing third in a local event. Today she has a terrifically tight body with beautiful muscle perfectly placed, and is confident of presenting a "Balanced physique" at the 2006 Figure Ms Olympia.

At 5' 2" and 110 lbs of streamlined muscle, the figure champ, who also doubles as a personal trainer, model and spokesperson for the health and fitness industry, should have no problem holding her own onstage against many established competitors. Maybe it is appropriate Andrea lives in Arizona, as she says she is "getting fired up for the Olympia."

This hot competitor will certainly do her best to get things cooking come September 29. In the following interview Andrea discusses her Olympia plans.

[ Q ] What is your training approach as you prepare for the 2006 Olympia?

    Well, I started out the year by qualifying for the Olympia in only my second pro show, so that was a huge accomplishment for me as well as a little surreal! I went on to do two more shows after that one and had been dieting for about six months straight, so I knew that I needed a bit of a rest before I started my contest prep for the Olympia.

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    Andrea Took Third At The San Franciso Grand Prix.

    I took about five weeks off and stayed out of the gym as much as possible to "freshen up" my mind and body. Boy did that help!! I approached my contest prep with a lot of excitement and intensity and with the help of my trainer and nutritionist, Kim Oddo, we put together a program that would allow me time to make the changes and improvements to my physique without any rush.

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    I would have to say that as my first Olympia and wanting to really make a good impression, I have been the most driven and focused that I have ever been during a contest prep!!

[ Q ] What kind of physique will you be looking at bringing to the stage, come September 28?

    I plan on bringing back a physique that resembles somewhat of the physique that I had last year when I won my pro card. Since last year, Kim and I tried different looks for my physique and I have heard critiques from too much muscle to being too small, so this time around, I have trained and plan on bringing a physique where the muscle is more streamlined, the body is balanced, and the lines flow. I am proud and confident of the physique that I am bringing to the stage on Sept. 28th!!

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I Am Proud And Confident.

[ Q ] How do you feel you will go this year? Any predictions?

    Hmmm... good question!! I am the "New kid on the block" this year at the Olympia, so I can say by just making it this far in a short time is an accomplishment in itself!! I will be on stage with the best of Pro Figure and it still overwhelms me a bit!! I feel that I will be at my personal best as far as my physique goes, but to know how I will go this year is still up in the air. I am just trying to predict that I won't trip or fall on stage!!

[ Q ] To have qualified for the Olympia means you are among the best of the best. What improvements have you made to your physique this year?

    Wow... the best of the best... that is a true compliment for sure! This year has been very humbling for me as I have placed all over the board in the past shows. I have learned a lot about my physique in regards to what looks best, what works for me, and what doesn't work for me.

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Best Of The Best.

    With all that I learned I have been able to know what I needed to change and just how to do it. I would have to say the biggest improvements that I have made to my physique are creating more of a longer and more streamlined look.

    I am a small girl, not quite 5'2", so I have to be careful on how much muscle I carry and how it carries on my body and I tend to gain muscle very easily!! I have focused on creating a better balance between my upper body and lower body and I think I have achieved that!!

[ Q ] As a figure competitor how does it feel to represent your sport at the highest level at the Olympia?

    I am extremely proud of my accomplishments and representing my sport at the Olympia!! It is a dream come true for me, and I am truly honoured to be on stage with the best in the industry!!

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I Am Truly Honoured To Be On Stage
With The Best In The Industry.

[ Q ] How do you feel physically and mentally going into a show as prestigious as the Olympia?

    I feel that I am at my best physically that I have been thus far and due to that I am confident and proud of what I am bringing to the stage. Am I nervous?? Oh, heck yeah!! Ha-ha!! I am a bit overwhelmed and nervous but am very excited!! This is my first Olympia so I don't have the pressure as many of the other girls may have, I am there to enjoy the whole experience and to take it all in.

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I Am Very Excited.

[ Q ] What are you competition plans following the Olympia?

    I will be doing a warm-up at the Tournament of Champions the weekend before the Olympia, and then after the Olympia I plan on competing in the Sacramento Pro Show on Nov. 4th. I will have to wait and see how I do at those shows before I map out the next few months, but I will plan on enjoying a little time off for sure!!

[ Q ] What final message do you have for your fans regarding you 2006 Olympia Appearance?

    I just would like to thank everyone for all of their support and enthusiasm!! I have received some wonderful emails and can't thank everyone enough for the motivation you have all given me!! So here is to my first Olympia and realizing that the sky is the limit!!

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The Sky Is The Limit!