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An Interview With King Kamali: On Redemption, And The Future.

Did the King bow down to all the negative hype surrounding his less than convincing effort at the Europa? Not at all. Get the latest about his past performance and why he decided not to participate in the 2006 Olympia.

One-week out from the Europa Pro Show and the ever-confident King Kamali was predicting a great showing. "I'm going back to Vegas", he said, concerning his assumed placing at this show. With the top three qualifying for the Olympia, Kamali clearly expected to be challenging for the winners trophy.

History, however, will show that this prediction did not come to pass. An 11th place finish was hardly just reward for months of sacrifice and a brand-new training approach guaranteed to deliver him onstage in his best shape ever. Indeed, his shape was far from ideal, a result of over-carbing.

Did the King give up in despair and bow down to all the negative hype surrounding his less than convincing effort. No. In fact, he came back one week later to take fourth at the Montreal Pro, displaying a physique in complete contrast to the one he brought to the Europa: full and cut, with detail to spare.

An Interview With IFBB Pro, King Kamali - Preparation For The 2006 Europa! King Kamali - Preparation For The 2006 Europa!
King Kamali promises to bring his A-game to the Europa Pro Show come August 29, 2006... Read on for the quick & dirty on King's attitude as we approach one of the last shows before the Olympia!
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Now Kamali has his qualifying spot, will he contest the Olympia? Apparently not. Citing personal reasons, he has chosen not to take part in Vegas. Although disappointing for his fans that enjoy his stage presence, fighting spirit and massive physique, Kamali has wisely decided to rest and heal his body after a big competitive year. Will Kamali be back? Of course. The King will always be back!

[ Q ] Were you confident of qualifying for the Olympia at the Montreal Pro, and what were your thoughts upon placing fourth at this show?

    [ A ] Once I arrived to Montreal and my trainer took a look at me, we both knew something special was about to happen. I think JJ deserved the win but 2nd to 4th was wide open and could have gone in any direction. As far as placing fourth, I am satisfied with the result.

[ Q ] You didn't do as well as you would have liked at the Europa Pro. What happened?

    [ A ] I ate a lot of carbs leading up to the show and came in too full and sacrificed some conditioning and sported a bloated stomach. I was totally ignored by the judges and that's all I have to say about that.

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Kamali At The 2006 Europa.

[ Q ] How would you respond to all the negative feedback you got in the aftermath of the Europa?

    [ A ] I use all that sh!t as fuel. I know what I am capable of and I never quit - NEVER! I just regrouped and went back to the old school method of contest prep: suffering!

[ Q ] What did you do in one week to rectify the situation to arrive in great shape at the Montreal?

    [ A ] I carb-depleted for six days straight. Zero carbs for six days. That brought my weight down and gave me back my crazy conditioning.

[ Q ] You have chosen to sit out the Olympia, despite qualifying. What is your reasoning for this?

    [ A ] This was a personal decision made after I consulted with Jim Manion, MuscleTech, and my family.

[ Q ] What are your competitive plans now?

    [ A ] I need some rest and time to heal. I will sit down with my trainer after the New Year and map out a plan.

[ Q ] What do you think will transpire at this years Olympia? Who do you think will take the top spots?

    [ A ] I am reserving this answer for the Olympia press conference. Although I will say this, I predict a new champion will be crowned!

Who Do You Think Will Win The 2006 Mr. Olympia?

Ronnie Coleman.
Jay Cutler.
Gustavo Badell.
Dexter Jackson.
Melvin Anthony.

Vince Taylor.
Darrem Charles.
Toney Freeman.
King Kamali. (withdrew)

[ Q ] Do you think the Mr. Olympia has changed over the past few years? Do they need to do anything to make it better in your view?

    [ A ] Are you f*cking kidding me?!?! This Pecker/AMI have flushed this event down the toilet. But, I have heard through the grapevine that Weider is taking back the throne and all will be back to normal. The bottom line is this: as long as we have Jim Manion we will survive.

[ Q ] Will we see you on the Olympia stage next year?

    [ A ] Does Bob Cicherillo eat at the Fire House? You bet your @ss I'll be back!!

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[ Q ] Will you be making any changes to your training or nutrition program before your next show? If so, what will these be?

    [ A ] Look at what I did from the NY Pro to Montreal. Changes have already been made and now that I have an entire year to make more adjustments - It's on! My trainer and I have a vision and it will be attained.

[ Q ] All the best King. Do you have any final thoughts?

    [ A ] Thanks bro... I'm still on cloud nine from the Montreal Show so all is good in Kamali land. I do want to send a huge thanks to my trainer Jim "Magnum" Magnone. He believed in me, inspired me, and made me a believer... I will never forget what you did for me and I can't wait to shock them again!